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I don’t think I’ve ever not been bullied/used

by Abandoned

At home
In elementary school
In middle school
In high school
At girl guides
In “safe” places

…….ive never not been hurt

No wonders im fucked up


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Virus.Found 11/30/2020 - 6:09 pm

The worst is, when it’s supposed to be a safe space, as you’ve mentioned. And then they f@ck you up even worse. I’ve had that happening to me. Isn’t it awful, what one person can do to another.? We’re all equals, but some see themselves as superior. Just puts them lower in my eyes.. I’ve been bullied a lot in grade school by other classes. As I got older, friends said nasty things to my face. When will this stop happening.? It’s unreal..

Rainwatch 11/30/2020 - 7:19 pm

Bullies are always insecure weasels Period!

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