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I’m going to fail.


I’m going to fail math and possibly english. I should’ve only taken one class. Not making the same mistake next semester.fml I’m so sad. I feel retarded. Everyone at work called me that. I now understand that it was true. I have no brains. I’m feeling kinda down lately. The only thing I’m good at is being a friend. There are no jobs for that. I think I’ll retake one of these classes next semester, but only one. I’m so incapable. I just wanted to be someone in life. I just wanted to get out of poverty. And do amazing things for myself and others with my money. Some dreams Don’t come true I guess. What is a dream you had that will never come true?

And for the song Mad at Disney.

I’m mad at Disney, Disney
They tricked me, tricked me
Had me wishing on a shooting star
But now I’m twenty-something
I still know nothing
About who I am or what I’m not



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Soda 11/10/2020 - 9:05 am

I know where you’re coming from. If you’re depressed or are stressed out in life then it becomes extremely hard to focus on your education.

If you have bigger problems in life it’s best to work on those first and put school aside for now. If it’s depression then you need to recover from it and then you’ll find it’s easier to study.

Learning math/english or any subject really isn’t that hard, it just requires repetition, practice and memorization. Math can especially be easy because it’s about learning formulas or processes that you use over and over.

I was always a straight A student, but in my final year of high school I felt really burnt out because I had been studying so hard. I ended up dropping a calculus class and I re-took it in the summer, where I did extremely well. Also the teacher was much better too.

You seem to write well so clearly you’re intelligent enough to succeed at school. There is something else stopping you from learning so that needs to be resolved first.

As for your dreams, you’re not alone-there are many people working to make a better life for themselves, you can also succeed if you’re determined.

In my city if you take the right courses and/or know the right people, you can end up in good paying jobs. Also if you’re a great worker and your company allows you to advance to higher levels that’s another route to escaping poverty.

However if you’re working in a dead-end job then of course there’s no opportunity for growth so you’ll have to find a better company.

postalservice 11/13/2020 - 11:58 pm

Just generals? What..? You got this!!
Millions have been in your shoes, friend. Don’t hate yourself? It’s so okay~ just try again and do what’s right for you.

Keep khan academy.com in mind when it comes to math. It really helps.

postalservice 11/14/2020 - 12:01 am

Damn soda he’s still a noob like the rest of us – slow tf down –

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