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irrelevant rant, don’t bother reading….

by Wisp

Not suicide related

I thought my ex was going to rent his own place ‘one day’. I believe he would have enough savings to move right now. I don’t really think he’s serious because he’s not even looking for a place. His ex friend offered him a 2 bedroom apartment last year, and he declined. Someone his family knew were in talks to offer him a place last year but that someone changed their mind, apparently that someone was indecisive.

Then again, Toronto is extremely expensive, so unless he rents a rundown dump, he isn’t getting his own place 😛 And of course said ‘rundown dump’ won’t suit his needs, so that’s that. Yeah I know that most people don’t want to live in such places.

Might be better than living with his parents that tend to treat him badly though… as long as this place doesn’t have terrible neighbours and isn’t falling down and isn’t full of mould and…

Realistically though, the world is full of people who aren’t living in places that suit their needs. Rundown dumps? I lived in one for nearly a year with my mum! The place is such a hole that I didn’t even tell my ex the name of the place, only the address (luckily he didn’t google that). The place has shoddy wiring, power wires strangely put up all over the top of the units. It’s full of long term tenants that take drugs and drink (and no they never really bothered me). Nearly every single fucking night there’s some domestic violence occurring. And safety? Well the doors are shit. There’s only a sliding glass door on some and just a wooden door on others. Not to mention some of the doors don’t even lock properly. I could go on about how people have had their stuff stolen here, but in that town having stuff stolen isn’t a rare occurrence anyway. I was sleeping one night and someone was trying to open the sliding glass door (luckily it was locked).

Security? Nah just randoms who can walk in during the day and night, nobody gives a damn.

This place is actually supposed ‘holiday, resort’ accommodation. Resort? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The small decorative pool pretty close to my room was never cleaned and had all sorts of stuff in it, murky green, kids toys, leaves. Disgusting and filthy.
This is only a place to stay at if you don’t give a damn or you don’t have anywhere else to stay. After all their weekly rates are ‘cheap’ for ‘holiday’ accommodation. I never ever felt safe there. Always scared that something bad was going to happen…

So that’s my completely pointless, space wasting rant for today! :\

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Monster 12/1/2020 - 12:00 am

I’m so glad you don’t have to live in that “resort” anymore! I certainly don’t think this post is a waste of space!

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