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SO broken

by Todamnbad

I lost all my parent’s help at Age 23, scared shitless because i’m homeless, gonna off myself if i don’t get this job to make my life better. Might have spend some nights in the freezing cold uncomfortable in the car. Haven’t seen mail in 3 months. Skating on thin ice. Need to save like $1500 for a place. First month rent. And deposit, utilities. Pray for me that i can survive. I’m proof the poor don’t necessarily die, but go without. Most shelters are 1) full 2) shut off to the public due to Covid. Oh my birthday was the other day, all i got as a gift was 2 monsters, so i guess its something. I don’t expect to have a thanksgiving meal nor happy christmas. My family broken apart when the grandparents died and my parents been split up for a long time and of course, no gf for the holidays. I will be truly alone for the holidays, maybe my brother or cousin will keep me company..but honestly i hate life. I know its your fault for your own mistakes, but nobody ever changed my life for better. Nobody was a role model. Its just me and these cold streets


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postalservice 11/21/2020 - 11:55 pm

Can’t imagine.
Being out there is so hard when you’re alone, I felt that when I read you aren’t going anywhere for the holidays. I know this sounds weird, but it’s getting cold out there. You could… try living in a storage unit, and search for supplies that will keep you warm (: I’m still sorry you have to suffer through this alone. I wouldn’t allow that if I knew you in person. Happy Birthday by the way.
Just a reference if you need it… Propane heaters are good at keeping you warm in the winter. It might help if you end up sleeping in your car. They’re portable, which makes it easier.

postalservice 11/21/2020 - 11:56 pm

and a lot of people are looking for roommates in these times.

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