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my coma

by lilsuicideangle007

It was brought to my attention that i didn’t give enough detail about my attempt and how I went into my coma. I went through a horrible break-up that lead me to suicide, the guy told my to get ran over by a train on halloween night, the next day i decided that I didn’t deserve to live the rest of my life. I grabbed a bottle of random pills and took them all. I was rushed to the hospital but it was already in my system, they had to pump my stomach and i didn’t wake up till 2 weeks later I was placed into a mental hospital for a while and was put into intense therapy. I didn’t have my “Normal” life back until recently. It was a horrible experience that I had to go through. My mind is till a dark place but while I was in a coma I could hear everything. My friends and family crying broke my heart because I flat lined a total of 3 times. I can tell you there is no hell or heaven. You are a soul in a body and until you find a new body for your soul you are just a lost soul roaming the earth. They had to restart my heart and I finally knew I was at peace with death once I knew what it was like. I’m still recovering but for anyone who was wondering about my coma here it is. the story


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nobody else 12/25/2020 - 4:38 am

Your near death story is very interesting and mostly in line with my own experience. What baffles me is that you could hear but not see which tells me there was still some attachment to your physical body at that point (ears listening but eyes closed). It’s the times you flatlined that would provide the best insight to the “afterlife”. At that point did you see, hear, feel anything?

I agree that there is no heaven, no hell. There is either nothingness or stasis until our consciousness finds a new host. Since nothingness is a no brained, it’s that stasis that interests me, as you said “roaming the earth”. But I don’t believe we would have senses of hearing, seeing or even thinking. Since senses are entirely based on organs, then without organs we wouldn’t have any input except maybe a general sense of self awareness and maybe a vague sense of need to find a new host. Our sense of time would also be distorted or lost altogether since time is experienced through biological functions. What I’m getting at is, even if we are consigned to roam the earth and space for billions of years, we wouldn’t really know it. I don’t know if you’d call that “peace” but the prospect is a lot better than the life I’m stuck in.

Thanks for reporting your experience. I guess I’ll try it myself and see.

fxd45tsp 12/29/2020 - 1:02 pm

Arrrgh! I was hoping death would bring me to complete nothingness with no chance whatsover of re-existence. Maybe this loop of death and re-incarnation is actually hell? Well, if I am forced to re-incarnate and can chose what I go into… Mr. Pebble, where is the lineup?

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