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This is sad, but are gamers hypocrites?

I’m just posting this here because it speaks to the larger scale of things. You guys ever heard of Behavioral Game Design? It’s basically just what it sounds like. A blueprint cataloguing tried and effective ways to get you addicted. Smartphone games had it, World of Warcraft had it, Total War has it.

With the understandable indignation at this fact in mind, we all know gamers are never going to rise up and overturn the greed fueled stagnating industry, despite all the revolutions they’ve oversaw and heroes they’ve played as in video games.

Just like that one episode of Rick and Morty where they kill the Rick who was yearning for a taste of freedom and marketed the feeling he had when he finally escaped by capturing it with a ray gun and condensing it down into a wafer.

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niki 12/10/2020 - 12:05 am

Have you watched the movie Ready Player One? It’s a movie by Steven Spielberg about the Virtual Reality (VR) and living in a video games world. In the beginning of the movie, the narrator which is the main character said that in the near future, people already give up on reality / real-life / real-world. And they just escape from reality into OASIS, which is the video game world / universe inside the virtual reality, where you can do anything where the limits is your imagination. Which means reality / real life / real world sucks, boring, mundane, limiting, & depressing, that people just choose to escape from reality and living in imagination / fantasy. It’s a good movie / film, try to watch it (although the ending is disappointing, sadly, IMHO).

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