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Projekt Schneemond {Needs Edits & Review} is a project folder that contains things that connects with the occult: demonolatry, demonology, and demonosophy; along with things I experimented with (such as artwork). This is not a completed file (due to my possible death, I. E., suicide by hanging… probably).

I still have my Scissors to cut my Strings just-in-case I have second thoughts. Hopefully, I won’t. Please, never again.



Alyce M. Lovell


? In the absence of light, darkness prevails ?

? Jaden Tasa Hoet Naca Leviathan ?


These are links to the project folder: Projekt Schneemond {Needs Edits & Review}







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darkwillow 1/18/2021 - 2:28 am

The only thing I found interesting about the documents, was the tree of death listed in the book thing. I studied the tree of life through kabbalah a lot, it highly interested me. But the tree of death has always lacked information on the internet.
But anyways, the whole thing confuses me a little. What draws you to demonology? Do you think it’s an “evil” practice? I know nothing about it really, so I’m curious to hear why you follow and study it.

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