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Cue: The only time I was happy!

by Wisp

This is me and my ex (I’m the female, lol). This is going to mark the only time in my life that I was happy. I smiled so big, it was just so nice having him in my company. (Sorry there was meant to be a picture of us here lol, I didn’t upload it due to the file size limit, and on second thought I should probably respect his privacy, although I did put the picture up on an old deleted post of mine. So just picture a guy and a girl and they both have HUGE smiles!!!)

I cried for HOURS on the plane when I had to leave him. I’ve never been normal but ever since then I’ve been mental and reckless.

Until recently (like two weeks ago), we were still on good terms… but I don’t want him online, I want him physically! (I know that sounds terrible of me…)

I wish I had just died on that plane, very selfish thinking on my part since I have commitments, but I would’ve died knowing that I had been truly happy at least once…

Wouldn’t have to be mostly miserable all the time…

I love you C, I always will. Alwaysssss. I hope we’ll meet again physically in the next life (whenever my next life may be?!) <3

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Once 3/10/2021 - 10:09 am

I’m sorry that you’re hurting so bad.

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