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for some reason it hurts

by blue_dude15

Today I saw some people chatting online about how they dislike hugging skinny people because they feel like “a pile of bones”. I have always been really skinny.

I just remembered how a few years back a young kid hugged me and then announced that they didnt like my hugs for the same reason. I didnt think much about it back then, but now Im actually crying because of this. Kids are brutally honest, and this really hurts. I know that its a stupid thing to be upset about, but for some reason it really hurts. maybe because i crave hugs and affection so much

idk, i think i just need to vent


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system 3/5/2021 - 2:36 am

what annoys me the most is that they don’t understand how fucking difficult it is for some people to gain weight. it’s hard as hell for me to gain weight. my metabolism is too fast. I got called “stick” and “shrimp” in primary school. I feel you, man.

blue_dude15 3/5/2021 - 3:07 am

ah, it sucks that people called you that. I feel like people don`t realise how hurtful it can be. Its obviously nothing like being fat-shamed but it still sucks.
My metabolism is also really fast and its annoying as hell. I have to eat a lot just to maintain my weight.

system 3/5/2021 - 12:22 pm

same! I’m fuckin TINY so my appetite matches it, but people still don’t understand that my weight is directly in line with my height, so they’re awfully judgmental. I’ve been called anorexic a bunch of times, never in my life have I had a bad relationship with food. The quickest way to gain mass in our situation is to work out.

elleInWi 3/5/2021 - 5:16 am

I wish i was skinny. If i look at a menu or see any kind of food in a pic or on tv, i gain 20lbs. Seriously dont feel ashamed. People will always judge, u just cant win. All u need to do is accept yourself cuz your opinion is the only 1 that should matter.

blue_dude15 3/5/2021 - 6:23 am

thanks, that does make me feel better. I guess its one of those “grass is greener on the other side” things.

elleInWi 3/5/2021 - 6:29 am

No prob. N yes itll always be that kinda scenario but such is life. Work with what yo mama gave you 😉

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