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This world is such an evil place.

by Wisp

Not suicide related.

Think about it… right now someone is experiencing abuse, domestic violence, r ape, murder, break ups, slavery, starvation. Just a few examples.

This world is run by evil. All the rich could feed all the starving and nobody would have to starve ever again.

Many people have suffered greatly due to the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. Where I am, there’s no lockdown, but even still, I know that people have suicided. They didn’t see a future, I figure…

I like to spare a thought for all the suffering going on. Not to make myself feel grateful or appreciative… No. It’s a basic human right to have shelter, food and enough to live off, and to not live with abuse. But many don’t have even this!

I find being an adult extremely difficult because of everything society pushes onto us. I’m hoping to get my new friend soon (soft toy animal).

Well, while I’m still around, I’m trying to only buy food and necessities this year (sorry about the toy? Lol) Clothes always second hand if I’ll need more for some reason. Lots of things are made with slave labour. Even cocoa harvesting had slave labour at one stage, probably still happens. People crammed in factories, poor conditions, slave wages, abuse…

Adult content… Well this is something I think that nobody should look at. Not because I’m a prude lol. You’ll never know if the people in the video or pictures consented to them being taken. Even if they look happy. They might have been told to put on an act of happiness for the camera. They might have been forced or manipulated into it. Gender/orientation doesn’t matter.
I’ve heard ‘it’s just videos, it’s just pictures, it doesn’t hurt anyone…’ my thoughts: Uhhh, did you stop to think about the people in those pictures or videos? What if someone was forced to make a video under the threat of violence?

Run by evil, thrives on evil, built on evil. Suffering is everywhere.

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nobody else 3/8/2021 - 7:09 pm

you’re right, there is so much evil running the world and everyone is too lazy or apathetic to stop it. What really sucks is that the few people who care end up suffering. I also buy from thrift shops and used clothing stores, ever since I saw what goes on. I may be a worthless pos but at least I can stop adding to the problem. Keep up the fight

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