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Yay, I fail at making ‘last posts’ :-(

by Wisp

Do you ever just sit and daydream and wish you were living in a fantasy, like imagining you are a superhero or something?
Do you ever think about how pointless everything is?
All we do is just try to fill our lives with things that we enjoy, and keep doing that for 60+ years until we die.

I’m dumb as bricks. I wouldn’t be making this dumb post if coronavirus restrictions didn’t prevent me from seeing my ex again. I could’ve given it a second go and hopefully had a chance at being happy permanently…. or at least been able to snuggle him again.

I might as well have died back in 2019. Let’s say I did. I know I did.
There’s nowhere to go. Nowhere. I don’t want to live, of course I don’t, I don’t enjoy life. Things could’ve been so much different. I suck.

Have you ever come across a place, like a kiosk, selling brands like vine vera or orogold? They are both cosmetic brands. Do yourself and stay away from them! Nearly everyone else stays away, because they know it’s a scam. These products are marked up and overpriced and they don’t care about sca.m..m.,,ing hundreds or thousands of dollars off the unsuspecting.

Anyway I’ll end this post here, might make another one later, it’s really hot in here and I don’t feel like closing the window, my lazy self should get a fan, there’s just a lack of power points in here… and it’s really irritating me right now hearing the people over the fence talking to each other. I can’t think for heck right now, and no I don’t feel like listening to music at the moment :\


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thehusk 3/23/2021 - 6:18 pm

Covid restrictions will end sooner or later. Maybe there’ll be more chances for happiness?

a1957 3/23/2021 - 11:47 pm

I like reading your posts. Sometimes it is ok to fail. My fantasies were many when I was a kid. My fantasies as an adult were very active and expensive. I don’t like paying retail, even for nice things.

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