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2012, was it?

by EmptyPluto

I still remember the warmth of it all. The comforting blankets of joy wrapped tightly around me, along with all of those I had the pleasure of knowing. I can still smell the chlorine in my hair from swimming in the pool with everyone, engaging in various activities. I can hear the familiar sound of a basketball thumping against the same ground where we stomped and played whenever we had the chance. Ha, they always said I was a good shooter. I’m not so sure how I would hold up these days. The sun was always beaming down, revealing the vibrant colors of the world around. Even for a western desert, there was plenty to see. I can feel the warm dirt beneath my feet and hear bugs buzzing around my ears. I can feel the rushing wind against my face from riding bikes at speeds that probably weren’t the safest, and I can still feel the blades of grass digging into my once innocent palms. Every moment reminding me of how blessed I was, being able to experience such sensation.

It seemed like a different era even though, retrospectively, it wasn’t all that different. We were together and it seemed like it would never end. There wasn’t any silly, invisible lines of division separating one soul from another. It didn’t seem to end until one day when we said our goodbyes and wiped our tear-stained eyes. It was around Autumn, right? When things seemed to fall apart. The roads split and guided everyone differently. The warmth of it all was stripped away and only a cool chill was left in its place.

What was it that was said? Only fools romanticize the past. I guess that’s right after all. I look in the mirror and realize it’s just me, like it’s always been. Things are different yet they’re the same. Every day I get older. Every day the world seems stranger. Every day things seem uglier. Every day we stray further away from what we were. It’s sad.

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TheOpenRoad 4/23/2021 - 10:17 am

I don’t think it’s so sad to change. You’re a day closer to the person you’re going to be. The person you were is always going to live in you, and you’re going to keep collecting all the people you become as time passes. And if time is irrelevant and the future is predetermined you’re exactly where you need to be.

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