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foreign feelings

by system

i have a friend overseas who i’ve known for around 4 years now.

he’s really important to me.  but i’m scared.

i’m scared because he hasn’t betrayed me.

i’m scared because he hasn’t gotten rid of me.

i’m scared because he hasn’t dropped me.

i’m scared because he insists that he cares about me.

i’m terrified of all of it, it’s so foreign to me.  to have someone who doesn’t want to break me down until i’m nothing.

whenever he says he cares about me

the only thing i can think of is “i don’t believe you.”

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blue_dude15 5/1/2021 - 1:53 am

Its really difficult having healthy relationships (platonic or not) after being abused, its similar for me. All their affection feels fake, but I’ve heard it gets better so I have some hope. I hope you two both stay good friends, you deserve that. 🙂

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