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I feel like dying on my birthday

by Wisp

I spend so much time thinking about dying. I sort of have this online friend (not sure why anyone would want to be my friend)… I told her that I hope I’d die soon. I figure I probably annoy her too much anyway.

I just want some peace. I don’t know if that can be found in death, though…

Too much. I figure my dad probably didn’t die, but if he somehow survived this he most likely wouldn’t be walking straight out of the hospital. Now I’m too frightened to check one of my email accounts again….
I believe if someone is likely to die, or has died, the next of kin will be contacted. So I’ll only come to the conclusion that he hasn’t…

A rampant sociopath blighting the game server with his endless lies and abuse.
(Not my ex, another guy).

I want to gooooooooooooo… I’m really sorry, mum.


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Wisp 4/27/2021 - 9:58 pm

highlight of my day was the rampant sociopath getting banned from that game server today, probably a couple of hrs after I wrote this post.

Yeah I’m so pathetic that this is the highlight of my day.
I hope he doesn’t try to bypass that ban!!!

That doofus spammed a seperate chat server for four whole hours, with screenshots, lies and nonsense.

system 4/27/2021 - 10:36 pm

I don’t think that’s pathetic. It’s someone who was hostile towards you and made you feel awful. It’s okay to celebrate when they’re removed from a space you inhabit

a1957 4/28/2021 - 8:51 pm

If that same individual were acting out in restaurant they would most likely have been told to leave. Whether virtual enjoyment or in a place of business where you go to relax or enjoy, that space needs to be safe. You deserve such a relief from this life’s often harsh realities as a game server offers. I am glad you, and some others, got relief from this difficult individual when a mod stepped in.

JudgeMeNot 4/30/2021 - 10:13 pm

Dying on the day you were born that’s poetic.

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