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There are a few things that make me proud

by blue_dude15

Don’t get me wrong, I hate myself. But there are a few small insignificant things that make me feel like I’ve accomplished something and grown as a person. I’m going to list those things here, no matter how stupid or corny those things might seem:

– Expressing emotions and talking to other people. I didn’t do that at all before, I was so afraid I’d be a burden that I kept everything a secret. It killed me inside. I do talk to my friends now, and even if they still don’t know I’m suicidal, I can’t believe how far I’ve come.

– I can draw better now. lol, its so insignificant but I find drawing very therapeutic. It makes me happy that I’ve improved.

– I have a few online friends. To be honest, idk if this is good or bad. Its good because I have more people to talk to, but bad because I sort-of miss them, because I can’t actually meet them in real life. And worried too, because one day they could just disappear. Or I could disappear, and they wouldn’t know what happened.

-I’m still alive. I feel like thats an accomplishment.

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TheOpenRoad 4/12/2021 - 2:24 am

Congratulations. I hope things get even better.

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