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by Jack

Why are some humans so evil and stupid, why are some fake, why are some smart yet stupid or crazy at the same time


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lonewolf23 5/27/2021 - 8:54 am

Last night I wanted to express my anger towards 5 different aggressive drivers. Well actually I only experienced a slight bit of anger each time. But I ultimately decided to let each incident go. Last night I just seemed to have been around anxious people. Wrong place wrong time kind of thing. I was doing postmates for a few extra bucks. Even the customers were sour. Last night I had every reason to lose sleep over it but I was pleasantly surprised by decision to let it all go and smile as I turned on some uplifting music and cruises around my old neighborhood. I am no saint. I nearly lost my cool 5 times last night over things I hardly had any control over. Whatever I did to upset these people I meant no ill intent and I understand their anger. It’s just a misunderstanding but i definitely hear you. We humans can be so unkind to one another. That is why we must fight hate with love and compassion. When you feel like the world has done an injustice to you it’s natural to wanna get angry and seek out revenge but in the end that solves nothing. The cycle never ends if you live like that. The very same people who road raged last night can potentially become my friends if we pass paths at some point in the future. Maybe one day we will both chat at a bus stop or at the grocery store. Maybe one lives in my neighborhood. Maybe one has the same hobbies as me. Any of these people can be pretty decent and all it takes is for people to give em a chance sometimes. The world is already stressful enough as it is. That is why I put my ego to the side last night because I am trash.

Idfk anymore, I'm just here I guess 5/27/2021 - 8:58 am

Read Carl Jung

thehusk 5/27/2021 - 10:31 am

Natural selection?

‘You have resources. I need resources. Give resources now (menacingly).’

tormentedsoul 5/28/2021 - 1:26 am

Because this world is hell and some people are demons.

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