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I’m a Republican, pile on liberals help me work up the nerve to destroy this vessel god gave me. Be unrelenting.

by ismedyl

I’m too broke to afford a gun so here I am. I’ve lost my well paying job working on the pipeline and there’s no work to be had in my field, my girlfriend has left me because I can’t take care of her with no job I’ve lost my house my car is next down the line every 4-8 years I get a glimmer of hope that I’ll have a well paying job again and it’s unceremoniously ripped from underneath me by some politician that got rich in office over 30 years. There, that should give you the ammo you need. I’m calling on the libtards to help me muster up the strength to kill myself in a painful way since I don’t have funds to buy a gun.


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Idfk anymore, I'm just here I guess 5/2/2021 - 10:51 pm


system 5/2/2021 - 11:08 pm

um… this is offensive…to say the least?
pretty sure one of the rules on this site is “no hate”, and i’m 99% sure that includes trying to provoke people.

Abnormal.Thoughts 5/2/2021 - 11:46 pm

I’m not sure what kind of place you think you stumbled on but it’s not like that here.
I’m sorry to hear you are going through a rough time. My husband worked in the oilfield some years ago, it was booming back then, there are still jobs available depending on where you look but the pandemic hit that industry pretty hard.
If your girlfriend left you because you lost your job then she probably wasn’t with you for the right reasons anyways.
Consider going into property preservation? With the upcoming foreclosures once the moratorium lifts I’m sure there will be a lot of work wherever you are (I’m imagining North Dakota).

thehusk 5/3/2021 - 12:57 pm

Sorry, no can do. Seems to me a decent society would provide training & resources to re-employ those made redundant by obsolete industries. As well as providing a safety net so the unemployed don’t become homeless or have to sell their possessions. You’re a victim of the system, just like the millions abandoned by the neoliberal shift throughout the industrialised world. The working class has been failed by parties across the political spectrum.

spreject 5/3/2021 - 5:50 pm

How about a job with low pay? I’ve heard there are lots of restaurants struggling to fill positions.

a1957 5/4/2021 - 10:45 pm

A lay off is often a devastating experience that attacks your very sense of well being and self worth. In 44 years on the work force I have had my ups and downs. I hope this helps a little.
I noticed that every industry for the last 44 years has some kind of cycle, or something about it , that either lays you off or runs you off in a few years to maybe ten years tops. It is too complex to tell it all here but I have gotten a good grip on this. Mostly, I had started mentally and even professionally getting ready to do something else while doing whatever I was doing at the time. Whether you are laid off by an Executive Order the President of the United States or by the stroke of a pen by the president of a corporation you are just as laid off. I must confess, I have enjoyed the challenge of staying about a step ahead of lay offs.

I hope this helps.

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