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by Jack

Reality is often disappointing. I agree with Thanos.
Bad to the bone, a song where I can replace bad with sad so sad to the bone.

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heartlessviking 6/23/2021 - 12:22 pm

from the day I was born
people gathered round
to gaze in wide wonder, baby
for what they had found

the head psychiatrist said
“No, leave this one alone”
They could tell right away
I was Sad to the Bone

Sad to the bone
Sad to the bone
Interesting biology tidbit on that note; evolutionary biologists have been trying to figure out why some animals allow white blood cells to be generated where ever is needed, on demand. Apparently vertebrates were the first animals to hide all those important cells inside bones.

And what advantage does it serve? Radiation protection, because bones are the most solid thing the body makes.

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