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And it gets worse

by thedrowninggirl

I know I sound like I’m being the pettiest person in the world but I failed at getting a job that my partner pulled strings to get me an interview and now I just want to die. If I don’t have her I have nothing and I love her so much but I’m not good enough and now I have to tell her there’s proof right there in my inbox that I’m no good I’m worthless, I was a bad bet all along and I am so sorry I’m so sorry babe I’m so sorry that I’m this person now I’m so scared and I’m so useless I can’t get anything right. Please God please help me please don’t let me stay this way please I don’t want to be an embarrassing failure who can’t offer anything to the love of my life. I can’t stop crying and asking ‘what did I do?’ but I’m scared to know oh god this would have fixed everything and now I oh ib can’t keep writing Im just crying too hard now I won’t do anything bad to myself but god I want  to I hurt so much

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thedevilisclose 6/8/2021 - 10:13 am

that doesnt sound petty. anyone with a heart would care. do you know why you didnt get the job? maybe its something that can be worked on or at least discussed so your SO understands.

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