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I’ve Lost It.

December 29th, 2010by JPR

I lost the love of my life to some skanky girl in the grade below me. I lost my mind forever ago. Ive lost meaning in living. ive gave up on caring. ive gave up on trying to be the person my parents want me to be. im done be treated like shit. no cares about me so why even be here. my sister attemted suicide maybe i should too. i mean then i know someone would care. i hate this life. Nothing is getting any better i believe my ex then he breaks me down again by dating one of my friends. everyone tells …

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Help Me.

December 29th, 2010by markandjosh

To all my friends who are dealing with the pain. Thank you all who commented on my post. I do not like people leaving a joke. This is not the time to joke.

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Text wall of my pain..

December 29th, 2010by Deathembrace

Hello everyone, it is a test wall so be careful.

I am a 19 years old guy. I have deep depression and endless suicidal thoughts that is driving me crazy. I would not say I lived the worst life on earth, I know some people posted on this site have worse stories to tell and worse lives than the 1 I am going to address in a moment. First of all, I am the oldest of my brothers and sisters and always I had to be the best role model for them, which was a little stressful in the start of my life. I was in an SAT school (which …

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Friends save lives…

December 29th, 2010by AceOfSpades27

Everybody hurts. Sometimes they hurt for a short amount of time, other times it’s long extended periods that go on FOREVER. The last time I was happy -not talking oh this is exciting but genuinely happy- was two years ago. My 8th grade year. I started to cut myself when I was 13 years old. No 13 year old should be cutting themselves, it’s wrong, but I did. If it weren’t for my friends that I took a leap of faith and confided in, I would probably be dead by now… They listened to me when I was sad, helped me through the tear filled …

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December 28th, 2010by Jayne

Ever since I can remember my mother (who I’ve always called by her first name) and I have never got a long. Every day she picks me apart. I’m to thin, gained to much weight, I need to wear make-up, I have to much make up on, so on and so on. After over two decades of this you would think I would be immune to all this. But now I’m a single mom and I love my little child more then anything in this world. And sometimes I think if it wasn’t for him I could just end it all. Until lately where …

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Help Me

December 28th, 2010by markandjosh

I am a 49 year old man who has had the worst year of my life. I am suffering from depression and even thou I am getting help it is not working. I see someone every other week and also take two types of depression meds. 2010 has been the worst year of my life. My wife of 13 years left me in June. She was the love of my life. I was so in love with her I would of done anything for her. I never cheated on her. And as time went on she became more pretty to me. I loved her so …

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to finnesey

December 28th, 2010by fireflieslite

it’s lucky to have spotted your post before you deleted it.
There’s no more excuse for you to die on hernia.

Hernia is a sickness of the protrusion of the organs.
That might be the cause of your alcohol drinking that weaken your body.

Of your rotten teeth, I’m not sure if it’s disease causing, or of the weakness of kidneys or of the stomach.
But anyways, just a sign of weakness.

The body is like an energy of air wrapping up.
When the body got weak, it’s like a balloon sagging and protruding with the weight of water inside.
Hernia then occurs. And stomach sags. The feeling of the whole body all …

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December 28th, 2010by ShesLostInside

His love for her run down to nothing but sex and goodbyes.
Her everyday care for him leads to her tears.
His apathy tares her apart, while thoughts of suicide bust from her eyes.
Blood drips from her as he cries.
He knows the hurt he has caused.
Her last words like knives in his chest,
His eyes bleed tears of relief.

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Just need to cry!!

December 28th, 2010by Nikki

Life will only hit with you what you can handle…. Right? Wrong! The world seems to push people down then drown them. Funny how most begg to live. While some beg for death at every turn. I will live untill I am done with what needs to happen.

Thinking on all this I wonder were my soul might go. Another life? Hell? Will I be found? What will they think?
I hope I can say that in my death one person will smile and wish me luck. While life drowns me I will wait. I need to be sure of one thing first. Then the darkness …

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I just don’t know what to do with my life anymore..

December 28th, 2010by Dedem

My boyfriend of two years dumped me two days after Christmas, and it was a major “why” to me because he had gotten me the sweetest gift and things were going fine, or at least, to me they were.

But then I find out that he’d been lying to me when he said he loved me, and just couldn’t do it anymore. What am I supposed to make of it, and what am I supposed to do now, is what I’m wondering.

I’ve always struggled with depression. I have seasonal affective disorder in the wintertime, and well… this just made it a dozen times worse.

Now I have …

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Please Kill Me

December 28th, 2010by screaminfetus

When will I know… tonight… tomorrow… one of these days I wont be such a loser, a failure, a 98% completer… One of these days I will find my courage. I will show everyone that I can complete something I set my mind to. When will be the day that life hurts more then death… I have no idea what death feels like but I do know misery. Death occures in a split sec. Misery follows me thoughout my day, in my dreams. I have come to terms with choosing to end my life when I want to. Take a really good look at thing …

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December 28th, 2010by hannah93

So I just talked to my mum and I feel like she’s still not getting it. I don’t think she realises how bad I am at the minute. Think she thinks I am putting on a display. I think i’m clinically depressed and am really struggling to hold it together. Me and my mum have no relationship and yet she expects me to let a new man come into our house every weekend or she goes to his house and I have to go and spend the night at my dads. I am nearly 18 and still being forced out of my own house. It …

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December 28th, 2010by Suffocating


I am 20 years old and I have a 2 year old son.

First, I’d like to state that my son is the most beautiful and important person in my life, I love him very much. Even as a teen I have had issues with clinical depression, bipolar disorder and borderline personality. My mother had me admitted for a suicide attempt when I was 14 and there they diagnosed me and had me put on meds. I haven’t been on them since I was 15, I stopped taking them because at the time I believed I was cured and I felt like a happier person. As …

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December 28th, 2010by StrawberryThyme

Everyone has a bad habit or two…

Something they’d never tell.

I’ve got a bad habit of my own

That might just land me in Hell.


Safety pins in the box near my bed

Help me deal with the things I feel.

Watching with fascination through tears

I forget that the scars don’t heal.


At some point I realized I have to stop

Before somebody finds out.

So last week I gathered up the pins,

Hoping that I could do without.


I’ve gone a lot longer without it,

But this time I feel a small shift.

Despite the constant obsessive thoughts,

I feel like this chance is a gift.


I can get through this, if I try…

But is this change only …

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You are not alone.

December 27th, 2010by NeverGiveUp4

Im a 13 year girl. I live in Puerto Rico. I go to school. My Family: Mom, Dad, Brother(older)and my grandparents(divorced)ect… My Mission is helping other that have been through the same pain, anger, hatred, and sadness which that cause Depression or Suicide Attempts. The most important thing is to reach them out and say ”Never Give Up” because you are not alone, If you need someone to talk to, to hear you, I’ll be here. Remember ”Never Give Up”

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Purpose (die)

December 27th, 2010by RogueShadow1281

Well, I am writing again how life is hard for me. I am not a rape survivor or anything very big like some of the other people on here, but that doesn’t mean life is great. I cannot tell my parents anything. i have no self-esteem, never had a girlfriend, failing school, stepmom hates me, dad doesnt listen to me. Yesterday, I felt fatigued, my head hurted, muscles ached, back hurted, and i looked it up and found out for the 50th time. i have a high chance of severe depression. Only problem is, I can’t get the ****in balls to tell my mom about …

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Journal Entry: 10/18/2007

December 27th, 2010by hollywood1919

10/18/2007 2:45 pm

There are 3 reasons why I haven’t tried it yet:

a) I wouldn’t really know how

b) I’m afraid it won’t work

c) I’m afraid I’m gonna miss out a reason to stay alive.

I’m not afraid to die. I’m afraid to live.

Looking back:

That night in my junior year is when I almost committed suicide. I took a 2″ wide sewing ribbon, looped it around the top of my closet door, and tried to hang myself. But I didn’t expect it to work, it scared me that it would have. Something stopped me and made me step off the chair and go to bed. I guess I …

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December 27th, 2010by hannah93

I love this site. It makes me so ‘happy’ to see that others feel the same and know what I am going through. It really helps me to know that there are others out there who are as fucked up as I am. Please don’t laugh but the only thing that is keeping me going right now is my cat. So thanks guys xx

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iThink – I’m tired of the existing reality – I

December 27th, 2010by iThink


Before i start to share my though’s with you i must say that my inglish is not very good, and i don’t f**** care.

I wont give you any of my life details, background or something like that.I’m 20 old done not to long ago and iThink i’m tired of this reality. It started not to long ago. Actualy i found my self in a bad shaped live condition, and this is meybe affecting my psych and emotional state, since i’m a very sensibel person, may not look at the first aparition.

I don’t think of suicide or death, i’m happy to live and breath. I got …

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want to give up

December 27th, 2010by tiredoftrying

I suppose I am writing this not because I am unsure of whether or not I want to end my life. I am writing this because I want to know if there is a way to let those that care about me that this is not their fault and to comfort them. One of the main reasons I have chosen to end my life is because I can’t stand to see those who care about me in pain because of me. I know that ending my life would cause them pain but I feel it would be less. I believe this …

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