I Will Survive

I did this, you can too.



June 5th, 2011by PoodlePants

Since I can remember, it started in high school and I guess this is what broke the camels back.  My entire childhood life I was happy and spent most of my time playing alone. I witnessed a couple of bad things, the usual molestation by a family member and a couple of beatings by my parents for being an energetic child, like thats a crime? I think the most disturbing thing out of my childhood was finding out the woman that I love most in the world and felt safe? was not my mother. I didn’t care at first, but once high school came around the corner …

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May 31st, 2011by RogueShadow1281

I sit here on my ps3 wondering what to do…
I have finals this week and I know for certain I will fail 4/6 of the finals. I left my backpack at my dads house and in the morning I go to school, yet I am awake at 12:21 AM. I don’t really care, I feel tired and bored but I don’t want to sleep. I keep thinking I want to suffer for all the mistakes I made, even though I purposely made them because I don’t take the right chances/choices. I’m going to choke out now, I hope I die from brain damage soon …

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Between Despair and Hope

May 23rd, 2011by Mio

I think about death and dying constantly. This life with all the pain and suffering  just seems to be too much for me to take. My back hurts all the time and so does my soul. I see death as a redemption.

I wish I could leave this world without hurting anyone, but I realize that´s impossible. There are people who love me and whom I love, and I know their hearts would break if I killed myself. (Still I understand that even love isn´t enough for some people to keep them hanging on.)

I guess the bonds between me and my loved ones keep me …

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life maybe get better

May 19th, 2011by sammywick

some of the people say my life going to get better but maybe if  it willl or maybe not??? if i explain my life then maybe you might think why is she wanting to kill her self but if i tell you the true story you will understand  why i want to and why aall my friends dont want to be around me and i never talk so i dont understand why they do this to me 🙁 maybe life will get better or maybe not who knows :/

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May 16th, 2011by RAVENS_AND_DOVES

im beginning to see the world diffrently now
what is life?
what is DEATH?
where do u go when u die?
should i doubt the LORDS POWER?
should i die?
help encourage me.
i cant seem to get it like everyone else!!!!

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Choking out

May 15th, 2011by RogueShadow1281

Omg the feeling
The feeling of choking out after a month of being off tue habit, finally tonight i will choke out until i sleep, its 2:45am aight. Except im not used to choking anymore, the side effects are 10x stronger, i feel paranoia because of that night i thought the illuminati was watching me. I feel dizzy and light headed and cold and prickly from choking. Omg but the feeling of needing to put my hands on my neck was unbearable, my progress from my depression era left and i fear it may come back to at least visit very soon. Must do it again… …

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May 15th, 2011by RogueShadow1281

Im back on this site, not because im suicidal, im just not sure anymore. But, i am feeling better, i can concentrate in school. Everyone has to accept the depression and lower your expectations by a lot. Dont aim so high up or else you can fall off and get hurt. This website is so depressing. Wanna have a quick laugh? Laugh at other peoples misery on fmylife.com. I havent seen my cousin jasmine for a while, my gf moved away, and im failing all my classes except… PE. Oh yeah, my uncle thinks i told a gang to kill him so he wants to …

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Hello. . . long time no see?

May 15th, 2011by Kai

Okaie so I’m going to sum up every thing real quick from my last two posts.
One every one was dieing in front of my face. My parents (Last year, while I was living in Germany!<3) and my real brother und sister died. Then my adopted sister, sweet as can be died and so did my best friend.
Two Sisters funeral.
anyway…. i feel all depressed because I remember the memories and I feel like crap….. I’m like wow… what do I do with my life? … do i stay? or do I go? . . . any advice?

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My Brothers Death

May 8th, 2011by LeighAnn5588

Receiving the phone call, jumping on a plane to LA and taking the elevator up to the 8th floor where my brother was is all a bit of a blur. Walking into to ICU and seeing my brother, broken, swollen, and almost unrecognizable is very clear in my mind. They had to remove the right side of his scull in order to relieve the pressure in his head. His eyes were bulging out of his eye sockets. Blood was slowly oozing from his ears, his eyes and his nose. He was being jerked up and down by the ventilator. …

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Having Thoughts

May 6th, 2011by ime

This morning, I thought about killing myself. I was laying in my boyfriend’s bed, having argument the night prior and having my mom fuss me out over the phone. It had me feel useless. Hopeless. Unnecessary. Just low. I’ve had suicide thoughts off and on since I was 6 years old. I’ve even tried it. On the road, I would think about driving my car under a truck and  explodes. But this morning, I was thinking of ways to actually end it. I was so calm thinking about it. Thinking how easy it will be for people to forget about me. What would they say

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When will life become something I enjoy again?

May 2nd, 2011by maddoghalo

Well I sit and sit every day and live the same boring life every day, the only thing that changes is how I feel from day to day, each day seeming like im weaker.

I will not poor out my childhood story and I will not talk about whats happened recently, I will leave it as boldly as that I did not have a childhood, did not know what it was like to have friends, not know what it was like to have a social life, did not know what it was like to feel loved, forgot how it felt like to have a family.

I am …

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please. don’t.

April 28th, 2011by pancake

this is a message of dark times turned to hope and i really, really want you to read it.

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Someone… please, help.

April 24th, 2011by Jordan

I don’t want her to die…

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My whole story. . .

April 22nd, 2011by Kai

I’m not gonna say the whole bad things. I’m going to sumerrize my life. Now before I start, I’m a terrible speller, und I’m sorry about that.

I was 12, living in Germany, happy as can be. ‘Til October 21 201o. That was the day, of the accident, the accident. Were my brother Edwen und sister Becca, Mother und Father died in a car accident. I am the only survivor. I moved here in America when I was adopted to this family. But this family is poor, I have 2 siblings. Maxwell, und Emma. Were on foodstamps, were in so much shit right now. When I first moved …

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April 21st, 2011by dntknowme12

I live life day to day ive always been the one to be happy and stay strong for others and be a good friend. I hold in my anger i hold in my thoughts and feelings becasue i fell like theirs not to many that understand i know its bad for the mental state but its the best way for me to cope and deal with things in my life ive had people that have treated my like crap and talked shit but still i say the same becasue its not worth the fight and the argument im learning to grow and speak my mind …

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Eternal Damnation

April 16th, 2011by WithoutADoubt

This is my first and possibly last post. I actually stumbled on to this site not because of suicide, but rather because I’m trying to figure out how to get rid of other self-destructive habits. I bite my nails, scratch at my body and face, and this isn’t even the full extent of it. I was suicidal for a long time for various reasons, and I’m only now coming to realize that even if I get a long pretty well in the world, I still have scars to hide. There are still things that make me cry uncontrollably, but it’s ultimately the most calming thing …

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I Just Couldn’t do it

April 14th, 2011by Dreyy

Today i felt would be a good day to plunge the knife into my heart, i have been in a dark place for so long dating well back into my childhood, years of countless bullying, failure attempts at trying to renew my life and the endless discust of what my mind has now become.

For a long time i blamed the world, i suppose truthfully deep down i still do, though as time has moved on and my 23rd birthday passed me by i slowerly stopped hating the world and instead just accepted maybe i was the broken one. I had lived with the idea of …

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April 11th, 2011by RogueShadow1281

I’m talking to my girlfriend right now on the fone. She sounds so cute and I love her with every passing moment. She makes me feel good. Except she’s a rare drug, (sorry I haven’t slept all night, talking to her on the fone) and She fell asleep. She sounds so cute when she’s asleep :). Too bad when I leave my moms house and I don’t get Internet. I can’t call her and talk to her. I will miss her and my depression will come back. She lives in Fillmore, closely to Six Flags Magic Mountain and that’s like an hour and a half …

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Thank You..

April 9th, 2011by Silent Screamer

I just want to thank you.

I want to thank you for all the comments, the caring.. Everything.


Thank you.

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Closed Doors.

April 8th, 2011by Latika

Behind these closed doors

i smash everything against the walls

i scream and cry

till it all comes out.

Behind these closed doors

i whisper your name into the darkness

i whimper and hide

till its washed out.

Behind these closed doors

i scratch and rip open myself

i curl up and try

till my hopes no more.

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