I Will Survive

I did this, you can too.


When the mind can hold no more…

  February 22nd, 2011 by TranslucentMuse

I just wanted to share this…I know I am not perfect and although I think of suicide all day long, and fantasise about how I will do it, and though I can almost taste the sweet rest I long for…I know I will survive this. And one day, I will be happy. Not the fake phony kind of happiness…but the kind that all of you have ever dreamed of like me. And I hope that together we will all see this day. I wrote this a year ago. I still feel this way every waking day of my life and I am still fighting.  I

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i fell in love

  February 21st, 2011 by loveinrain

today i fell inlove with my brothers bestfriend, not because hes cute or smart, or ive known him since i was 4 years old. but i fell in love with him as a person. because he is wonderful. kristian you saved me today because you saw and never judged, you helped and never asked and i have never felt closer to anyone in my life before, i fell in love with you and im proud to say that you showed me ther is a light, you just have to get to it. by just seeing me you saved me from myself because before you said …

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We all have the choice

  February 17th, 2011 by Tina Bryan

Surviving suicide

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a glimpse of hope

  February 9th, 2011 by apfriedm

I have just recently found this website. I navigated around on it a little and decided to make an account. For now I don’t want to share my full story but maybe one that will help bring at least a little hope to some people out there.

Ever since I was younger I had depression issues. I remember the times where the worst when I was probably in 8th or 9th grade. It got to the point where I would play games with myself, I convinced myself that no one cared about me and therefor my existence was pointless. I would go to school and actually …

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  February 5th, 2011 by notoveryet

Can you lable what I have become?

I am everything you know shouldn’t be

Watch me, as I slip further

Can you see the emptiness ahead?

If your rope could reach me, would you pull me in?

Observe me in this ocean of despair

Am I a waste of flesh and bone?

An existence of suffering is not a life

I am but Dead wood drifting away

Falling further behind the pack

This runner is out of the race

Don’t look back as I fade away.. A loser from the start

To push on through this purgatory

Leave this pain and emptiness

Onwards,  the other side of mystery and uncertainty awaits

Fear and anxiety won’t alter my course

As nothing unknown …

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tit smacker

  January 21st, 2011 by marlajade

you must be three hundred feet high. it must be the

lonliest place in the city. so open. buzzing with

industrial noises. human traffic. delivery vehicles

hundreds of miles from their destination. three cars

parked above the city. somewhere where the owner

thought nobody would break in. i dont break in. i

wanna break free. this so called life in this so

called city or anywhere. youd think that the buzzing

would notice me but it doesnt. i could have

swallowed paracetamol. or aspirin. or sliced my

wrists instead of my legs. but i didnt. i chose to

find you. up so high. high in your so called

acceptance. of friendship and money and shadows and

god. of …

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It gets better

  January 13th, 2011 by lolabirdie

I’m just trying to give a little hope

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My Story and My Dreadfull Life..

  January 13th, 2011 by Dead Like Me

Sooo this is my story i live with my mother father 5 brothers and 3 sisters..i know big family but really annoying yea so back to me i always love drawing its soo peacefull and awsome and it calms me down from all the drama im going thru but the truth is my mother and father are a bunch of dam retards they annoy me everysingle day amd they never shut up today in school a bunch of my papaers of my drwings fell down and the one i hate the most stepped on them i was reall mad.sigh plus when i get home my parents nag me …

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If you need someone to talk to or want to help others, read me.

  January 13th, 2011 by hollywood1919

I am not a psychologist, or a doctor, or a social worker, or any of that. But I’ve been through enough sh*t in my life to know what it’s like when you think you have nowhere else to turn, and you think it is time everything should end.

If you want advice, or just someone to talk to, I am here. You can also email me at cutecopper19@hotmail.com, or IM me on AIM: artzygrl1919.

If you would like to let others know that you are here and they can talk to you when they need help, comment on this and reply “I am here to talk and …

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i just need strength

  December 29th, 2010 by heartbroken18

so yeah here goes, okay I’ve just turned 18 days ago, had the worst Christmas ever. I’m not here for sympothy or anything like that i just need to tell my story. Well i haven’t had a bad life, I’ve a mummy and family who i love but they just don’t understand, well enough off my rambling. 12th of June – the day i met HIM. I was at a concert and it was just by chance that we met, we were strangers, litterally bumped into eachother…we just got talking you know just asked where he was from his age(17) you know just small talk …

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the vicious cycle…

  December 28th, 2010 by mylo

hey i’m (mylo) and i have been diagnosed with clinical depression and ocd, and suffer greatly from them daily. its a constant bother and can become horrible especially when one disorder feeds the other.

the disorders interfere with my life to the point that i’ve used numerous legal, prescription, and illegal drugs to feel relief from them and am medicated with effexor 75mg and risperidone .5mg daily. i’ve also had a history of suicide attempts ranging from overdose to wrist-cutting. i feel like i can’t really live a normal life. i have very few friends and constantly get in trouble with my family because of the …

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You are not alone.

  December 27th, 2010 by NeverGiveUp4

Im a 13 year girl. I live in Puerto Rico. I go to school. My Family: Mom, Dad, Brother(older)and my grandparents(divorced)ect… My Mission is helping other that have been through the same pain, anger, hatred, and sadness which that cause Depression or Suicide Attempts. The most important thing is to reach them out and say ”Never Give Up” because you are not alone, If you need someone to talk to, to hear you, I’ll be here. Remember ”Never Give Up”

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Journal Entry: 10/18/2007

  December 27th, 2010 by hollywood1919

10/18/2007 2:45 pm

There are 3 reasons why I haven’t tried it yet:

a) I wouldn’t really know how

b) I’m afraid it won’t work

c) I’m afraid I’m gonna miss out a reason to stay alive.

I’m not afraid to die. I’m afraid to live.

Looking back:

That night in my junior year is when I almost committed suicide. I took a 2″ wide sewing ribbon, looped it around the top of my closet door, and tried to hang myself. But I didn’t expect it to work, it scared me that it would have. Something stopped me and made me step off the chair and go to bed. I guess I …

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iThink – I’m tired of the existing reality – I

  December 27th, 2010 by iThink


Before i start to share my though’s with you i must say that my inglish is not very good, and i don’t f**** care.

I wont give you any of my life details, background or something like that.I’m 20 old done not to long ago and iThink i’m tired of this reality. It started not to long ago. Actualy i found my self in a bad shaped live condition, and this is meybe affecting my psych and emotional state, since i’m a very sensibel person, may not look at the first aparition.

I don’t think of suicide or death, i’m happy to live and breath. I got …

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Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbors Wife

  December 26th, 2010 by DanielJackson

I’m a firm believer that everything written in the Bible was written by people just trying to make a positive difference for the era of the time.  It shows its age today with some completely nonsensical demands.  And yet, there is still wisdom to be found in it if you look at it.  For far too long, I’ve been comparing myself to the lives and achievements of others.  I’ve been holding them up and measuring myself against the best of them.  Why do I do this?  Why do I fall into this trap?  My life is my life, no matter where it takes me.  Their …

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i think i will put the knife down

  December 19th, 2010 by zdeathchanz

i still hate life. i still hate myself. i still hate doctors. i still cry sponataneously. i still get angry randomly. i still hear the voices. i still will never let anyone touch me (i doubt i ever will). i still feel worthless. i still am very sick and losing more weight right now. i still have difficulty waking up. i still hate the world. i still want to beat the shit out of myself sometimes.

but i dont want to die.

granted, i am still an ungrateful peice of shit who should throw herself off a bridge or better yet listen to the Dark Man. …

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catatonic state

  December 18th, 2010 by marlajade

NORTH. [god is a corpse you can talk to with roses]. I hate it [youre there arent you]. I wake up each day in tears[sometimes bleeding]. I always have. Instead of eating i cut. I am the poster girl for cocaine abuse. Maybe Im already dead. I feel like it. I cant honestly be here. Can i. It hurts so much. dont believe in depression[or a god or deity]. dont want to. didnt feel like it so I never [fucking] tried. [girl] didnt eat cause girl was afraid. Never liked music cause music is false. wanted to die since thirteen. didnt throw up Im always …

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Of dilated pupils.

  December 18th, 2010 by marlajade

the punch is shit. I dont wanna be at this party any more. I want my old friends [these boys and girls are slaves][ifeel like throwing up]. I want to collapse and wake up in hospital. At least one of these people will drive me there, right. If i die in public, its murder. The police will say it was drug related, and place blame. That I was a normal happy party girl, sucking cock on MDMA. [which was my fairly broken way of showing affection]. I like it when my pupils dilate. at four in the morning . The nurse shines a light in …

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i am black silk sticky taste

  December 17th, 2010 by marlajade

Yeh pretty much the whole world has fucked up since you left.

My own mother hates me[find me].

I am black silk cigarette smoke. tarnished sticky suicide addict. I refuse to move. I cant breath. I cant understand these people. and lets face it why would I. I havent washed in ten days. My hair is greasy. I’m unemployed. I cut it off some weeks ago, so its not like, getting in my tired face or anything. I sleep all day.  [pretend to be dead girl cause the woman inside is dying to leave]. In New York the temperature is three degrees below zero. Maybe i tried …

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Journal Entry #3: December 15th 2010

  December 15th, 2010 by hollydaze

Today has been interesting, I’m in a funny mood. I just got home from school and had oatmeal with banana and cinnamon and vanilla yogurt in it, It was really good. I feel very full now, and I ate lunch today as well, I had a rice cake, two crackers, and some carrots and some pumpkin seeds, not too much, but filling.

Im afraid, I have work in about an hour, and I don’t want to binge, I binge at work usually, and it helps the time go by faster, but it ruins my day. I dont know how to control it. I work at a …

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