My Suicide Note


Into the wild

February 17th, 2014by anonym23

has anyone thought to do like in that movie? i rlly thinking to that but need a serious plan

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Ready To Let Go….

February 17th, 2014by rayccr

I feel like I’m such a failure, I’m 23 nothing to show for my life… I have a dead-end job with a small company… I’ve attempted college several times already, just don’t seem to have enough ambition. I can’t afford anything, I barely make enough to pay rent, electric, & gas… Yet I don’t qualify for help from the government… I look around at everyone else and wonder why am I in such a shitty situation, why can’t I be happy, why can’t I afford to eat everyday; pay my bills; and live a normal life… I am feel everyone is always judging me… I …

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Just wanted to tell someone

February 16th, 2014by LittleFishBigFish

I’m probably going to kill myself tomorrow. The anxiety is getting too much for me to handle and I can’t do it anymore. I live day to day but now that life is trying to get me to move beyond that, I simply cannot follow. I’d rather die instead than live with this pain. Physical and emotional.

I love my boyfriend so much, I love my friends but they have to understand that I just cannot keep living anymore. What’s the point of trying to continue when all it does it just get worse and worse. Like what was said in Prozac Nation, people are supposed …

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I’m leaving today . . . .

February 16th, 2014by soon dead guy

Memphis May Fire – Miles Away

well i guess this is it. Don’t waste your time to stop me because by the time you read this i’m gone. I’m scared but i know i will go through with this. I just hope there is something better on the other side.

I’m sorry world, you’ll just have to do without me.

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I can’t do this anymore.

February 15th, 2014by GraviT

Nobody understands, I don’t understand it myself.


I don’t open up to anybody and don’t feel the need too, I think I can talk about my problems and work out my problems in my head and for a while, its worked. It worked up until this point, the point I realize I have absolutely nothing. Its taken me all these years, all those times when I thought I was better, All those pills prescribed for something that I didn’t quite understand myself, I just thought I was normal, being in touch with my feelings was normal, everything was normal.

To make matters worse, I started using drugs, …

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February 15th, 2014by Madison

i feel like I’m walking into a sacred temple of sorts and I’m defiling the marble staircases just by stepping onto them. If I walk past the oak doors and into the cathedral, the stained glass windows will shatter and the pillars will crack and crumble at my undeserved and unwanted entry; i have no place here, I’m barely lost. I am a wandering destruction.
I wrote something a few days ago, and i’m sharing it here, now.

“To the Readers”


You slip and nothing is as it should be; the world around you is but an endless dream, a mere coffee stain on your notebook …

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I Dont Know Who I Am Any More

February 15th, 2014by

my name is callum im 14 years old and i have destroyed my life. It started with me always yelling at my sister and my mom and dad holding me back my dad always told me it was just a phase and i would be ok. he is gone now and he was wrong. recently i threw my sister into a wall and broke her arm. my mom locked me in the washroom and turned up the heat. she wanted me dead. i broke the window and ran. ran. ran. i was downtown , freezing and starving i decided to head home . my mom …

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very lonely San Francisco man

February 14th, 2014by ersc6541

Any depressed girls here in the city who want to just talk?  Im not trying to hook up but I have unsuccessfully on dating sites.  Just being honest.  Ive attempted suicide several times.  I even shot up motor oil once.  My latest plan is to….  well I dont want to give it away.   Everything thinG I do turns to shit.  Btw …. guys…  quit hitting on me.  (Males)                                                                         …

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This Life I Hate

February 14th, 2014by Jovahala

Do you remember those summer childhood moments spent carefree and happy, when you were filled with hope for your bright future?  I do.  I look back, and think, where did I go wrong? What did I do wrong to make it get this bad? I also remember a childhood gone wrong – a childhood of sadness wishing it would all just go away.  I remember a young me, not too long ago, wanting it all to end.  And that’s still the me today.  I’ve always felt like I were on the outside looking in.  I’ve always felt somehow different – as if there were something setting …

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Too weak, no love.

February 13th, 2014by Emlar

There’s no such thing as love; what we refer to as love is usually just pain, deceit, lies, broken promises and false hope.

No matter how many times you think you find love, you haven’t, because love doesn’t exist. People are all the same, always have been always will be. So don’t make the mistake of thinking you love someone, it’s just desperation of the soul needing something to cling onto.

What do you do though, when you’re weaker than desperate? When you can’t even kill yourself, when you can’t even achieve the easiest thing possible for man to do? You want to play God, you want …

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Its Over

February 12th, 2014by xjamaican

So, basically this is one of my last chances until suicide is my last option. I’ve been thinking about suicide since i was probably 14. I just turned 16 two weeks ago.  It feels as if, I’m just a waste of matter. I feel like I’m just taking up space. I can’t do anything and I won’t ever be anything. When I’m gone, I won’t leave a mark on anyone’s life. If they were able to survive without knowing me, then they’ll still survive when I’m gone; they’ll only feel grief for about a week. I’m always being pushed down in life, and there isn’t …

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When I Realized Darkness Was My Friend .

February 12th, 2014by darks0ulss

Fairytales aren’t real … the stories you read in the books when you were little , they’re all lies to. There’s no happy ending , no prince charming and there’s no one there to save you when you need to be rescued. There’s just the darkness and its there to eat you alive , to remind you that your life sucks. It pushes you until you break down , it breaks you until you are completely broken. People say that if you fall 10 times you get back up 11 times well here’s the thing … that darkness knocks you down 12 more times. Sooner or …

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Nothing is right

February 12th, 2014by b5544

A little over a year ago I met the love of my life. We had everything in common, he made me laugh, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. For a few months, he seemed to be in love with me, too. But after a few months, he just lost interest in me. He stopped wanting to have sex and acted like he was annoyed of me and that I was a chore. We broke up and 2 months later he was dating someone else. The girl he started dating is beautiful, smart, and has lots of friends. They are …

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F*** You ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’

February 10th, 2014by xsaetocoehnehrasyedax

Dear ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’,

I’ve always hated you.  I’ve never trusted you with anything.  All you’ve ever done is beat and criticize me.  Hey mom, remember that time you accidentally threw me down the stairs when I was four?  Hey dad, do you remember that time I came back home from first grade one day and you started yelling and hitting me?  What about that time when I couldn’t go to school for a week in third grade because you burned my fucking arm?  You remember how making me scream in pain became a routine for you?  Do you both remember all those times you called me whore, …

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Just another story

February 10th, 2014by sheddingtears


I started writing down my feelings in  journal but I thought it would be nice to share with people finally.

I don’t know it all started but what I know is that I’m messed up. My family, my body, my mind, and my emotions. I’m not going to say I’m in this emotionless trance.

I still have friends but I hid my true feelings. It’s all starts with my family and how my mother is this fucked up parent. You can basically say I live by myself , but my dads the only one who supports me. He has to work all the time and my mom …

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I still see a lot of familiar nicknames

February 8th, 2014by givemesomepeace

so I guess that many of you found some meaning to stay alive.

I don’t know what else to say. Keep saving people. It’s truly a good project.

I’m not too well in describing, words, reasons… I just wish u all the best. Goodbye

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falling apart piece by piece

February 7th, 2014by Honey_bee00

when people say stay strong things will get better i promise.. it never turns out to be like that in my case i get over everything. and it comes back cuz of something else happened to top that problem..
feeling like shit and nothing going right in your life. called whore by your dad and telling him to pack your things cuz she dont want you living with him anymore. then moving in with my mom everything starts getting better then BAMM you get raped by your step dad then end up getting a bf that same night and scared your gonna lose him your …

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I feel so sorry for the people who died :'( let them rest in peace

February 6th, 2014by snowflake

This is too sad… Suicide is sad… It actually brought tears to my eyes.

advice: watch this before you kill yourself. (and u won’t)

Click this link below to watch:


This is such a good video for people with depression and thinking about suicide to see. Gives ya hope:)


I truly respect the man in this video, he is awesome & kind-hearted man. I only wish there were more people like him in the world.

<< Your life is a precious gift from your parents. Please think about your parents, siblings and children. Don’t keep it to yourself. Talk about your troubles. >>

<< Nobody is alone in this world. We have to coexist …

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few months later and I still feel horrible

February 6th, 2014by kingdomFife

This is my second post on this site and again I am speaking of my girlfriend that broke up with me a few months ago. For a background on the situation please read my previous post to save me explaining it in this one.

So far life has got worse and worse, the last time I was happy was October 19th last year when I took her to a hotel and the rest for her bday which was on the 6th but I was busy working (to get more money to spend on her for her bday). I hadn’t spoke to her since the 12th of …

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So close to letting go

February 6th, 2014by rprp98

I’ve been having a lot of problems at home and nothing seems to be going right for me. Today, my nan.. the person i love most in this world, the one who’s ever stopped me from doing anything (killing myself) told me to go kill myself. It honestly broke my heart so much and i’ve selfharmed, ive seriously got no reason to keep going. It is so hard to carry on when you have no one on your side, no one understands me. I dont know what to do anymore, everything i do always turns into a bad decision which i end up

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