November 30th, 2009by CJ

I’m going to ask you all to bear with me for the forthcoming bullshit. It’s nothing more, or less, honestly.

I sincerely, truly, unfathomably, hate myself. As I sit here trying to think of words that appropriately describe my self-hatred, my mind is completely blank. The word ‘hate’ doesn’t even seem fitting anymore. I’m beyond that at this point. What I think about myself is documented on my forearms and my stomach, red slashes that I create robotically these days. The sight of my body in pain doesn’t give me satisfaction anymore. Nothing does. What could make someone loathe themselves so much? Besides my obvious hideous appearance …

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November 28th, 2009by someoneoutthere

I’m really not quite sure what’s wrong with me. I just want something. I’m just lonely and angry and tired. I’m sick of everyone and anything. I’d love to hang myself. I’d love to. I just can’t, though. I can’t find it in me to look for a simple rope. Or something to tie myself to. I can tie a slipknot. I’ve practiced. But that’s it…I just don’t have it in me to try a little harder.

That’s my problem. I just don’t have it in me. I want this so much. I want this so much it’s unbelievable. I’ve gotten myself high on cough medicine, …

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How could you treat me this way?

November 27th, 2009by pk23

My friend told me she cuts herself and I told her I did so too but she only does it cause she’s bored, for me I do it because I believe my world is coming to an end and she hits me and treats me like crap now that she knows I do it not because I’m bored and she’s cchecking me and I hate this, telling her made it worse and now I want to die even more than before.

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If Life Were Only a Story

November 27th, 2009by Thexter


I in the past wrote a post on this website entitled “Endless Future.” I am happy to tell you all, that I am still here, in this world existing as I always have, and always will. I came back, though, not to tell you I am living a wonderful life full of blessings and happiness. My life is as it always has been: darkened by the clouds of misery and misfortune.  I enrolled in a fiction class at my local college. I have been excelling, but I came to the realization that no matter how much I enjoyed writings stories about people who don’t exist, …

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I just want this feeling to go away..

November 24th, 2009by TiedTogetherWithASmile05

I don’t think i’m supposed to feel this way. I’m only a fourteen year old girl, and i already hate life. So much has happened to me in the last two, maybe three years. And i don’t mean physically, i mean emotionally.

I guess it all started in seventh grade. I fell in love. I really did, and still am. I fell in love with this guy before i even knew his name! But of course, he never noticed me. In eighth grade, one of his close friends found out i liked him. So she decided to tell him. He thought it was cool i liked him, …

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November 17th, 2009by Duasrep

I think its safe to say that I’m not a normal teenager. I don’t know if normal teenagers are hypersensitive like I am. I don’t think normal teenagers wish for some freak accident to come along and kill them. I’m pretty sure normal teenagers enjoy their youth and want to live. But we have established that I am not a normal teenager.

When you look at my life you can say I have it pretty well. I have a caring family. My grades are average. I have friends. These things would make anyone else happy.

But I am not happy. 🙁

I am on an anti-depressant and …

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Depressed and suicidal

November 9th, 2009by jeremyalb4

I feel so depressed i can’t concentrate I get so agitated just being here all I’ve been having is thoughts about killing myself there’s nothing worth living for, even in my dreams I dream about killing myself you know how bad that is when you dream about it all I want to do is to end it all. when I do not feel right I rather be In a dark room and just seclude my self away from the world and drink my life away.

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Surrounded by Misery

October 30th, 2009by kja611

I am drowning in my feelings. Little insults feel like punches to my chest. I obsess over everything until I end up having a panic attack. I am being dragged down by my negative feelings. How do I just let this go? How do I have a carefree attitude about some things? Why do I over analysis everything? Plus, when I start to analysis things again and again, I start to blame myself even when it was never my fault.

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Don’t know what to do

October 25th, 2009by hauntingyou

I don’t know what to do anymore. Here’s why:

1: I’m a SI (self-injurer) and I just cannot seem to stop. No matter how hard I try. I have scars everywhere. I feel like a freak. I try to hide the scars, but everyone in school keeps asking me if I’m EMO. I hate it!!!

2: I have Anorexia Nevosa. I hate it!!! I just want to be beautiful. But when I look in the mirror……..all I see is this fat, ugly, horrible person. It never goes away!!! I never seem to sleep, even though I know I do. My aunt makes me eat. She’s been so …

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A Million Different Reasons for the Same Old Shit

October 22nd, 2009by Leighton

Because I could put on all the makeup in the world and I wouldn’t be beautiful.
Because I gave you everything I had to give.
Because I always forget to see the end.
Because I think this is the end. Of something anyway.
Because I’ll never be good enough.
Because forever is a lie.
Because I’ll never be able to fill this hole.
Because I’m alone.
Because this hurts more than I ever imagined.
Because I’m not really good at anything.
Because I fuck everything up.
Because I’ve lost something I cannot replace. 
Because I didn’t come here to find love or friends. But somehow both happened upon me. And I want

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October 20th, 2009by katherineendsitnow

Today I called my college and dropped out of one of my classes. I talked with my parents about this and they fully support my decision. After my dad and I talked about this, he took me off to the side and told me, “You seem to be going down hill again… Do you want to talk about it?”
I said, “No. You just wouldn’t understand.”
Then my dad said, “Please talk to me Katie.”
I turned and look at him and said, “Justin (my boyfriend of 7years) and I are on a …

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No More

October 13th, 2009by steveagain

I saw her today. It sparked too much. I’m going to die tonight.

If not tonight, then tomorrow night. Or the night after. But I’m killing myself. With rope.

My story will never be finished now and I have her to blame for it.

Don’t try, people. Just don’t.

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September 27th, 2009by erased_orion

You asked me once if my wounds healed.

They do, but only on the outside. I wonder if you’ve realized that on your own. I can’t find it in me to tell you that, and i don’t know why.

I would like them to, really. I want to stop…but i can’t do it on my own. I guess it’s because i’m such a weakling, huh?

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It Doesn’t Make Sense

September 11th, 2009by steveagain2

How is it that couples can be so freaking happy while I’m all alone?

I see everyone with someone else. And they’re so happy. And they don’t even care that I’m not.

I sound like I’m 13 going through teen angst, I know, but this is ridiculous. I’ll never find love, I know that. I’ve known that for a while now. But why can’t they stop and see how much that fact is killing me?

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Someone help me

September 3rd, 2009by TJ

Okay, so I’m starting a new thread because I was hijacking someone elses with my problems and that’s not fair at all, I feel really bad about doing that. I’m sorry.

I basically wrote my story in a comment so I’ll just paste it here and explain a little more.

Such a long story.. I was so desperate last night. I still am and I don’t know what to do. I’m 20 years old, still living at home and I don’t have a job. My biological dad killed himself as did my uncle, we were very close. My mom, who has been married to another man for …

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I probably can take it… I just don’t want to

September 2nd, 2009by lostforlife

I am a shy eighteen year old girl, and have been a victim of bullying for the past nine years.

It first started when I was in the 5th grade and had moved to a new school.  I was allocated a new friend to help me find my feet, but instead I had someone who would emotionally abuse me for the next three years.  I told my mom in the 7th grade – she said she was mad at my “friend”, but she never did anything about it.  All she could say was, “It’s a phase; it’ll pass.”  I never told her about the other girl …

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Financial Loss Causes Much Grief

September 1st, 2009by Jason80

After a few months I grew tired of feeling sorry for myself so I started developing a website to help myself keep busy in my spare time, but to also inform others of the dangers of spending money foolishly without thinking. Econochristian.com is my website. As you can see, I somehow discovered a path to religion when all of humanity seemed to have failed me. I guess this happens quite often, but it does help to rely on a religion with many followers to help you get back on your feet.

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I’m so alone

August 31st, 2009by whitbread

I am depressed and sad and I’ve tried everything, and I don’t think I can go on. I have tried meds, therapy, doctors, yoga, everything. i get thirty seconds of peace each morning immediately after I wake. Then it’s like someone turns on the radio in my head and it’s a constant rant of hopelessness and hurt. 

One of the frustrating parts is hardly anybody knows the truth, and I have nobody to talk to.  My dad was a world champion sales rep because he was a true expert in how to make people feel good and feel comfortable. He was born with the touch. I learned it from him. I am also an expert at …

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August 31st, 2009by liveinlight

this is to hard . why make it so difficult

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Endless Future

August 27th, 2009by Thexter

I don’t really believe my story is one of suicide. It’s more a story of depression, if it’s even that. I don’t really know what I feel most of the time, and I tend to revert to sadness. Often I find myself pondering reasons I have to be sad.

I have never been beaten by my parents, never been horribly embarrased by my peers, I have friends who I hang out with consistently, I have a good job, I am a smart young man, I have tutors in life, I have good health. So really there is no reason to be sad, right?

If that is true …

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