people need people

March 15th, 2018by iamdarling

even though i’m an awkward introvert with social anxiety, i miss people. i miss being around people.

i’ve come to realise i’ve never really had a true friend, so, i can’t say i miss having friends. i don’t really know what it’s like to have friends. the idea doesn’t appeal to me much anymore. maybe, i miss the idea of them. the idea of a boyfriend is more appealing, which is weird, i know.

the idea of having someone i can expose myself to, and let them truly know me like no one else knows me, is bittersweet to me. it must be so… amazing, to love …

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Wish I had a time machine to go back to the past

March 15th, 2018by lostsoul21817

I wish I had a time machine so that I can go back in time and stop myself from doing major life changing decisions.Why is this world so fucked up for God’s sake!?? Why do ppl hav to be such assholes to each other.Wish I was never born into this fuckin world.

Last year I was this completely happy person who wantd to live life to the fullest,who had so many dreams and aspirations.I jus had like my life plannd out.But ever since leaving my native,I feel so pathetic about myself.I feel like all my energy has been drained away.I just feel Like i don’t fkin …

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Starving Inside and Out

March 14th, 2018by lxmyrick

Hey guy, how everyone been?


I haven’t been doing the greatest.  I thought I was doing well, but I guess not.  AM a very logical person, and when ever I have a problem, I go to the internet for help for facts for support.  Well I leaned that an average person can last 3 weeks without food, and an average healthy adult should each 2000-2500 calories while burning most of it.  This could cause people to lose weight.  But the thing is that I have been taking it to far and I can’t stop.  I only eat about 1000 calories a day, and burn then and …

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Blind leading the blind

March 13th, 2018by 5201jm

I don’t know why I’m here (and by that I mean this website not earth itself, I mean idk that either but that’s not something I care about at the moment) Ive  posted on here a dozen times about random thoughts from my life to questions to feelings. Usually I’d get 2 or 3 comments within a day or 2 from other people with similar opinions, advice, or answers.

Now that I think about it though, I can’t tell which ones(posts & comments) help or not, maybe all of them, or maybe just one or two yet I’ve been finding myself constantly coming back to reread …

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My story

March 9th, 2018by Unsheard

Been on here for like the past 24 hours and slowly realizing i have no hope for getting better i’m pretty much going to always be sad. I need to get off this site and sleep, but everyone seems to tell their story when they first get on and i haven’t done that yet so here we go.

Hi, last year was the first time i cut myself and fell into my deepest depression yet. I had always been sad and felt as if something is wrong with me, hell i can’t remember 6th grade because of how painful it was. But anyway at 13 i …

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March 9th, 2018by Allmostthere

To be lost is dream with yourself in hell.

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Not made for this world

March 9th, 2018by LawLiet

It’s been a long time since I last posted. I felt like writing this in because last time I didn’t, I just woke up with a headache and a noose around my neck. Tried to end it last december but the hook I attached the rope gave up (lol). After that I was just trying to go with the flow of life, waiting for another big hit to my face and make me scream to quit. And today I feel it all starting up again. I feel each problem and disappointment adding up inside me like a balloon ready to pop. I really feel like …

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March 9th, 2018by Nathan

I didn’t go to school yesterday, I didn’t want to deal with the comments “he’s never here”, “he’s late again”, “he’s always ‘sick'”. My parents say I should be happy cause I get so much… but that’s not what I want, I don’t want gifts. I just want to cry away my pain from people saying I’m broken.

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I miss you…

March 9th, 2018by Unsheard

I miss you. I miss the way we used to be. I miss how we met up every night. I miss being around you, feeling you graze my skin. I miss the way you kept me warm in the winter. I miss how you used to calm me down and tell me things are going to be alright. I miss how you made me happy and how you let me use you whenever i needed relief. I’m sorry that we can’t see each other anymore. People don’t want us together. They don’t want me to get hurt anymore. People who love me want me to …

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Him or Her?

March 8th, 2018by Gracie

So hey it’s me…Gracie again…this may be your first time reading something I wrote or it may be your second time..But anyways I wanted to just say i’m doing better..I mean yes i’m still hurting from him..but the thing is I am learning to move on but I think I may be making a mistake.The guy I like is new at my school, he has a little bit of a bad history with my friend Lexie….it’s pretty messed up actually..what he had done to her…and I feel like if I like him it’ll make me a bad friend I mean my friends said he was …

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Barely Broken Wings

March 7th, 2018by XLondonDeathX

I have no friends. Nobody cares, if I was starving or if I was in mourning

Blood dries up. Tears do too. I have nothing, & no one cares, or is even wondering.
I hate myself enuff to cry about it daily.
I love them all so much, they’re the only pains that faze me.
I want it to be over soon. So there will be less pain.
But, my pain grows, & what was strong weakens with each day.
I’m a failure for my past, & yet each day I really try.
By the day’s end, to the distant moon I cry.
Filling the

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March 7th, 2018by ourdarkestparadise

I doubt anyone will bother reading all of this.

I just feels good to rant

I hate life. I don’t get why I’m unhappy, my life isn’t that bad; way better than some. I hate the fact that i complain about so much when it could really be so much worse. Am i really that ungrateful? It makes me hate myself so much more. I should be happy. I shouldn’t want to die. But i do, i hate myself, i inflict pain on myself. I’m so much of a fucking failure i can’t even kill myself. I tried and i bloody failed. I’m such a fuck up …

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Lonely as always

March 7th, 2018by Vivid Enigma

It’s nice to have a nonjudgmental place to share my feelings and try to help others, though I’m only a new member. Part of me wants to put more about myself on here, but i don’t eant to put too many identifying details, partially because it would be tragic for the members here to find out when i die and who i am (or was) when the time comes. It’s mainly because I’d want anyone reading this to feel as little emotional pain as possible. The potential pain of others will not stop me, I find myself caring more about the wellbeing of the people …

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What’s the point?

March 7th, 2018by stormyskies

When people ask me how old I am, I actually have to stop and think about it. I’m 24 now and sometimes that surprises me, I was honestly convinced at one point that I would get to die young. Well, it was more of a hope really, perhaps that way I wouldn’t have to deal with any of the bullshit responsibilities, obligations, and insecurities that I am facing now. I guess death seemed/seems like the easy way out.

My years in high school all seem like a blur now, but I do remember feeling tired all the time. I didn’t know it

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russian election is soon…

March 6th, 2018by Uuuggh

Hi, I’m from the shithole that’s mentioned in the title, and our election is near. Every day I’m suffering from anxiety and the thought of Putin becoming our president (dictator) once again… I can’t stand living here, it’s so mentally painful. After the war my family become so poor and I, being not rich nor smart, don’t have any chance to see the civil world, let alone live there. Anyone, set us free from this fucking slavery

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I can’t

March 6th, 2018by Nathan

I feel happy sometimes maybe once a day, but the rest is filled with pretending to be something I’m not. I act all confident and strong but all I am is weak and scared, I put a smile on my face so no one is ever worried. I don’t want to pretend anymore…

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Just something to rap about

March 6th, 2018by Urm8451n

Never knew the walk will be so hard

never know, you’ll never know…. till you try

or quit n’ die.


fuck it, I tried to be best for you , best for me, best for bro

All the bur-den on m’ back, ain’t I real scared.


Got me knocked down with booze, watch me down

Right now, I am a bit drown.


It sure is easy to say,

” i will be there”   ” i will fight”

“tomorrow will be the best, gonna do things RIGHT”

going to stand , stand though the wave

going on to pave

a way for you and for us,

It is all about our trust.


But how you do this?

Get your shit together, …

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March 5th, 2018by Vivid Enigma

I’m so done with all the bullshit in life! There have been many things that have happened to me, and the last straw came when I got robbed last year. I felt so weak and helpless and chose to give them my shit, even though I had my gun with me like always.

It’s tearing me apart because I feel like a piece of shit who deserves every bad thing that happens to me. Almost none of my friends want to hang out with me. It’s easy to tell because they make up excuses for it, yet they’ll post pictures I’m Facebook of them with their …

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I hurt someone

February 28th, 2018by Zigzag

A few days ago, I made a horrible decision. I drank, and made a decision shortly after to text a friend of mine some very mentally abusive things.  For no reason. It was completely undeserved. I didnt consider the sort of impact it would have on her before I did it, and that disgusts me. It gives me immense sorrow and regret to know that I hurt someone I cared about so much that badly. If Im allowed, I am going to apologize face-to-face, and make amends. I’m going to offer to pay for any therapy or counseling she might need as a result of …

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Life lesson of the Day:

February 27th, 2018by come.and.go

When your actions cause someone else pain, just remind them how they have hurt you wors before and they no longer deserve apologies or love. #Fuckyoukarmanobodyaskedforyouropinion


that is what life taught me today, anyways

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