May 17th, 2010 by nicky

Me at my school seeing my dead boyfriend. i think im going crazy.

me: Why did you leave?

him: Because you wouldn’t listen to me.

Me: that didnt give give the right to do it.

Him: yes it did. i told you not to go.

Me:  Come back. I wont do it again i promise.

Him: Its to late im gone. you should have thought twice i just did that to protect you and you just went behind my back and did what you always have done.

Me: But i had to i didn’t do anything wrong you were just to scared to do what anyone else would have done. you …

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exactly nothing left just one more to go..me

  May 17th, 2010 by nicky

What if it happens again. What if everything changes. Everything’s gone down a big hill and now its almost over. Since you left every things changed everything including me. Nothings the same i feel nothing sometimes its so hard to see. i do so many things that you would be ashamed of things that you would stop me from doing. But not now anymore no ones going to stop me. i want to die i just want to leave this world full of lies people that cant control anything. i thought that i would never be like this again i promised myself but that doesn’t …

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Life is a game.

  May 16th, 2010 by Rockstar8587

You know, why go on living right?

Though I have tried suicide, and was given another chance to live. I am still miserable every now and then, yet there are ways to get over it. Forcing yourself to smile, actually does work; it is scientifically proven. The mind and body work together.

But I don’t know if it is just me, or some of you may think the same. But life is pretty pointless; existentialist make it seem pointless to the extreme, yet are they correct? Even though I may agree, I still see life as an immense possibility. You and I were created, thousands of things …

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  May 12th, 2010 by SempaiRuinz

Yes, sir.

No, sir.

Yes, ma’am.

No, ma’am.

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writer with no voice

  May 10th, 2010 by darkgermandeath

You write down how you feel. but people dont really know how hurt you are cause they cant hear your voice the tune the stutter the pain. suicide is the right thing to do.

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Those people…

  May 8th, 2010 by Lock and Key

What’s their problem?
What do they know?
It might not seem like a big deal to them,
but maybe it’s because they don’t know the full story
and haven’t been through anything close to as heart breaking as it.
Some kid comes up to me and says “When someone gets bad grades they cut themselfs or for any stupid pointless reason” I felt so agrivated and sorry. I was agrivated because of him, and I felt sorry because his girlfriend was a straight up cutter like me. I wanted to bash his face in so much, but since I can’t risk gettig suspended I didn’t. He’s extreamly lucky. I hate …

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my suicidal tales

  May 5th, 2010 by death4life

i have been depressed for years…since i was 11 and started middle school. god knows, it started with ‘voices’. that’s the lie i’ve told everyone and to this day it haunts me how i can look someone straight in the face and tell a dark and deep lie.

many attempts were made…all included pills of some kind. it didn’t matter which ones…advil, aleeve, tylenol, parents prescription pills, solodyn, sleeping pills, anything.

but now…after years of attempts, about 2 months ago i was admitted into the psych ward emergency room at new york presbyterian hospital and i stayed there for 4 days (it was a cell…literally a three …

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Sleeping Pills = Yum

  May 4th, 2010 by Anna

An internet relation of confusion.

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Just Some Thoughts For You To Consider

  April 28th, 2010 by veronica

After briefly browsing through the posts on this blog, I immediately became panicked at the number of people who want to kill themselves.

And I’ve been there. I’ve been to that place where your chest feels like it weighs a thousand pounds, where you feel dark and cold and numb and totally alone. Where you feel like no one’s there to help you, no one wants to help you… I’ve been there. And I’ve come back, though still affected.

Depression happens, just for some (like us) it takes a stronger toll. It’s been almost 4 years since my depression first started due to bullying at school. However, I …

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  April 22nd, 2010 by searching4life

I wonder if there is any impact of me in this world.

I wonder if anybody cared for me.

I wonder if it would matter to anyone, if I am no longer here in this world.

Everyday, my mother will show how much she disapproves of me. Although I was a first class student.

I don’t understand how to cope with my working life, although it’s been 3 years that I am working. I cannot feel my value.

The only person who seems to show some care is my boyfriend, but I think my negativity is so strong that it burdens him.

And sometimes, listening to his dreams and plans, I …

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The romance of it all…

  April 14th, 2010 by z

I am in another sway of emotion these days, seeking the idealization.  There are so many people left behind, the suicide survivors that voice this sadness and displeasure, while never really comprehending our lifetime of sadness and displeasure.  I wasn’t cut-out for all of this.  So when I think of suicide, I tend to not think of the disappointment I will cause the people in my life…I mean, I do, but–lately–there is a bigger chunk of me that idealizes the perfect moment.  That peaceful fade that I have afforded myself–through careful planning–sometime in the near future.  I have my way out, just waiting.  Not and …

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I know it’s nothing, but..

  April 7th, 2010 by unsuresoul

I actually am quite unsure about what to do. My life seems so normal on the surface, and I don’t have any mental problems (at least I think so.)

But I lost my dad two years ago, he killed himself with the exhaust fumes of his car, not telling anyone what he was going to do before. All he left was a note saying ‘I’m sorry.’ and his flat keys.
And ever since that, I haven’t been the same. Sure, I guess I can still talk to people normally and am fairly intelligent, but everything inside me just feels so numb. Most of the time I am …

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Permission To Commit Suicide

  April 6th, 2010 by z

So I finally move out of a horrible living situation and move into a new apartment and bam! I find a roach in my bathroom, albeit small one, but still, a roach.

Derailed my whole “new reality” I was trying to create. Lame. Deflated.

So a couple of weeks ago I told my mother I had a psychologist put the diagnostic manual to my brain and it turned out I have borderline personality disorder and severe depression. She told me not to take such tests. Good advice. But when I told her I was on anti-depressants at one point–a year prior,

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  March 25th, 2010 by magp1001

I’ve watched everything I do fail.  Every attempt I’ve made to make this pointless, bullshit, unfair thing I have called a life liveable has backfired, leaving me in worse shape than I was before I started.

As it currently stands, I freak out 10 times a day, and I spend hours every day lamenting and bemoaning my position.

Blaming me for this is like throwing gas on the house, throwing a match on it, then saying that the house was faulty.

This happens *every* time; not just once or twice, but *every* time.  I’ll admit that I’m less-than-perfect, and I’ve made mistakes, but I can’t, for the life …

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#2. Sunday and Monday’s suicide attempts.

  March 24th, 2010 by loopey

Someone please help… I am stuck and in distress and running out of options.  This is me, and I am breaking down. Since I last wrote, I decided to kill myself.

Spent days thinking about it, that it was the right thing to do.  Decided on a method that I could actually realistically do.  There are many places I could jump from, but none were as reliable and surefire as the place I had in mind, because it’s a ridiculously fatal cliff and a place of outstanding beauty.  On the morning of the attempt, I text a friend who I had met in …

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I’m Done

  March 19th, 2010 by dasw13

I done with of this.I going to end it all on the Monday we come back from spring break on the 29th….I want some people to feel bad for what they could have done to help.I’m planing on taking about 50 Tylenol pills with some wine……not much like a little less than a cup…..I’ve already taken about 20 Tylneol three different times so who knows how bad my liver is now……I wonder if anyone would even care…
Probably will but I don’t care that much.No would even care after awhile.Let alone even notice I was gone after a few days.Oh well I guess I’m

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Desolate, hopeless, desperate. My inevitable suicide.

  March 19th, 2010 by loopey

Hi.  My name is Lucy, I am 20.  I feel much older.  Before dismissing me as an emo teenager, please read a little of this.  I might be 20, but I’ve been through more than most people ever do – both good and bad things.  But it’s the bad things that get to you, wear you down.

I don’t know where to start – it seems like there have been so many starts, so many horrible life events and so much negativity.  I am currently actively suicidal.  The thought of dying will not leave my head – I’m pretty sure by this point that I only …

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A Poem About How I Feel And What’s Going On Around Me

  March 10th, 2010 by dasw13

I’m sick of life.
I’m sick of it all.
I’m sick of the lies,bitches,and crappy friends.
I’m sick of hearing rumors becouse someone was bored,
Sick of my mom yelling at me for not doing my chores.
She can’t see let alone feel what I do.
She wouldn’t belivie me or have time to get me help.
I know she busy taking care of me,but
I want her notice,
I want her to see.
Instead of writing off the scars on my arm as being a klutz,
The missing bottle of tyneol as for a ‘headache’,
Or the nearly empty bottle of wine as ‘she drank more than she thought’.
Or my ‘so called friends’.
Can’t keep a secert …

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  March 7th, 2010 by Hopeless92

I don’t know why I have registered on this site. It would seem that even though I have such ‘feelings’ of suicide that I’m nothing comparable to others on this site. But then why have I registered and why do I seek out ways to kill oneself? Constantly everyday I’m plagued with helpless, hopeless, depressive (What do you even define as depressive?) feelings and everyday I find myself tearing up, even at school when I’m in class. I think I’ve been, for the most part, pretty positive in the eyes of many; but on the inside I find myself hurting. Some days I tell myself …

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  March 7th, 2010 by Nightmares

Let’s pretend I put something here that caught your interest and made you want to keep reading.

I am average, or below average in my opinion. In my mind I have never done anything worth while, nor do I think I ever will. There is nothing for me to aim for, nothing I am passionate about or wish to learn. To a few people I’ve spoke to about it I say I feel like a ‘non-entity’, I lack my own unique identity. I guess that that’s kind of a stupid way to put it since that is basically being non-existant but I use to think I …

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