My Story.

  August 20th, 2010 by laaauren

I’ve had alot of family problems, financial problems, and boy problems. I’ve tried to kill myself twice. Both failed attempts obviously. The first one, because the guy, who i still love today, left me. I felt hurt, angry, upset, and pretty devastated. The second, well i guess i just had enough. But, the question is,why do we hold the ones who hurt us the most closest? I’ve thought i had some really good friends, But you know what? It turns out, they were nothing but backstabbing , using, sluts. I give out alot of advice, but then, why do we never take advice from ourselves? My friend wanted …

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There is no God

  August 15th, 2010 by Smile Kid

I’m tired of all these people telling me I need to accept and believe in God just to be happy. God can’t make me happy – he has no control over my emotions. I barely have any control over my emotions, and they’re my own.

“There is no God and there is no soul. Hence, there is no need for traditional religion. With dogma and creed excluded, then immutable truth is dead and buried. There is no room for fixed and natural law or permanent moral absolutes.” -John Dewey

Life has no meaning; none of us are here for a reason. That is what I believe …

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What to DO?

  August 14th, 2010 by Nikki

I don’t understand. A couple of days ago I was out with my friend and her family having fun at a dance hall in the country side of Texas. I didn’t know how to dance and I ask guy to teach me. My friend who is very shy when it comes to guys asked me to ask the guy I had danced with to dance with her. I do and she after half a dance sat down. She likes him and I was happy for her. I continue to dance with the guy (Lets name him Guy 1) and his friends. I was having …

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Half a Century …

  August 12th, 2010 by GoblinWeb

Prof. David Fergusson looked depressed on ‘Close Up’ (TV1)  tonight, and who wouldn’t?  A ten and a half minute series of sound bites focusing on media rights and obligations. A press gave him the equivalent of 10″ x 2″ on page two.

Suicide is the most appalling waste of potential, and our society needs to honestly face up to the causes and responsibilities for these losses, instead of hiding the problem in the collective closet.  I believe we have some of the highest statistics in the Western world, especially for young males.

I first saw a psychologist when I was 8.  My new private school decided …

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Well then a story to unfold.

  August 9th, 2010 by Zeke2010

It appears long time ago that I have slipped through the cracks of life.  It seems though I am watching everything from a glass window with no interaction with others.  I am 29 years old and I honestly do know what to do anymore.  I have had long term friends just shove me aside like I am a pile of feces waiting to me turned to dust.  I told all my friends they mean the world to me and that wasn’t enough. My last friend said “We are married and no longer have any time for you.”  I no longer have any friends.   I sit …

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One more step.

  August 4th, 2010 by meliaming

That’s all it would take. One more step.

I don’t expect anyone to reply this, nor do I expect anyone to read this. I just want to vent out feelings I haven’t been able to tell anyone in my life right now.

It’s been a year since I last thought about suicide. Since then, I’ve moved to Australia for college and I’ve met so many new people. I thought this was to be my new start. A fresh beginning from the previous year where friends turned against me. Dispose of my jealous feelings I had towards even my close friends – start anew. I was right, for …

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Too Much Too Young

  August 3rd, 2010 by Koojiru

So, for the 50billionth time in my 18 years I have a plan to kill myself, again.

You think that after having religious revolations, and beliving in Karma and re-encarnation I would have given up on suicide attepmts. No, it seems my inner deamons havent had enough of my heart and keep chewing.

Let me paint you a picture here, on a giant 5’3 canvis. Picture a woman sitting, wondering how shes going to “fix” this canvis before it grows to what it really is today. She holds her pain brush up to it, then dips it in mold green, vomit yellow and black. That woman was …

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Both Ends

  July 28th, 2010 by 400metermike

Being on the both ends of suicide is something that I never thought I would ever experience by the time I was 22. On August 5 2002  was the starting of all the bad things that would happen in my life. I can still remember everything about that day, I remember exactly what I was doing and I can still hear ever word my uncle Darien said to me that day. During that summer he would always come over and hangout with me until I had to go to football practice. He was like my older brother I looked up to him in so many …

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  July 27th, 2010 by droznig

“If you place something at the centre of your life that lacks the power to nourish, it will eventually poison you and destroy everything that you are.

As simple a thing as an idea, or your perspective of yourself or the world around you, no one can be the source of your contempt, it lies within, in the centre”

Lyrics to a song i heard once.

Lion tamer – Faithless

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searching for anything..

  July 27th, 2010 by thegirlwhostoppedtheworld

I’ve never done anything like this, expressed my emotions to strangers, well hell i’ve never expressed anything to any one but my one best friend. He knows my secrets, my darkness, and my occasional brightness.  It makes me wonder how many people there are out there, real people. People who can feel things who can understand.

I am not suicidal, nor do i have suicidal thoughts, but I’ve let it cross my mind once or twice.

I am not happy, Im not sad, not in love, not skinny, not fat, not tall, nor short.  i am average. I feel things very much the same way everyone else does. …

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Still Alive

  July 23rd, 2010 by anon81710

I think I should say this off record.
Dear Destiny.
You are the best thing to happen to my life.
You are the only reason I decided to live past that year.
You despise me now.
But you will be in my heart.
I love you.

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Still Alone

  July 22nd, 2010 by anon81710

Still alive. A couple more days to make my choice. I’m calm now. I can cope with my anger. I just wanted a friend. I can just put on my happy face now, that’s normal. I sit in bed. In my small 2-bedroom apartment and I just can’t sleep. I just think about how lonely I am, how everyone around me glows with self-indulgent happiness. I just want to make them suffer sometimes. But that wouldn’t be fair at all. My life sucks, they know it, and it’s not their problem. Death is my choice this month. Next month I decide. Wonder what happens when …

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I’m not paranoid

  July 21st, 2010 by LessWorse

…I’m aware, and too many people are ignorant. The difference between ignorance and innocence is that innocence doesn’t last. Sooner than later someone realizes that there is something very very wrong with the world in general. When that happens, you cross the line forever: either you ignore that knowledge or you keep your innocence and you do something with that knowledge.

I have concluded that what’s wrong with the world is that there are evil monsters in the guise of humans hell-bent on killing as many of us as possible. And so, finding myself as powerless as the next blogger, I struggle with either hoping that …

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Another story for the site.

  July 16th, 2010 by Nikki

Another day of feeling like shit. What can I say I’m good at it? All I ever really here is how bad I am and can do. Here is my story.
When I was little life could do no harm. Ya there were a …

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homosexuality or death?

  July 14th, 2010 by flip92

So I’m a Christian….who happens to have homosexual desires. Why? I don’t know. Time and time again they have driven me to suicidal thoughts. Will this cycle ever stop?

I want to be straight. I really want to be straight. I want to be able to live my life just like any other person out there…but it’s so hard when you’re in a closet wondering if a lake of fire is waiting outside the door. I try so hard to believe that I am straight….just to please God. After all, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve …

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crisis in midlife

  July 12th, 2010 by Alright23

Last October, after 10 years of being together and 3 kids, My wife and I split. We were and remain pretty toxic towards eachother. I was her enabler, and she was my reason to limit myself.
Let me clarify:
As a husband, I believe it is important to take into consideration the path which your decisions will take your family. With a partner I think one should make those decisions together.
After 9/11 I went to enlist. The reaction I got from my newly-wedded spouse was, “I don’t want to be a military wife. I know there re benefits, but I don’t want to be alone. If you …

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In my heart I begged her not to go (revisited).

  July 1st, 2010 by Vincent

My story of survival from suicide after my break up.

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ranting after braking up with BF

  June 30th, 2010 by Nikki

Has anyone ever had to see the one they love.. love someone els. do u know the heartbreak an the tears that come with it. i think that everyone who has felt this dose one of two things
One: die inside but show the world that ur ok
Two go insane.
why dose this heart ripe apart and shatter into a million shards.
“I love you!” is a sick ass joke that asshole made up. there is no love there is no soul mate and there sure as hell no one that can protect you. so i say dont trust and so what if the world fucks …

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Have you seen?

  June 30th, 2010 by Nikki

Ppl will fall and ppl will rise. the good thing is there are then ppl who will not only help but lift you up with here own problems.the light of the world grows on that and if you are good and the angels are nice that day then you will grow with the world. but then if the angels never come around and the demons seem to pile up then the only thing to do is fight back. No mater what it is not right to surender and lay down. if by surendering you give up what make you you then your squewed.

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So tired

  June 30th, 2010 by rollergirl1234

I’m new to this site. My name is Hannah. I’m a severe self-harmer. I cut, burn, hit, anything to feel pain. I’ve been hospitalized 3 times because of it. I’ve also been hospalized for Bulimia Nevosa, which I’ve been suffering from for 2 years. I have Bipolar-depression, GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), acrophobia, and PTSD. I’ve been having a hard time lately. Schools ou, which means nothing can distract me from my life. My addictions. My “drugs”. It seems like everything is spinning out of control. Emotions turning left and right and left again. I’m keeping secret after secret after secret. I’m lying about everything. My …

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