“And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries…”

October 31st, 2017by Lostsoul_20

No one listens to anyone anymore, sure they hear so that they are able to grasp a rough idea of what goes on in their environment but no one actually takes the time to truly listen. To do more than observe a situation but to try to grasp how it must be to be within that environment and try to envisage the emotions that might be evoked so as to truly understand the complexities of what goes on in the world. Nothing is just black or white, we are all contrasting shades of grey. That’s one of my biggest problems I guess, I feel as …

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seems like my best isn’t good enough

October 31st, 2017by vee

I’ve been wanting to go back home since the first night i spent here. Back then i thought we’d bought a ticket for me to go back after around six months, so i wasn’t all that worried. Though my mum told me in January we got a one way ticket. I was a bit upset, but thought, “i’ll just have to get through it and then i’ll go back”. But now, going back has been written down as probably the biggest failure. There’s such high expectations that i simply cannot meet. Everyone asks me what i want to do and why didn’t i …

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I genuinely don’t want to be here

October 31st, 2017by ImNotGoodEnough

I know my life isn’t nearly as bad as many other people’s lives and I’m lucky for a lot of what I have. I have a family that loves me (parents and siblings, I have no significant other or children or anything of that nature), I’m at a decent college, and I’ve been told I’m reasonably easy on the eyes. That said, I hate being alive. I won’t be edgy and says there’s nothing I enjoy doing, but it all feels superficial and meaningless, nothing makes me feel whole inside anymore. It’s gotten to a point where I don’t even have to be actively sad …

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Everything Hurts.

October 30th, 2017by alex

When I’m reading a post or blog or even a simple book, I feel the emotions like they are my own. When someone else is hurting, I hurt. When some else is sad, I’m sad. It’s difficult when you’re constantly sad and extremely emotional. I was once suicidal and these feelings are now coming back because of how destroyed the world is and how many are in such pain from bad government decisions, killers, rapists, family members dying, etc.. I feel as if the world won’t be able to heal itself anymore and I have nothing to look forward to in my future life. Not …

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October 29th, 2017by firefly11291998

This morning I managed to just let go of holding on. I let gravity take me down. Bc i have so sick recently, it was super easy for em to just not hold on the railing going down the stairs this morning and just fall. I just vaigly remember letting go and feel the steps fall out from under my feet. It wasn’t scary, or worrying. I just wished that instead of having to get up after, I would just be able to end there. I had to get up… and now I have a dislocated and fractured right elbow that needs surgery this week. …

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When no one knows who you are

October 29th, 2017by My Name Is

When no one knows who you are and you write about wanting to die, people react quickly. They tell you to stay strong and give you tips that may actually help you. They talk to you and say they support you. Behind the mask of the internet, you can say anything and no one will know you.

When someone knows who you are, everything changes. You’re not dad’s precious little girl anymore. You’re not mom’s light of happiness. You’re not the emotional support for people who depend on you to stay sane, that trust in you to hold them when they have panic attacks or listen …

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Sometimes Dying on the Inside is Harder

October 28th, 2017by greyghoste

Do you know what it feels like to have the last person you would say goodbye to if you killed yourself tell you that you’re a terrible fucking person? I’ll tell you what it feels like. It feels like your chest caving in on itself, your throat being torn out by the vocal cords, and your heart being crushed under the weight of unspoken words. It feels like fresh makeup running in lines down your face and like each heartbeat is a damnation, an act of sin. It feels like dying in the worst possible way and makes the noose you tied from your

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Virtual Reality ( VR ) , Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) , Transhumanist / Transhumanism , space travel , mutations : to escape this boring reality , boring real world , boring real life !

October 28th, 2017by niki

Virtual Reality ( VR ) , Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) , Transhumanist / Transhumanism , space travel , mutations : to escape this boring reality , boring real world , boring real life !

Human’s imagination is better than reality !

Movie / Movies is better than boring reality , real life , real world !
Game / Games is better than boring reality , real life , real world !
Comic / Comics book is better than boring reality , real life , real world !
Novel / Novels is better than boring reality , real life , real world !
Science fiction ( sci-fi ) is better than …

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one after another

October 27th, 2017by AnonRaigonis

It really comes as no surprises.
But I hate life in general.

Had the great moments, had friends, I guess

Then I made everything worse. I practically ruined everything.

So why blame life, right?

Well, life. Why did you give me the chance to do it in the first place?
Why made me, so that I would hurt others.

Why made me, do you want me, who is going to die anyway. WE ALL DO. You want me to do what? Live?
I want to know why

Why you do all of this.

Why do you care

Why did you allow me into this.

I kinda know there is no omnipotence god out there, cause hell, I …

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October 27th, 2017by AnonymousCK

Why do some say its love or death?
If there is another option then go for it;
for me there is just death.
Its not a an if its a when.
Honestly, ive tried before,
people who know tell me its a miracle.
To me its a curse,
It feels inescapable
Ive heard stories,
people who are glad they failed,
To me it feels like I can’t even do it right.
I will succeed next time.
I don’t care when
Loose ends don’t matter to dead people.

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I fear Myself

October 26th, 2017by lxmyrick

I know that this sounds strange and I don´t know how to completely explain this, but  I have to get it off my mind.  So I am not a normal person when it comes to fearing things, my deepest fear is myself.  The reason I fear myself is because I hide from my dark side.  So I try to keep myself active in things and to keep myself from relaxing, because if I do I think about things and I start thinking about depression and suicide.  And this happens a lot.   I also fear myself because I am capable to commit suicide, meaning that I …

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October 25th, 2017by AmandaBen

For the sadness that lies deep in my heart,
And for the freedom that’s about to start.
For the hurt I’ve felt for 6 long years,
And for those long nights filled with tears.
For the emptiness I always feel,
And for my soul that will never heal.
For the broken smile I always fake,
And for my joy that always seems to break.
For a life I no longer want to live in,
And for death to take over and win.
For my last breath I will ever take,
And for my eyes to close and never to wake.
– A.B
Just a little background information: The countdown are not seconds, or time in general. 
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Wasted Potential

October 24th, 2017by OnlyFurther

All I am is wasted potential.

Everyone’s believed in me, some still do…

I’m smart, but that won’t get me anywhere.

I’m not talented at anything.

I’ve had a simple life, no experiences that have led to any real, strong opinions.

I’m frustrated.

I don’t want people to believe in me anymore…

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I’m just trash

October 24th, 2017by Lostsoul_20

All this stress from not wanting to be alive anymore, to fake friends , no real emotional support, my rape, my rape case going up into smoke and having to still continue living when my suicide attempt wasn’t successful has been weighing me down the whole year. Today for two minutes I find some kind of solace, or peace that felt was the closest thing to feeling celestial I could achieve (considering I don’t believe in God, heaven or hell). Then I find out then I’m about to flunk out of school and that numbing misery is re-injected into my soul to disinfect the small …

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I want out of this country

October 23rd, 2017by thisusernameisalreadyregistered

I wish I lived somewhere better. I envy people who get to live in good countries like USA and UK. I can’t concentrate on anything and I cry during nights about the country I live in. This hit me really hard this year and keeps getting worse as time goes on.

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October 22nd, 2017by pernorvenedhellen

To be frank, that is what I am, very, very, inconceivably tired. In all honesty, I just want it to end already. I am but two decades old and yet I feel a hundred and maybe a half! Every year my mind seems to age by four years! I’m so worn out with all the mental distress that I just want to scream.

On top of that, I feel trapped in a festering hole in life and nobody seems to want to point me in the right direction to try and find my way. Those who do are shoved out of the way by those I …

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Have you ever

October 22nd, 2017by checherose555

Have you ever f*cked up a situation or friendship that you honestly believed was unf*ckable? That you believed was foolproof, with no f*ckabilty ratio?

I did that yesterday..and it sucks.

I just thought I could open up more, to someone I have been trying to open up to for a few years now.  It is not a relationship, but it was helping me get through some things. I considered him to be a friend. And now he sees me as a crazy, depressed, hopeless loon; so I lost another friend.

Here’s to another birthday knowing that I should just keep my f*cking mouth …

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no will

October 20th, 2017by venice

I have no will to live anymore, I basically see my life as an object. so easy to get rid of or to break. I cant tell my family because they see it as a weakness as a set back they always tell me just to be happy but how can I force happiness I cant just force a smile on my face, but lately that seems to be all I’m doing. I self harmed a month ago I cried that day because of it but does anyone know, nope well whoever reading this does now. I’m failing my classes because of anxiety, because all …

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Forgotten Feelings

October 20th, 2017by kellinandrew

I have a lot going for me. I have college ahead and an amazing boyfriend. He gives me the world and loves me more than anyone else has. I know that I love him. But it feels weird sometimes because I go through these moments where I don’t feel anything and I don’t like it. I love him more than anything but when I feel nothing, I am so mean. I forget that people have feelings and I lash out and act like a flaming ****. I hate it but when I’m this way, its like I’m moving through a daze and I am just …

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It’s hard

October 19th, 2017by kamidaka

It’s hard to pretend everything is the same, that nothing is wrong. It’s really hard to say “Yeah, we will go on that trip next year” when you won’t be alive next year. But if I don’t pretend, someone may find out my plans. I can’t fail, I must die.

I changed method for the third and last time, I think this one is a pretty safe one.

The deadline is so painfully close. I’m kinda scared… or is it “sad”? I don’t know, I don’t know much about feelings.

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