Suicidal Survivors

For those who have survived suicide.

Tired of Living and ready to Die

March 5th, 2005by Essb

I dont know why I am writing here, it feels like waste of time. Pretty much how my life is anyway, a big waste of time. I ussually keep things inside because I believe people dont really care about much anyway other than to feel superior when someone else has problems. I never trusted people much anyway, lets face it people have instincts as much as animals, they will cut your throat to save there hide in most cases. Anyway I will share a little bit for what its worth. I hope you all believe in curses because its obvious to me that …

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So much pain

February 24th, 2005by kerria

Today i said goodbye formally to my therapist, he knows as well as i do that i’m not ever getting better. We lived divided too long. my life is a terrible mess. i can’t live with my family anymore- they’re too frustrated by my parts , all the forgetting , the crazy sobbing of kids inside.

My dog died this week. i never knew how important that dog was to my little ones inside. All there is is a deafening crying and “Where’s Chelsea.”? All day.
No one in my family understands how hard it is being a multiple- they think that i have demons and if …

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suicidal, again

October 12th, 2004by maryx

After four great years on Seraquel I pooped out on it five months ago. Since then my doc has tried three medicines and none have worked. I had almost forgotten what this was like (almost!). Four years of peace after a lifetime of hell. Now, back in hell again. Sixteen suicide attemps in five months. Today, I’m out of the hospital again, at least for a few days. It always takes a few days until I’m ready for the next one. I feel so hopeless again; there’s such terrible mental pain; I’m crying. I’m here alone again, and I want to die.

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About Suicidal Survivors

August 7th, 2004by SP Administrator

Use this category when you post your story if it’s related to your survival of a suicidal attempt (or someone you know’s survival).

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