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May 12th, 2018by li

this might be the last

no more one more day

no more one more try

they’ve all left

they looked away

now its time

to go

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new here

May 12th, 2018by sad_girl1

hello my name is Sara i’m new here. I’m suffering from bipolar disorder, Eating disorder,schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety. I lost my boyfriend he left me because of a dumb reason and it was my fault. I feel like giving up but I have hope that he will come back. We broke up on Friday, I went to school crying on Friday and I made my brother ask him why he won’t apologize and he said “what I said was just a joke and I was going to tell her but my phone died After I charged it I was going to apologize but her friend …

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May 12th, 2018by spookichick

i have been pretty depressed since my last post, but my NHL team is in the western conference final.tonight is game 1 and this city is going insane! the energy is palpable, and we are not used to it! anyway, i just wanted to share my little piece of happiness. i hope they make it to the stanley cup final!

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May 12th, 2018by soapandwasser

Not suicide related. Rant ahead.

I think I’m more shallow than your local kiddie pool. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for people that aren’t even average looking. It’s wonderful though seeing these people finding love everywhere, and for that I secretly applaud them cause I don’t even know if I can get past someone’s look before falling for them.

I know it has something to do with my insecurities. I’m aware that it’s silly to think my looks are superior than anyone that’s not conventionally attractive. And that I should fix these mean thoughts but I don’t know how.

People say to focus on your …

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been hatin’ life since day 1

May 12th, 2018by hateanon

I hate my life. I’m a minor and that means I obviously have to live with my parents. I’m a girl and have 3 disgusting brothers. The only thing I have for myself is my brains which I got from my mother. She’s mean sometimes but she’s the only one I actually truly love in this nightmare of a household. My dad and I had a fight about 2-3 months ago and he hasn’t talked to me since. He’s a fucking stupid middle aged man and an ego the size of a fucking blue whale. I hate him so much, his standards for me are …

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some poems by me

May 12th, 2018by why949

razors cut

people hate

somethings wrong

life’s not great


i draw with silver

but it turns red

(not actually mine but idc)


What’s there to be happy about?


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There is not much for me to do

May 12th, 2018by SuicidalThoughtsButRefuseToKillMyself

I am not going to kill myself despite the fact there are times I want to my username says it all suicidal thoughts but refuse to kill myself my older brother is in jail which I already gave him some money which I am not suppose to do depending on your perspective on enabling which I am always 50/50 on and I am a 26 year old virgin too socially awkward to even ask a girl out wouldn’t mind buying myself a fucking shotgun just so I can blast my brains out, but I continue to keep myself alive I don’t know why maybe I …

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The last one

May 11th, 2018by mo992

Why has it gotten to this point? I have waited so long but the last one is broken.

The last one has spoken words to me that verify my twisted thoughts.

My presence causes pain and suffering. It has caused this one even more than it has myself.

Why has it gotten to this point?

Is it my fault? I believe it is, but the voice within says it could be my doing and that of my existence as well.

I wish I could bring good news, I truly do, but I hold only sorrow.

Perhaps one day there will be good news.

I have not hoped for this to occur but …

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My Drawings

May 11th, 2018by BlueDiamond

I decided to pick drawing as a hobby. I hope to get even better!

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May 11th, 2018by li

i’ve lost everything
i’ve tried
im tired
no more tears
no more lies
no more “im fine”
please just set me free

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Im still here

May 11th, 2018by Rosesareblue

and its scarier than being dead

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I’m dying

May 11th, 2018by why949

Every thing hurts and I just want to cut. I’m sorry. I feel like everything is just falling apart and I want to tell my mom I have depression but I’m afraid to. I really need a hug and I’m 98% sure no one would miss me and school is getting worse and worse. I stole some pills from my medicine cabinet and I don’t know if I want to take them or not. I’ve been drinking isopropyl alcohol in hopes I’ll get sick enough to go to the hospital and not have to go to school again. I wish I was dying. But doesn’t …

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The sharp knife of a short life

May 11th, 2018by imsosorry2468

Read this today and it resonated with me… it sums up the hopeless I feel with possible solutions to the pain, I feel like there is just no way out

Razors pain you,
Rivers are damp,
Acids stain you,
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren’t lawful,
Nooses give,
Gas smells awful.
You might as well live.

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– – –

May 11th, 2018by whiskered-fish

What’s the point in living when I seem to be physically incapable of forming anything deeper than a surface-level connection with anyone? 

I’ve been withdrawing a lot lately. But can you really blame me? After so much social failure, there comes a point where you just stop trying. 

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Further and Further Away

May 10th, 2018by Mordred

I’m a loser. The truth of this fact hit me today, when I was going back to work after a particularly brutal sparring session. My head was hurting as usual. Brain damage is a *****, and I try to say I don’t fear it, but I do. Because I’ve spent 21 years of my life on my brain, when I should have been spending it on my soul. My brain is my moneymaker. What a petty thing to hang onto, and yet I do, because the world scares me. Because I want some sort of safety net even though the only safety net is a …

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Lost everything

May 10th, 2018by ladolcemorte

I posted awhile ago about ending up in the hospital.   I have now been here a little over 3 weeks and I am being discharged tomorrow.

The thing is, the drug they gave me (lurasidone) was starting to work…and I actually thought “maybe I will give this whole staying alive thing a shot”.

When I went into hospital, I was pretty sure the friends who had taken me in were not going to want me back.  (There is only so much that you can expect people to put up with).

But they really surprised me.  They said of course you are welcome back, and stay until you …

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This song has no title.

May 10th, 2018by blackcat10

I was ok for a while. No real highs or lows so things were bearable.  A few weeks ago I applied for a job in my company that would include a much needed salary increase so I can fix the problems in my home. I didn’t get it but the problem was the bs excuse they used to give it to a brand new hire. Company policy stated you must be an employee a year to get another job. I started looking for a new job and my anxiety levels are huge.

But if that isn’t enough, a man in a white truck cut across 3 …

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Another question

May 10th, 2018by Emptysince

Is there anyone else out there that does not want to get better? Its so weird to normal people but hoping someone can relate?

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The bells of death

May 10th, 2018by OFFTheShadows

We know when it’s time to die. Sth changes and we know.

Two years ago was my time and I delayed it bc I promissed my best fury friend I’d be with her till her last breath. I kept my promisse. For her I stayed…and it was a very happy time for us.

She passed away some time ago protected by my arms exactly as I promised her. I feel I honoured her dedication for me. Thank you for our blessed love!

Though, instead of committing suicide I insisted on finding ways to live and I found many…but I have none anymore.

Now I know it’s again time to …

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May 10th, 2018by waitingformyalaska

Does anyone want to talk? I could do with some conversation.

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