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I need answers

February 11th, 2018by lastmemory

It has been in my head for a long time. The idea, I mean. I got the papers, and I wanna do it but i’m scared. I’m scared to get rejected again. I feel like getting to know my biological parents is like a new start, but it’s not. If they really wanted to meet me they would have done it before. They would have tried, right? Or maybe they thought I wouldn’t like them. Maybe i’m not doing it because i’m scared they won’t like me. Like everyone else. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to hurt my mom, she’d feel like i’m leaving …

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Becoming mentally ill

February 11th, 2018by Urm8451n

I’m afraid I’m becoming mentally ill. Fucked up sleeping hours. Night terrors that doesn’t scare me, but they sure are fucked up.

Acting a bit paranoid. Feeling extremely down /depressed. Feeling empty, either hollow and bored or drowned in sadness.

Guys, I hope to hold on to reality. The hard times are temporary. I wish that my sanity would hold strong and overcome this.

I had to write this so if I’ll ever go insane, I would atleast know when it started.

Anyway, stay strong, be brave, yours Jac.

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There’s no point anymore.

February 11th, 2018by dmannn

~Disclaimer: Long Post~

Here’s my story.
When I was a kid I used to excel at academic stuff, aced all tests and ,perfect score almost every time,made my parents and grandparents real proud. Unfortunately I had a little accident that forced me to stay in bed for 2 months. Missed school, got left behind in terms of studies, grades hit rock bottom, didn’t want to catch up and study because I’m a lazy lil’ shit.

Fast forward a few years to my high scool days, I’m not the kid I used to be, haven’t done anything to make my grandparents proud. And then I did something really bad …

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Escaping from reality

February 11th, 2018by Urm8451n

Dealing with demons again, looking for help around this site, perhaps your ways are better than mine.

I feel like I’m shutting down, and I’m drowning under my blanket, as if my breath is slowly getting heavier.

I wanted to know, what is your escape from reality?

Im dealing with lots of complications and my so far only way to cope is to watch cartoons (southpark/Futurama etc) and do sports. Perhaps you can enlighten me. and please keep the “smoke weed” bullshit to yourself.

On another note, I wanted to state that I’m going to find relationship next semester. I’m …

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The inability of getting it together

February 11th, 2018by mindlessgamer619

 Reading about the places still in pieces after Hurricanes Maria and Irma irritates me to no end. I especially feel for people who can’t leave or have to stay due to financial or other reasons.. It’s not fun being stuck in a place where damages range from your roof beginning to come off the house, to no roof at all, to losing everything because of those storms. Where price gouging was rampant and gas stations were so full it could take you hours to get your diesel for your generator, if you even had one..

Today, I feel, disheartened. Still not working yet. Still …

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I should just die

February 11th, 2018by Thoreau

Love does not exist at all, not in the way I hoped it did. I had hoped that when I met him that we would become good friends, then best friends and then bond closer and closer.

We are friends-we are best friends, but I want to be closer, I want to provide him with all of his emotional needs, but he won’t open up. I did open up to him, but he likes me better when I’m less emotional and more surface.

I just feel empty about it. I know that conventionally I am being ridiculous.

sometimes there is a situation that comes up where he has …

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Here my plan…

February 11th, 2018by Jean-bean102

  1. sigh, disconnect from society media for a while.
  2. find Master
  3. become sex slave?
  4. buy a tent, a lot of wines, and take a plane ticket to florida
  5.   …
  6. ……

Honest I don’t know….

Just don’t know what to do with myself. I hit all dead ends relates to people. Any ideas?

So far some suggest I hear from some, go back to college, or find full time jobs… or something..

I don’t want to be alone anymore. I want to feel loved and wanted again.


  1. finish my class and have enough money to support myself to do what I really want. I miss art world so much.

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Sittin’ on the dock of the bay,wastin’ time…


February 11th, 2018by visual eyes



February 11th, 2018by nobodycares

im physically and emotionally tired.. please i want to rest.. its too much…


Once a grade 7 teacher

February 11th, 2018by DepressedFilipina

I decided to write this note after our discussion yesterday (Jackie and I) that if ever my students would know what I would do to myself may be they would felt bad or down about it, maybe.

To my babies in grade 7,
Don’t feel bad, dont imitate what I did to myself. You still have a lot of days, months, and years to fix yourself. You have all the time in the world, never feel down for something I decided on my own.

I hope you’ll cherish every moment I spent with you as I would also be thankful for the wonderful time you made me experienced.

Those …



February 11th, 2018by DepressedFilipina

Today my **** heard about this idol who committed suicide. She said and I quote “Maraming nag-aagaw buhay tas papatayin niya lang sarili”

Wtf? What a nice mindset. Great way to start off a conversation about depression but of course unless you want the person to kill her/himself without thinking too much about it.

You know what? Dont you dare compare the feelings of someone depress with someone else because we all have different demons inside us, we’re all in different levels of hell, we dont fight the same battle and we’ll never be.

She even added “bakit wala ba syang pamilya? Kaibigan? Sinasarili niya kasi”
The type of …


Update to myself: still alive despite everything

February 11th, 2018by DepressedFilipina

Update to myself: still alive despite everything

I’ve been experiencing hair loss. Not just the simple hair loss in the bath but the type you have even in the bed or pillowcases. Whenever l leave my bed there were certain amount of hair on it, same with ponytails or putting towels on my hair.

Even when I just hand comb my hair there would always be some hair coming along my hands.

But the more bad thing was, I’m not even afraid of what’s happening to me.

12-27-17 (8:34PM)


What an awful life it is

February 11th, 2018by DepressedFilipina

What an awful life it is

There has been shouting everywhere, the place was filled with curses I dont like to hear. I felt so helpless, being in the middle of their endless fights is very exhausting.

I can only feel pity to myself coz of having this fucked up life.

My head is filled with melacholy I dont even know where to put it anymore.

12-27-17 (8:29pm)


February 11th, 2018by DepressedFilipina

Our dog passed away. Seksi baby, wherever you are I hope you are happy. Whatever happened to you today, I just hope God never left your side and made it easy for you to leave this world.

I cried a lot for you, I may not be the owner I should be to you but you’ve been the greatest pet for all of us.

Bye seksi hope you’ll guide all of us, like you always did. You will be missed.

12-23-17 (10:33PM)



February 11th, 2018by imsorryallthetime

I was looking for a way out and I’m not really sure how I ended up, like this?


February 10th, 2018by sdasdfdasds

I’m actually pretty bad as a friend. I’m that person who lets you down and disappoints you.


Another day has passed…

February 10th, 2018by Taf Taf

I woke up this morning,went to the kitchen and made a coffee.I sat in front of my pc and I started watching videos on youtube,smoking and trying to kill time.Most of the time I wasn’t paying any attention to these videos.I was thinking.Thinking about my life and the world.

I spent most of my life in this empty house (I’ve been living here since I left my parents’ house when I was 20 years old).Alone.I haven’t got any purpose or any goals to reach.I’ve saved some money,so I don’t have to work for now.But I know that I’ll have to find a job.Working is a nightmare.I …


really want to die.

February 10th, 2018by Jean-bean102

I am done trying.. it is too hard. It is too hard to make peace. I can’t get what I need anymore.

I am done.


I’m a discoverer

February 10th, 2018by Urm8451n

and eachway I head to, I know I’ll meet new things…..including feelings experience and challenges.

What differs me, as 21 y. o man from the baby I was when I were 3y.o, is mostly experience.

Tonight I’m inviting you guys to share with me your burden. I will read your comments and stories, and let us, for few minutes, walk together.

Some people here helped me a lot to gain the power I needed to pass the hardest times in my life. I want to regive. Perhaps I know things that will easily help you, and perhaps you have the …