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I Got a Song For You Men

May 1st, 2018by BlueDiamond

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Just thinking….

May 1st, 2018by chickenlil

I’m just sitting here thinking about my life. Thinking how I’ve been in a transitional living house with other recovering addicts like myself. I was there for three almost four months in total. Today I just got fired from the job I was at. Unfortunately it wasn’t my fault at all. The story goes as followed. I was working at a treatment center where I was the executive assistant of the program one below the owner of the program making very good money for not only my age but also for my education that I have. Anyway to put things into prective I’m supposed to

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The numbers

May 1st, 2018by Cause of Death: Suicide

583 days I have been held hostage

575 days since my overdose

55 nightmares

30 times I have slammed my head into the walls

10 people I have spoken to in 583 days

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May 1st, 2018by orianainthepast

I would like to know what do you think/how do you feel about the fact that avicii oficially killed himself, I wasnt his biggest fan but I liked him as an artist, but for some reason I feel incredibly sad because of his dead and it was the first time I cried because a famous person died.

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May 1st, 2018by Terminal Agony

Suffering with vertigo, after being in bed for days. I feel so tired that now even looking is a huge task for me. The woman I live with is constantly throwing heat on me with her glances and gestures. Iam so afraid of her. She is a monster. Should I become evil and angry? But that would hurt me so much inside. I have no energy left. I can’t think straight, I can’t walk straight. Iam thinking in chunks that are not adding up. Depression can be that bad. Iam so tired with everything.

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May 1st, 2018by spookichick

well, i have decided to quick crack. i have been getting it on the dark web, and my last shipment was stolen from my mailbox. i took it as a sign to quit. the withdrawal symptoms are wicked, but i am going to stick it out. the thing is is that now what? i was suicidal before i started doing crack, and i am now chronically suicidal again. i have a “suicide kit” that is sitting in my drawer calling out to me. it’s going to be soon. no more docs, no more meds. fuck it, i am done.

than you for taking the time to …

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Should I have a bday “celebration”?

May 1st, 2018by eternaldarkness

I don’t really care to have a bday celebration, but I do want to eat cake, and try lots different kinds of cake at Cheesecake Factory, but I don’t really care to do the whole dressing up, bday song, inviting everyone, waiting 2 hours for a table there, and all that thing. After all, it’s another year older, so not really something great or something to celebrate.

But on the other hand, I’d prolly be sad if I stay home and do nothing that day…

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been here before

May 1st, 2018by CandiDays

been a while, been here before….

what else is knew…other than I found what we have all been seeking and the “directions” to “e-x-i-t” peacefully…

nice to know it can be made at home….

….i’m so over and done with all this.

at least now i don’t have to waste money with online scams

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I Can’t Come Up With A Decent Title For My Feelings

May 1st, 2018by Limes

I don’t know where to start. Yet there isn’t much to say.

There will be people who read this and think “Get over yourself, by the sound of it, you really are ungrateful.”

Yet everyday, and every time I cry, it’s only a matter of question,


Is this how life is for everybody else and I’m just too weak to handle it?

Am I selfish, and nasty to the people I love?

Am I a bad person, if I make somebody so disgusted with me, to the point where they can’t stand to be in the same house as me?

Are you sure their pain isn’t worse than mine?

I resist sleep …

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April 30th, 2018by eternaldarkness

I asked the Nurse THREE times I need to get tested for E-COLI, basically the ONLY reason I went in. She assured me all THREE times she will request for it to be done. The urinalysis came back. Guess what. She didn’t send in the request for the E-COLI test. Instead she requested BV and regular urine culture, which I did not ask for nor need or want. But no, I’m being charged for that shit.

I kept asking the front desk, they keep telling me the results are back and that it’s negative. I keep telling them that …

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I Can’t Help But Like These

April 30th, 2018by J Doe

I know that it’s fiction and idealistic stuff like this is annoying, but I can’t help but love these panels. I don’t know.

Bonus One that I like alot too.

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Invisible Chaos

April 30th, 2018by Octr

The mundane trivial tasks you complete with ease sometimes take all of my strength and energy.

I am magnetised to my bed because it is comforting, mentally.

emotionally, the covers can swallow me up and I can hide from myself, hide from the world, i can drift off asleep and simulate death.

I can escape life.

I am constantly distracting myself with  unproductive activities like playing games because it stops me from having to think and feel, I don’t have to sit around and die internally because I don’t even know who I am, I don’t know my name and I don’t know my gender , I don’t know …

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Conditional love

April 30th, 2018by ClairDeLune

I have a hard time accepting myself unconditionally, just for who I am. It is ironic, because it feels way easier accepting others for who they are, viewing their mistakes with lenience, cheering them up when they have self-doubts. I just cannot do it for myself, I need others to do it for me, or else my sense of self-worth drops to negative infinity, like I am only worth what I am worth to others.

My attempt at an explanation for this goes back to my childhood, in particular my relationships to my parents and my peer group. Neither of them (my reasoning goes) gave me …

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This feeling is destroying me.

April 30th, 2018by Heh

I’m sure all of you know it, that feeling of worthlessness, emptiness, and just an overwhelming amount of sadness. It’s ripping  me apart. I don’t want to live like this anymore, its been so long since I’ve felt happy… it’s getting harder to remember what that feels like. And when I do it hurts. How do I get it to stop? I just want it to stop… all I need is for one person to love me, and it would turn my life around. But I’ve lost hope that will happen. Is anyone else so dead on the inside that they feel like they’re already …

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spectralgiraffe babbling – my honest edition

April 30th, 2018by spectralgiraffe

PS if you want to say anything about me or my situation that’s fine too. Following comments not designed to offend only solely my thoughts.

RE appearance. It only matters what you think about yourself. If 10,000 people think you are ugly it still doesn’t matter. You have to think that you are attractive. uh but wait, there’s nothing attractive about me! what can I say, calling yourself ugly all the time isn’t going to do any good. You are pretty much just digging yourself into a deeper and deeper hole.

RE I can’t find someone. If you can’t find someone locally, look in another state. …

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My secret

April 30th, 2018by Indiigo

Twice. The number of times I have tried to end everything, the pain always gets to me. I am a pretty weak person to the point it’s laughable, ironically I am told I am a confident person who is always the light of the room. The funny thing is sometimes even I feel like I am on top of the world and nothing can hurt me, then reality comes back. Two attempts is still not enough it seems, I hear all these stories of people who realise that their life is fixable when on the brink of death. Why hasn’t it happened to me ? …

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@ user causeofdeath

April 30th, 2018by wanderer

Hey there, i just read your recent  post and left a comment however i felt that tiny little comment might not even made a impact at all thus i am writing a post instead.

well i don’t want to dwell how life should go on just because it just have to .

while reading your post i could relate to it as i seek to understand from the point of my view . i am not saying that you are down and you need some fresh air . i am saying that it would be nice when you express yourself and write it down like this when …

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The Voice

April 30th, 2018by Cause of Death: Suicide

The voice follows me home
And watches me sleep
It will wake me at inopportune times
To shout insults at me
It shouts that I am mental, schizophrenic, manic
When I am having an ok day
The voice will follow me into my dreams
And rape me
It shows me its sick pleasures
Laid out in imagery
To the point where I am sometimes
In sleep paralysis
The voice leaves me in tremors
The voice makes me harm myself
In ways I can’t repair
(The voice has forced me to attempt to break my own neck
I thought a broken neck killed you
I only fractured it and now I have a fucked up neck)
And harm the home I am staying in
The …

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April 30th, 2018by nobodycares

smiling outside but dying inside…i wish they knew what i tired already..can i sleep forever now?

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when my kitten

April 30th, 2018by iamdarling

hm. i love when my kitten lays and cuddles with me. i love my kitten and i love cuddles with him.

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