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Little Sister

May 24th, 2017by Mehikka

I think my little sister can tell when I’m depressed. She just spent over an hour or two with me…before she fell asleep….Honestly I don’t know if I can bring myself to do it…not right now anyways…To be honest I am only 15…I have a full life in front of me. I want to own my own Photography business. I….I really like this one guy….I think…I think I’ll save the suicide mission for a different day…I just think my little sister is able to tell when I’m down and tries to save me…I’m literally crying while I’m typing this…My sister is only 4 but then …

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Am I Too Different?

May 24th, 2017by lonewolf23

All my life I have had an attraction for the opposite gender but I don’t really care for sex that much. People make fun of me and make me feel like I should feel ashamed of myself because I’ve never had sex and I’m 20yrs old. I’ve liked other girls back in high school but everyone around me glorifies sex like its something everyone HAS to desire so dearly otherwise you’re a loser/alien/weirdo. The truth is I really only care for the inner connections. I guess I’m just a hopeless romantic. I’m someone who believes in Love without sex. Sex is just an activity 2 …

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Mehikka, I really really don’t want you to go

May 24th, 2017by FarahLajeenNourAlDeen

Please “try” to stay

[ Guys check out Mehikka’s post, Last Goodbye … if you feel you can say anything that might help, please do so] [

I’m relieved to tell you all that the day has been saved
thanks to a 4 year old girl who spent a couple of hours with Mehikka then fell asleep…
yeah it’s true ?

if you don’t believe me… check out “Little Sister”


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May 24th, 2017by whiskered-fish

I don’t want to die today. I just want to sleep for a very long time. A coma would be nice.

I rarely feel sad. I’m usually afraid, angry, confused, or numb. Not sad. Today, though? Today is different. My heart is broken, and I’ve forgotten how potent and crippling sadness can be.

Consciousness is a burden I just can’t handle right now. I’m weak, too weak to live, and that’s a reality I can’t escape. I think I’m going to swallow a bunch of melatonin and hope to sleep through this.

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Last Goodbye

May 24th, 2017by Mehikka

I’m going to do it. I’m going to kill myself tonight. Sorry…and Goodbye

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May 24th, 2017by ignite

I feel like I’m losing this battle today. Found out about two more jobs I didn’t get. And had to pay a large, overdue bill. Feeling like I’m never going to have anything good happen to me. I feel broken and alone. I’m sitting at work, working for a guy who won’t hire me full time no matter how good he says I am at the job. I’ll go home to my amazing boyfriend who deserves better than me. To a house I’m failing at keeping clean or even functioning. To piles of laundry and dishes. Everything around me is crumbling and I’m sitting in …

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has there ever been a happy ending?

when I was a kid, I always imagined all my family, relative and friends and their relatives (even the ones I didn’t particularly like) to live together in a apartment complex. everyone I knew, always and forever together. like a 50’s Hollywood ending. I don’t think I can ever fathom the notion of saying goodbye. […]


Gray day sunlight

May 24th, 2017by Chip

. . . because you can’t see the sun doesn’t mean it isn’t there.


Used to be

May 24th, 2017by azuzu

I remember when I used to be proud of myself. I used to be allot of things. What I am today I’m ashamed of. So much so that I seek death. An end to my pathetic existence. Drugs and alcohol just excelerated the process. I’m a ghost of what I once was. 

I’m so ashamed



May 24th, 2017by kakapretty9

I feel like a punk. As much as I think about killing myself I wonder why I haven’t just gone through with it already. I’m only living for other people. I’ve already told people that when I die, it doesn’t matter where they bury me because I’m not sure if my family has insurance on me or not.

I only wish that my first attempt would have worked. I wish that ambien and vodka would have been the magic potion to take me out of this world. I just wish that someone would understand instead of blaming me. Today has been the worst day in a …


Well yeah

May 24th, 2017by notwhitenorblack

You know what? PTSD sucks and sucks big time. Sometimes, like today, all this therapy turns so overhelming and painful you just want to finally take some fucking knife and cut both the brain and the heart out, so that you wouldn’t have to deal with this shit anymore. Or snarl with Hollywood Undead about fucking the world.

Well yeah, surprisingly difficult and violent reaction. Now – just tired. Pills wink at me again, fuckers.



It’s just too much.

I’m feeling even more crazy than normally. Like myself but not. Talking this way and this, behaving  like that. Surroundings aren’t real, memories even more blurry, reflection in the …


Chasing Catharsis

May 24th, 2017by JustAnotherJDoe

I’ve been on SP for a few months now, reading, occasionally commenting. More often than not, opening posts, beginning to reply, and proceeding to stare at the blank screen for a while before realizing that I have no idea what to say to ease the pain in a post. To those of you I have no idea what to say to: BlueDiamond, you’re a hell of a lot more than carbon under pressure. BraiNsane, Sad Potato and Chip are right– you’re better than you know. SweetQuietus, you are a literal literary genius, I truly wish I could write as you do. There are scores I …


Know what?

May 24th, 2017by Mehikka

You know what. I think I might kill myself to night



May 24th, 2017by Mehikka

Honestly I want to know how people can say everything is going to be alright or Okay. I can’t just say what or how I feel…To tell the truth, I always (now) look for the depressing side of people. I don’t know why. It’s just that it gets to me clings.



May 24th, 2017by Mehikka

My anxiety rushes started to kick in even more recently. Right now, while I’m trying to write this I’m having an anxiety attack….I just wonder if anyone actually cares about. I wonder what would happen if I run away. Who would come and try to find me…and not just my parents and the police…Like Anybody else…



May 24th, 2017by musicalloser

When I was a kid I wanted nothing but to get to my teenage years.

I wish I didn’t rush growing up.

Now it feels like a chore to just get out of bed in the morning. I still go to bed hoping I don’t wake up the next morning. I would love to go back to those childhood days when everything was okay.

I sometimes wish this was all just a dream. I’m tired of being where I am now, but I can’t go to anyone for help or I’ll be told I am only seeking attention.

I tried calling for help, and yet no one listened.

All my …



May 24th, 2017by pho3nixxx

If I starve myself will you notice? You used to notice.

If I lie here crying will you understand the significance? I didn’t used to cry.

If I tell you how unhappy I am will you care? You used to care so much.

If I tell you how much I need you, will it make you feel anything at all? You used to need me more.

If I tell you I love you, can you even honestly say you love me too? It used to slip off the tongue without us noticing.

If I lie here all alone, will you sense my loneliness from where …


I’m a Loser

May 24th, 2017by doom9999

I dropped out of college 3 months ago and came back to live with my parents. I’m only 21 but already I feel like I failed to succeed in life.
I’m having thoughts about killing myself even though I’m not in a depression. My gf and my family support me they say I will find something else.
I just can’t stand that every day I wake up I feel like a fucking loser who has no purpose.


May 24th, 2017by Kitten

The temptation to take all of my pills is extremely high tonight…
I’m sure I won’t, I’m still determined to keep my promises, even though nobody around me keeps theirs.
But I want to. I want to so fucking bad it hurts. And nobody but y’all will ever know.


Not Another Peptalk

May 24th, 2017by 200085

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