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November 16th, 2017by thisuglyrat

I wrote you a long letter my friend, but my laptop shut off.

I’ll be here until you need me, and that says it all.


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The beginning of the end

November 16th, 2017by iamerror73

This is my first time posting here in about 5 years and in those five years I have done a lot of exploring with jobs, education and my future in general.
The problem is, I don’t see a future. I’ve tried different jobs and hated them, I’ve upgraded my education to go to college for something I thought I would enjoy but I dropped out because I hated it. I don’t even know what I like and it’s driving me mad. The only thing stopping me from ending it all right now is the fact that I know that I’d make the life of my immediate …

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Uncomfortable Smile (More mindless babbling)

November 16th, 2017by J Doe

It throws me off when someone just walks up to me and says something. I was just walking around in my dorm hall when a resident adviser ran up to me and asked if I wanted smores. I get that they get paid for putting on the smiley act and all that, but it is so god damned unnerving. She ran up and said “HEY FRIEND”. That was really fucking uncomfortable. Then she tried to guess my name. (I went to one other thing before this where I told her my name.) After guessing incorrectly for the first few times, …

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November 15th, 2017by Rosaaa

It seems that that’s the number one question on my mind.

Why am I here ? Why do I feel so sad?

Why can’t I succeed?

Why am I treated the way I am?

I feel so alone I have no body to talk to I have no feeling I’ve became so numb.

How much longer?

I sit and write the final suicide note…

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What are *you* fighting for?

November 15th, 2017by Mark_1981

If you’re reading this, you’re obviously still alive. And to that I am curious to what each person is fighting [to stay alive] for?

+Is it a loved one? And your reluctance on imposing unmeasurable grief?
+The hope of recovery?
+A fear of dying?

Me? Its the reluctance on imposing unmeasurable grief. And for that, I both struggle and, too, remain.

I’m sure this question has floated its way on here many times over. Just floating it again.

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I’m sorry

November 15th, 2017by kamidaka

I cant talk to anyone because if I tell them he died they’ll just laugh at me and brush it off as nothing. I can’t tell my “friends” because they’re not my friends. So I’ll just post it here, because I really can’t talk to anyone about this. I’ll put this under the “Rants” tag don’t worry. And this will be really long, I’m so sorry

People told me he would die, and my first reaction was “oh well, we’re all gonna die eventually someday, I bet it won’t be that bad”. Oh how foolish of me. This was around August I think. I kinda hated …

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Anime! anyone?

November 15th, 2017by sadlife958

What’s your favorite anime?

Does it help you cope with your pain?

Why do you watch anime?

Is there a particular strength of a character that you wish you had?

I have been watching anime since I was 5 been collecting statues and you name it. It helps me forget about reality and sometimes it helps me get my mind off things by making me fantasise wishing to be strong as the character in the picture for an example. These little things help despite me wanting/needing to die so bad

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The Beckoning Force

November 15th, 2017by angeeluka

I’ve always been on the edge…and when I knew you, I lost my balance and fell…
slowly… at first…but as my fall gained momentum, I started to realize that maybe,
maybe…even Newton wouldn’t be able to calculate the rate of how fast I’m going…
how hard I’m falling…You were my gravity. You were my galaxy. You were my sun.
You were my star. But you were my black hole as well…
It ended…But I continue to fall…tumbling and doing somersaults in the air…
everything’s a blur…I plummet down…I plunge deeper…I couldn’t think straight…
So I just closed my eyes…and braced myself for a crash that would end it all…
And so, …

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Late-Comer no more

November 15th, 2017by angeeluka

I’ve always been late all my life…
For once,I wanted to arrive early…
So, I’m leaving now…

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Newton’s First Law of Motion

November 15th, 2017by angeeluka

I will be an object in motion that will stay in motion…
Unless a great Force beckons me to be at rest…
Please don’t be that ‘Great Force’…

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He died

November 15th, 2017by kamidaka

I knew he was gonna die, I prepared myself for this for like a month. But I’m still crying. But if I hadn’t prepared myself I would be destroyed right now.

We were both so scared, so lonely. It hurts so much. Is death the only thing left for people like him and me?

Open the door please. You’re not dead. You’re not you’re not.

His worst enemy was himself. My worst enemy is myself.

He was brave until the end.

You’re not dead please. Open the door. You’re not. I refuse to believe it you’re not dead you’re not DEAD!!!


But even if you were still alive, we won’t meet …

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November 15th, 2017by lostallhope001

It could’ve been worse you know.. Imagine that death did not exist and you had to live this life for an eternity..

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November 15th, 2017by superficiality

A List Of My Biggest Fears

  1. being abandoned
  2. being rejected
  3. falling in love
  4. infinity


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November 15th, 2017by laeioul

I just have this constant cycle of feeling fucked up from random things. And it’s probably related to earlier trauma I don’t even remember well. Which was just amplified because our house got SWATted last year.
So now anytime I feel trapped I have a panic attack, anytime I have a nightmare I still have a panic attack, and it’s just endless. I sometimes get a few days free of the intense anxiety but then it’s back.
If I’m lucky I’ll space out most of the day so the anxiety doesn’t hurt that bad. But I don’t get to do that much I don’t think. Though my …

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I hate life

November 15th, 2017by kupo95

I have a long string of failures following me. I should just turn that mother fucker into noose and just end it.

I can’t get over how I told my mother I was suicidal when the shit hit the fan and she like waved it off. Its been over a year since everything and she decided to bring it while I was in a good mood. Its like she only brought up to make sure she got something off her chest. Throwing blame and trying to become a victim of somthing. While I sat there saying yep I wanted kill myself to still kinda do. Depends …

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November 15th, 2017by BlueRainbow86

I have this weird obsession with death. This weird hope that today would be my last. I feel like I can’t go one anymore but yet I will not kill myself….. interesting predicament I’m in lol. My dad killed himself and there’s no way I can cause the pain he did to the ones around me. I can’t tell my husband how I’m feeling at all. I had no idea there was a place to talk about all this stuff without there being a stigma or people wanting to rush you to a psych ward. I would love to just die, but I can’t kill …

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If you could choose only one food

November 15th, 2017by eternaldarkness

Let’s say you’re stuck on some island / remote jungle / or twilight zone. If you were allowed only 1 food, what would it be? Pizza? Cereal? Hot Pockets? lol. Or maybe soda? Chocolate? Oranges? Chicken? Only 1 food, no categories- can’t cheat and say I want all fruits or all vegetables, or all frozen foods. Or all meat. A specific type of food only. And that’s all you had to eat every single day.

I just had chips and cake for breakfast. Yes, Breakfast of Champions

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I just want to die

November 15th, 2017by Suicidal_teen45

I really am so very tired of being alive I don’t want to exist anymore, my life is nothing but a disaster, and it just keeps on getting worse every passing day. My depression is taking over every aspect of me. It took away my friends and family it took away my motivation and will to live, it took away my life. I hate myself so much and I can’t keep living anymore, I’m nothing, I’m so fucking pathetic and useless. I keep on disappointing everyone around me and kicking them away. I would have killed myself a long time ago but I don’t want to …

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Tranquil Twilight

November 15th, 2017by eternaldarkness

The only good thing about being a zombie, not being able to sleep, and waking up at 4AM is that during those few hours (betw 2-5AM), people are inside, there is no traffic, there are no annoying kids, no annoying people talking. It’s quite peaceful. Of course, that was a few hours ago and it’s daylight now, and people are out and about again.

It’s kind of like a fresh layer of snow that falls in the middle of the night- so beautiful and clean- and then after an hour of humans walking and driving on it, it turns all gray and black from …

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Why must I suffer?

November 15th, 2017by eternaldarkness

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