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They won’t leave. But I can.

March 13th, 2011by LilBear

I don’t care anymore. How can I, when the only thing on my mind is death?

I’m sick of it. Every fucking moment is spent wondering when and how I’ll die. Oftentimes they turn to suicidal thoughts, planning when to sort everything out prior to the act.

I just want this all to end. Yeah, it’s selfish. I know that already so don’t bother reminding me, it’ll get you nowhere. But you can’t say I didn’t try. Hell, I’ve been wanting to die the past nine years, contemplating suicide the past five. I held on for so fucking long, only to be told “you’ll get through this”, …

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March 13th, 2011by social-outcast

As i finalise my plans and order everything i will need i find myself continuously thinking to the moment i do it. Will i have the guts to go through with it? Is my resolve enough? Or will i back out. I used to be plagued by thoughts of what it will do to my family but i can now say with certainty they don’t care. There is no question that this will be the end of my life as i know it but will i die or live and just move away to start all over again? That’s what i keep asking myself. I …

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It’s time

March 13th, 2011by successisntanything

you’ve met the monster, you have helped create.

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Where should I do it?

March 13th, 2011by SuicideTears

Hi all

Just wondering, do any suggest a place, where I can end it all without somebody to find me.

My stategi is that to everybody to know, that it’s not suicide. And me just dissapering.

Nobody in my family or friends would understand it, if I died by suicide .

I just want to be forgotten .

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just another story

March 13th, 2011by cloudnine

i am ADDicted

to the Love and


of Others

i am the harbinger

of Everything

You wish for


i am  the bane

of Your

and my



i am



broken and

frag men ted

i am over



externally                                           and self


i am

just another


without                                               visible


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March 13th, 2011by LittleMissNobody

My life has hit a permanent all time low, i’ve finally made the decision that i will end it.

Ideas on when, where and how to do it please?

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Ever make a small mistake, try to fix it, then make a bigger mistake, then… ?

March 13th, 2011by NeverKnown

Excerpt: This is the story of pure torture that has been going on for the last few hours. It is completely my fault, and hopefully someone will find this amusing. Click to read the full story.

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Email Address?

March 13th, 2011by finding_truth


NOT FOR Haters

can we discuss it ? can we find a solution? can we stop ourself from doing it?

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Fuck Psychosis

March 13th, 2011by Daniel21

Iv had hallucinations all my life. It just keeps getting worse every day. Im so fucking tired of it. If anyone has any methods to dealing with it, please share.

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A Cloud of Death

March 13th, 2011by jarch

It follows me. I didn’t feed it or even house it, So why does it stay? No matter The bad vibes i give it or what i say. It just wont go away. It stands above me thin as air, looking at me with the longest stare, quietly saying words even though it can’t talk. It speaks in a language that only people of the above can speak, It brings me down to my knees, and tells me to take my forever sleep. I run trust me I’m trying, It laughs at me when I’m crying, when it brings the memories of the girl who …

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Alone all week

March 13th, 2011by isanyonethere

My friend was going somewhere this weekend (Saturday) but I had to pass because I didn’t have any money to pay for my food or movie ticket or anything.  I was going to go to his house but when I went to get dropped off he wasn’t there yet and my dad got pissed and didn’t want to take me back if he got back, a four minute drive away.  Now if I don’t see him tomorrow then I wont see him for the rest of the week because hes leaving for spring break.  And my other two friends are busy all week, but probably wouldn’t …

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March 13th, 2011by RogueShadow1281

I think I might actually be chucking bipolar. I’m playin video games, and then I’m suddenly angry as fuck like right now and then I came down after a while everything ends up pissing me off. And to make matters fuckin worse my mind drifts often so I end up thinking about murdering his stupid ass and then I think about killing myself. Grrrr!!! I’m fuckin angry as fuck and the only thing I wanna do is airsoft but my dad doesn’t like weapons so he only likes using his fists to kick my ass but that’s all I wanna do other than video games. …

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March 13th, 2011by 77evergone77

Somtimes I wish someone would just kill me. Save me from hurting anyone by ending it myself.
But other times I’m content just to close my eyes and cut the hurt away.

I feel so alone right now.
I probably sound pathetic and weak and stupid.

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March 12th, 2011by sigh

I get this feeling
that I don’t feel the same way

I can’t smile or cry
or laugh or hurt
in quite the same way

and you say it
try to explain it
and I understand the words
can comprehend the thoughts
but I just don’t entirely
feel the same way

and it’s so lonely
I’m isolated
because I can’t possibly
feel the same way

and this feeling
of not quite feeling
I can’t describe it
it’s not so empty
but kind of empty
I feel defeated
at a loss for words
to make anyone at all
feel the same way

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March 12th, 2011by Lost_Again

I look at my gun and I am so tired, Im 22…been feeling this way for so long, Ive tried everything and it does nothing..I really have no idea why I even registered, will someone care? Why should they? Will it mean something when they desert me like everyone has every done. I dont fear death…hence it adds to my confusion why I am here, if not fear it then why go? I have nothing to live for..just more blood and more pain.

Im tired of getting my ass kicked because I am gay.

Im tired of having no friend or friends to merely use me.

Im tired …

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11 more days

March 12th, 2011by Will

I think about death everyday. I count the hours until I can go to bed and escape for another day…. I have been to doing this for about the past 10 years… I tried to OD in July of 2005 but my wife at the time got me to the ER in time… No one told me that Overdosing on sleeping pills and dmx would damage my liver if it was not successful ….30% of my liver is gone… I live each day in pain and fatigue….and with depression on top…. My birthday is in 11 days.. I will be out …

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can’t do it.

March 12th, 2011by 3_bringitback

How do you help someone who can’t be helped?

I care, far too much. It’s killing me, every time I try to help you, it pushes me further down this hole. But no, I won’t ever leave you behind. Ever. I’ll keep your head above the water, even if it means I drown.

You need to start walking, because. You’re just standing there, and so am I. We’re both not trying, well, you’re not trying. I’m pushing and pushing, but you won’t budge. There’s only so much I can do before I get exausted, and can’t even walk myself.

Please, please. Just try, I can’t keep doing this. …

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What do u do when youve decided you no longer should be alive?

March 12th, 2011by mightaswell

I’m going to do it just haven’t decided when or how yet . i guess Ive always known i would just always kept hoping things would get better . i grew up poor and yet still achieved a 4.0 gpa in high school . I cam close to attaining 3 degrees then ran out of grants and scholarships so had to quit and get a job to live . Got laid off from that job after 3 years and got another one got laid off by them too. my whole life has been about taking care of others family gf’s , my now ex fiance …

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People wanna chat about anything?

March 12th, 2011by silent survivor

my email is my aim is animecat9 just the way its typed.We can chat about anything.BTW if i dont post in a while its either because im dead,in a hospitle for attempted suicide,in jail for murder(im serious) just given ya a head start.

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@tali- check your email

March 12th, 2011by jennybenny

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