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Then end to my new begining

December 10th, 2010by skylerl817

My whole life I was the fuck upp my parents were and still are crazyy but they are still here for me. Except for the fact my dad has ms and is disabled and he has been married 7 times. My mom has been married 2. I know your probably thinking why are you writing a story about how good your life is?! Well itt all fell down the drain I lived my life in a kid body with the responsibility of an adult I raised myself basically from 12 till now and FYI I’m 17 I know Im still young but nvm my age, …

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Horrible Pointless Life

December 10th, 2010by BornDepressed87


Im a 23 year old male from the UK.

My life is pointless and I have never been happy.

I have sufferd from depression and other mental health issues for years. Ive been on so many different types of medication for my mental health problems. I am currently taking Venlafaxine.

I have a very poor education and I have no job.

I was very violent in my early teens, I was permanently excluded from school at the age of 13, then I was sent to a pupil referral unit along with other misbehaved kids.

I was addicted to amphetamine when I was 13 up untill I was 16, I also smoked cannabis heavily at that age. Then I stopped using them and …

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December 10th, 2010by muddyguy

Hello people i have decided to put an end to my pointless existence i have been looking at death by hypothermia i was thinking of trecking to Scotland and heading off into the mountains then just sit down take off my hat coat gloves ect and then just wait. Does anybody have any thoughts or advice on this method?

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December 10th, 2010by Shanny

My cuts are spreading rapidly from head to toe, And my will for death continues to grow. The pain is getting stronger, And i dont know if i can live this life much longer. Everything only seems to be getting worse, it feels like my entire existence is nothing but a curse. They say the straight path is up ahead but i cant see anything beyond the bend, And i cant wait, this has to be the end!

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Fuck Life

December 10th, 2010by Death Angel

These cuts are supposed to be getting better. You replace them with your harsh words and actions. I feel so small. I have no hero. I just want to end everything. I don’t understand people when they say that life is beautiful. Life is bullshit. I hate breathing, I hate the blood pumping through my body. Please take everything away. I want death so bad. I can’t handle life. Kill me. Make me suffer. Tear me apart. Cut out my heart. Kill me damnit. Death is coming.

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Im losing everything

December 10th, 2010by Daniel21

For those of you who already know me, you are aware that i have lost my mind. But i could somewhat put up with it with help from my medication. But now iv losing something far more valuable, im losing the one i love most in this world. Something has happened to us that may prevent us from ever seeing each other….i dont want to go into detail. I cant live without this person, i just cant. If things dont work out, im gone. I just cant decide how im gunna kill myself. I have this nice little knife hidden in the back of my …

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Where’s my daddy?

December 10th, 2010by Death Angel

I sit in this dark corner, dry tears hardly dripping down my cheek. You’re the only person that is on my mind, now my life is so bleak. You weren’t there, when I was down. You didn’t care, when I had a frown. So where are you now, may I ask? Probably sipping from that dirty flask. Are you thinking of me? Do you even care? I have always wanted to ask you, but I didn’t dare. I’m terrified of you. Your hurtful looks. I try to lose them in these Edgar Allan Poe books. I’m lost now. Can’t you see? That’s right, you …

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i am just a burdened…

December 10th, 2010by pieces90

i’m sucks at everything.. especially my study.. i’m not young anymore but i still not achieve any success… im only wasting my parents money… i really want to go away from here and start a new life without troubling anyone especially my family… what should i do.. i dont know what else to do, where should i go.. i dont want to burden my family…

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so close

December 9th, 2010by zdeathchanz

im trying to swim
im trying to breathe
i take a breathe
and i choke on water
i reach out for someone
flailing for help
only to be pushed into the water yet again.
i drift underneath
ready to go drown
ready to leave the pain behind.

still i hear that voice.
someone needs me
so i’ll stay alive for a little while.
just for her.

this is for my sister. i was gonna do it, i swear i was. the knife was on my heart. one quick stab and i’d be screwed. but then my sister started laughing in the other room and i couldnt. i love her too much. she has to be away from me to …

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December 9th, 2010by JPR

I’m 13 and I have to much on my mind i fee like i am a burden to everyone. i feel like im just a person in everyones way. i am very covinced that everyone would be happier without me here. my friends tell me that im a big part of their life but i still feel like i dont belong. i have never cut before. i have done so much research on suicide but the more i think and get more weight on my shoulders i get more stressed and i start to plan how to kill myself. i just need advice. so far …

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I love you.

December 9th, 2010by tellum

So many sad stories.
When I was younger from 4th to 11th grade I planned out suicide down to the detail and set it up in real life. My grade school experience wasn’t eventful, at all. In short: I spent most of the time alone or getting bullied at home and school. The only person who kept me from committing suicide was my mom but she worked sixteen-hour days.
Now in college, I am happy most of the time. When I’m sad I know I will feel happy again and when I’m happy I enjoy it while it lasts. It is a complete 180 from grade school. …

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help me

December 9th, 2010by franky_s

Im 13 years old,i cut, i take pills, but i never feel happy. i just wish i could end it, but when i get so damn close, i think what would my mom do? my dad, it seems he wouldnt care. the only people i have are my friends, and even then, i don’t tell them nearly as much as i would like to. whenever someone asks “are you ok?” i say”im fine”  but inside, im shouting help me! i need out!! i dont know what to do anymore!!!!! i just feel terrible, like i put a burden on everyone, i hate myself and when …

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Conversations with the Dark Thing 3

December 9th, 2010by Violet Blake

Dark Thing: I’ve missed you pretty little Violet.

Me: No, no, no!! Go away, please. Leave me alone, I can better I swear!

Dark Thing: Tsk tsk, you don’t actually believe that do you, Violet?

Me: Yes, I do actually. So go away, stop harassing me why don’t you.

Dark Thing: Oh please, your not a child anymore Violet. I know you don’t really believe that Violet, you don’t believe anything you hear from anyone. You’re alone Violet, but not if you pick up the razor, just like old times.

Me: You are right, I am no child, so stop treating me like one. You can’t control me anymore, I…I …

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December 9th, 2010by Raghuvaran

Hai this is raghuvaran who is going to die for ever. Actually wy life is a happy life. I adore god shiva morning and evening with water.

But, no body loves me in my family, all are against to me. no one supports me.

Though i had completed my PG i do not have any value in my family. i feel very bad about that.

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A lesson in romance?

December 9th, 2010by Noodle12

Hi everyone, I just found this site and I’m glad to now know that those stories about sites on suicide and nothing else exist. So thanks, lol.

On a less happy note, I’ll tell my story here.

So, about 2 months ago now, I met this really nice girl at school who I did make a move on and it worked, I found out that we share many things like our taste in music and in video games etc. It was really nice, I was madly in love with her by the first month and we got pretty far. We dated a bit but never ended up …

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Reply To notinteresting1 #Lazy Suicidal

December 9th, 2010by Bodhisattva

L-Carnosine Supplement clinical trial and study for Autism.

Autistic Millionaire Ron Davis

Autistic Millionaire Ron Davis


To contact Ron, go to his website at

Don’t ever! try to fit in to or try to belong to a sick and so called “Normal” of society.
follow & walk your own path that your inner wisdom leads you to & you can ease your sufferings, you have a chance for a life you want.
just persevere, all you need to rely upon is Patience, Effort, Self-Confidence and Determination.

“Many autistic people are gifted and brilliant at one special thing. They perceive the world very differently …

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The Lazy Suicidal

December 9th, 2010by notinteresting1

I have quite a lazy view on suicide. It’s one of those things I’ve thought about and often considered from the age of 12/13, I am currently 19. I think me killing myself, in fact I’m rather convinced, that everyone’s lives would be better without me. I’m really quite a disappointment to my family and I feel like I’ve failed them. I want to succeed, but I do not feel motivated or happy, ever. I’ve grown up on the autistic spectrum and have always been lonely and unable to understand or epathise with others. When I was in my pre-teens I developed a phobia of …

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Graveyard Skyfire Sunset.

December 9th, 2010by Bodhisattva

I arose out of my grave today, to watch the winter sunset at 4:pm,  it was a very very cold day today … how! i love it here… i always felt like it was here i belonged.. even as  a human man i was drawn  here time and time again.. i never really knew why at first..  nobody comes to this place.. even then it was desolate. alone, a ghost i was even then. I feel so sad..

That last ever night, such! a stream  i bled.. a release for which i always yearned for, i had no! idea, that the Bliss i blindly sought after could feel like this…

painting all nature red, it was a sight to see, when the death agony was finally over, i by long last let …

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Why cant I handle life like everyone else?

December 9th, 2010by BrokenDevil

Everyone has a story, and mine ain’t special. I’m 35, married (second time), I’ve been a cutter since I was about 12. I’m scared. I dont wanna die but I cant see how life can be much more than a series of disappointments. Yes, life is what you make it, silver linings and puppy-dog tails and all those other inspirational poster saying I could’nt give a shit less about. Yes, I’m abrasive. You’ve been warned.
I dont know what to do or where to start. I guess at the core of the matter: I literally hate myself. I’m that guy who shows up …

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I have it all but it’s not enough in Sunny California

December 9th, 2010by thexwolf

I’m  33/Hispanic/male in Southern California. I’ve always done good and people say I got it better than most. I worked for the same company from 21-30 years old and made good money, then I got my DREAM job. Although things are slow because of the economy, I know pretty soon things are going to get better. I work in the international cargo trade industry. And although I have good friends and family, buy nice things and go out pretty often, I’ve never felt whole. I feel so sad, so often, as is i’ve missed something good by mere moments. I wish all people were good and …

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