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i dont know why

December 23rd, 2010by Aeroninzanity

i dont know why i do this
i just know i cant stop
the rush is exilirating
and makes alive.
watching drop by drop slip out of my skin
atleast i know tht part of me is free
and if i for once get the nerve to cut deep enought
i wont be unhapy, for i shall be gone

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No one cares…

December 23rd, 2010by wizard

i don’t want to die because i will miss the people i love, the problem is that they wouldn’t miss me. i wonder if they will care once im dead.

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December 23rd, 2010by hopetodie

im 48 years  old and want to die soon hope to find a good way to end my life soon

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December 23rd, 2010by satans_princess

How can I bandage a 4 inch cut thats diaganol across my stomache? i need to know cause the blood flow refuses to stop.

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December 23rd, 2010by satans_princess


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least painful way

December 23rd, 2010by happydappy

i trieded putting a bag on my head and dieing that way but i chickened out cus it hurt. i know alot of u have plans to go i just want u to share. i cant get a gun so thats out and i dont no how to tie a hangmans knot thing so thats out i cant get helium. i have scars on my wrist im not afraid to cut them is that my only option? please someone share and help me

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in the darkness

December 23rd, 2010by allen

imagine being trapped in
a nightmare
and the is only one way to escape
just one parmanent solution
you hate the pain
yet you are not sure
of what lies beyond the nightmare
you are somewhat afraid of the unknown
you get used to the anguish
Everything becomes hopeless
the only hope is leaving the nightmare
and every day
you wish to find the strength
and the courage to do it.
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This may be the end…

December 23rd, 2010by rdy2go

I’m at my very end now. I have not cared about my life for quite some time, and in not caring I let my finances slip. I voluntarily quit my job because I just didn’t care. I lived off of loans from family for months knowing the money would be used up. I half-heartedly looked for work to “continue” but just stopped caring. The money got lower, and the unpaid bills started to stack up. I’ve been sued by one credit card company for non payment. My utility bill in my apartment was past due and the power to put out. I have missed two …

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If life were a dream, that’d make sense as to why my dreams are reality

December 23rd, 2010by Dascha Grey

My dreams consume me. I can’t sleep at all during the night hours but it kills me to stay awake the rest of the time so I sleep. It’s a gauranteed thing that when I sleep I’ll dream at least one dream, if not four dreams. I don’t wake up until late afternoon every time because its almost mandatory that I fnd out what happens to me in the end. I know I do this because I’m depressed. I sleep all day and eat the rest of the time I’m up or I do school work if I’m having a non-drowsy day. I just dont …

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The voice

December 23rd, 2010by XxSoon2BGonexX

this voice in my head. I dont know whether to believe it or to deny it and act like i dont hear her. But when I do that she screams, and wails, and make me feel pain all around my head. but when i listen to her, she makes my day go to shit. just ruins it, everything in my life that i have ever heard bad about me, your ugly, your a whore, your a fail. she screams. my dad told me last night that i was fucking stupid. coming from my dad(the only person i look up to and have emtionally in the …

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Don’t know

December 23rd, 2010by D3

Well, I don’t know what to do anymore. I constantly have thoughts of suicide but I won’t do it. Right now, I literally have no life. I recently graduated from high school. I’ve been trying to look for job for months but no luck, I’ve always hated school and don’t really want to go to college. I have no money, all I do is stay at home all day, the only way I can do that is because I’m under my parents roof. I really can’t go out and do much especially with no money and I hardly have any friends. And the friends I …

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okay, guess its the end then

December 23rd, 2010by Depressed

okay so im fucked up and no one wants me. ((hugs)) love u all. bye

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:'( The end

December 23rd, 2010by Depressed

okay so i guess im done. if u can give me 2 fuckin damn reasons to live, well idk. i guess i should put my email now?



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Dont Give A Care

December 22nd, 2010by SuicideIsTheOnlyWay97

The 13 years ive spent on this earth has been hell. but im ending this shit tonite so what if im a child i dont give a fuck im commiting this suicide tonite i have already made my note and im ready just waiting for that right time this life is nothing but pure hell im glad im ending this it has build up inside me since i was 9 sorry i couldnt talk but maybe theres still time who cares nobody gives a shit about me im just there pituful doormat to walk on all over so forget them i had a awful life …

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December 22nd, 2010by abcdefg

I just don’t know what to do anymore. All of the relationships I’ve been in have failed. Almost every guy that I’ve dated has cheated on me. I don’t have any friends. Well I have one very close friend but every time I need help with something she doesn’t even say anything. I’ve been drinking every night for the past 2 weeks. Not planning on stopping either. Which scares me. I kind of feel like I need it though. Its the only thing that makes me even a little happy. My first real love, the person I first did anything with and that I still …

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Crimson Justice (And The Razorblade Requiem)

December 22nd, 2010by BrokenDevil

Fractured memories of all these war-torn years,
stab into my soul, giving strength to wasted tears.
Trust, a luxury I cannot afford.
Condemned by my own accord.
Heated arguements have lead to silence.
Now I’m locked away, suffering quiet violence.
The need to loose control is just so tempting.
The mirror I look into is now empty.
Once I was promised your salvation.
But your hatred lies on me as abomination.
(slice, slice.)
No one to run to, nowhere to go
this loathing breeds in me, I know.
I hate this horror, need to hide
from the disappointment I have inside.
I’ve murdured everyone who’s cared
out of self defense, because I’m scared.
That the beast inside has become me
and I need

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Short Story of my Tragic Flaw

December 22nd, 2010by RedTears

The space of this room is cold and hollow now; devoid of all sound, everything is filled with nothing. A light-skinned teenage boy with dark brown short hair and dark green eyes, wearing a pair of gunmetal-black glasses, blue jeans, and a gray zip-up hoodie, stands firmly in the center of his bedroom looking down at his teal carpet. He marvels a black ant, positioned still under the mass of his slender body. He kneels down to the ant and says in a low voice similar to a whisper, “Have you lost your way? You seem like you don’t fit here… like you have no …

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To breathe.

December 22nd, 2010by Fireinthehand

I’m a very handsome guy and i’m very smart for my age. People think i’m an alien. Last week the desire to die came back. This morning, at 5.56 a.m, i wanted to shot in my mouth. I don’t like long speech, sorry.

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Too much of everything?

December 22nd, 2010by Noodle12

So, so alone right now..

I’m trying to deliberately spend the christmas break alone… mostly because I have too many outside issues to deal with to have a life right now. I’m scared to go outside. Everyone seems to be against me. And even still, when i’m trapped inside, there are too many voices in my head and too much problems in my life to keep me sane… I’m caught here and it’s a long way out…

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December 22nd, 2010by keepthefaith

I am 20, and try everyday to keep away from thigns like cutting/smoking etc. I once cut myself really bad, and freaked out the love of my life. He left. I dont know. It is difficult for me to deal with that. I know that he wasnt worth it anyway, if he didnt help me then and just left.  I was so scared. I didnt mean to cut myself. It was an empty threat! I have never seen so much blood in my life. I spent the whole day cleaning the room and trying to find a way to stop bleeding. I have a huge …

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