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  December 15th, 2010 by heretostay

I stepped onto the beach and the sand crawled from under my feet. Step after step it tried to escape. I eventually reached wetter sand, more willing to have contact with my soles.

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I thought it could’nt be worse

  December 15th, 2010 by Anae

I have been totally numb. I have been told that they want me dead, they want to hit me, I’ve been told that I make everyone insane with only my existence – and I have felt nothing about it. I have wanted to cry but haven’t been able to make tears, I have run away from a mental hospital and fought with the nurses. I have wanted nothing but die, I have cut too many slices and what more…

Even failed on failing, too many times.

And I thought it was the worst it could be. But no, I don’t even feel depressed at the moment. I’m not hopless …

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  December 15th, 2010 by hoodie

If i don’t reply back on this post, it was nice being a part of this website.

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Hanging myself almost worked…

  December 15th, 2010 by I keep surviving....

I tried it, in February. I taped my arms together, and my legs too, so I couldn’t save myself. I made a noose of some nylon tie-straps and tied then to a beam, in the attic, in the garage. I was making my final preparations (freaking out) when my husband opened the garage door.

I jumped off the ladder I had been on. I remember hearing him say “No!” and remember him trying to lift me up, yelling at me to “stand up on the ladder” and then I remember nothing. That took up about 5 seconds. It wasn’t painful at all. That’s all I remember.

Until …

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  December 15th, 2010 by happydappy

Why am I here? Sitting at this computer, writing about god knows what. Simple I want to write. Why don’t I get a theme? What should it be I ask my self? I can see it now, breaking seller the book because for being a true story about a normal 13 year old life. I wish it were so simple. If writing where simple I would have a book by now but I guess I don’t. Why is it that I don’t get asked out when I walk down the hall? How come nobody has a crush on me? I cut my hair paint my …

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morals vs conform

  December 14th, 2010 by zdeathchanz

i cant stand it. i am angry. goddammit i havent been angry in a while.

my set of few morals:

if it aint your business then dont talk about it to other people.

dont lie to yourself.

dont have sex (as in willingly) until you are 16. (one more year)

yeah, not hard to follow. well, maybe the second, but it can be easy to fix. my friends expected me to break the first! its strange though. i nearly killed tina when she said in her snotty attitude “trade me places i dont want to sit by her anymore” just because i told her that its not my …

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I don’t get it.

  December 14th, 2010 by neverthesame

I’m fifteen years old, and have been clinically depressed since I was ten.
people are always telling me to “wait it out” and that you wont feel like this forever.
well, I’ve been depressed for five years now.
And reading some of other peoples stories on here that our older, it seems like there life hasn’t got any better.
so why keep on living this depressing life?
why not just end it early, so I don’t have to live like this, since it clearly does not get better, it still sucks.
I don’t get why I should keep on living, feeling worse and worse  by the day.
And it’s only gonna get …

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  December 14th, 2010 by Violet Blake

It’s four a.m. again
father, forgive me for this sin
uncomfortable in this life
I can’t put down this knife

I’m carving words in my arms, baby.
Hey, scars are part of my charm, maybe
I need the touch of a hand
This isn’t what I had planned

I need relief from this life
I wanna slip away into the night
don’t wanna see the sun again
but can’t get swallowed up by this tragic whirlwind
I wish the ocean was warm
I feel like drowning

I’m losing my faith in me
I can’t remember the last time i felt free
from voices inside my head
when I taste liberation, they just feed me fear instead

You say I’m out of control
at least …

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  December 14th, 2010 by heretostay

so as South Park said….”gingers dont have souls” and cause f that……everyone says i dont have a soul!!!
and then i get the stupid “clever” names……people wont leave me the hell alone….
and then…from now on EVERY FRIDAY IS HUG A GINGER DAY.
celcbrate every friday, now.

oh yea..and i get the ppl who r like, ur hair is so beautifl….and then certain kids at school come up to me and just start stroking my head…im like wtf?

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Avenged Sevenfold Logo – celia501

  December 14th, 2010 by marine105

Hey I was bored a while ago and made this, and when I saw celia501’s post I descided to post it up on here. so anyway, feel free to look and comment

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This post isn’t even about suicide :3

  December 14th, 2010 by Noodle12

I just wanna get to know people here.. so post your name, location and a quick summary of why you’re here.

Name: Martin Truscott
Location: Edmonton, AB, Canada

I was just rejected by this girl who I thought was awesome, and she randomly decided to be in a relationship with my best friend, and I despise them both now. So I’m here to meet people and try to deal with the pain, and just because I’ve been suicidal for a while anyway.

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  December 14th, 2010 by heretostay

so i have tkd day…
i didnt go yesterday so my parents got pretty damn mad….
idw knee hurts and i dont feel into life…
i never wanna do much anymore…just sit in my room and take things apart…right now, im working on a Teac Stereo…..its cool….
next i have a toaster, and a keyboard….
its nice..i can tinker with things and listen to a7x, disturbed and korn… heaven..and when it rains its better….

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Journal Entry #2: December 14th 2010

  December 14th, 2010 by hollydaze

Today I have decided to do this first,

Today is kinda my relaxed day. I dont have work, so I most likely wont binge, my 21 year old sister is coming home and I only have one thing I must do, which is read fifth business, the whole book, for tomorrow.

I woke up this morning late, and was late for first period, I had english and presented a project that I had no idea what I was talking about, it was on The Scarlet Letter, which is probably the most boring book I have ever read other than Fifth Business.

After I had Leadership, and I was …

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Beautiful music

  December 14th, 2010 by meksb3

Do you know the best piece of music to die to?  Beethoven’s Fifth Piano Concerto, second movement.  It will put you at so much peace with what you are doing…

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  December 14th, 2010 by heretostay

remember what i said bout my “wonderful” cousin?
well today…he says “Are you still planing on killing yourself?”
and i said “wtf kinda question is that?”

yea i am…..i wanna OD with prescription or illegal drugs…..
question..can Advil kill you with OD?

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  December 14th, 2010 by heretostay

as some people would say, “i stooped low enough a month ago to write my sucidide letter.” i did write it..did i stoop low? no…..
its actually really touching xD
and i have this whole notebook where i write what ever the hell i feel like…it has a lot of quotes and lyrics and stories and questions from myself or others….

today my friend took to writing “we ♥ u celia!” all over my books and papers….yea right….
she tried to take my notebook, but im a blackbelt, so dont mess with me….but she failed and now i have to look out…
she also said at lunch, “every time he …

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To do list: kill myself ASAP!!

  December 14th, 2010 by SerbianKid

I really wonder what’s beyond our lives and what happens next. Why people act in a way they do and why some deal with their problems better than others. There isn’t a day that passes by, that I don’t think about kissing a gun and putting a hot bullet through my noodle.

Somewhere, sometime, something went wrong in my life. I used to be happy, I used to smile, I used to make people feel better, and I used to make myself feel better by making others feel better. Perhaps I was just charming when I was younger? Now, I’m merely a cynical person, whose dreams and …

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It Makes Sense

  December 14th, 2010 by sakura_haruko

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile, but it makes sense as to why I have to end everything.

For a little background on me, my father also committed suicide when I was seven years old. I wasn’t awake to hear the sirens, but my mother told me that it was done by hanging himself in our garage after both of us had gone to sleep. She also told me that after she found him she performed CPR on him endlessly while he continued to throw up directly in her mouth. This is probably why I cringe at the thought of hanging myself.

But anyways…

I never quite …

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  December 14th, 2010 by neverthesame

I dream to have a perfect smile
I dream to wear all the latest styles
I dream that I would have an endless money tree
I dream not to be the ugly me.

My friends tend get all the good guys
they tell me I’m just as pretty, but I know thats all lies.
If I was pretty, why does the world tell me I’m not?
why do all the other guys not say I’m hot?

I’m surrounded by beautiful girls, I just feel like the odd one out.
I’m the ugly girl in the group, without a doubt.
My whole childhood, I was called terrible names
But if you saw my face? who are they …

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I can’t get this feeling away!!!!

  December 14th, 2010 by JPR

I feel so trapped in this life! i want out i dont care anymore. i just wish i could be alone for 5 mins so i could kill my self and just end all this pain. my moms a *****. my dads an asshole. and my family just dont understand me at all. someone please talk to me! i just wish i could be gone and be out of everyones way. not to bother them anymore. Damn why cant i make up my mind on how i want to die! i have this feeling that i should die because im just a person in everyones …

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