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Keeping him with me…

May 19th, 2009by foreverinhisdebt

People used to tell me not to cry for someone, for they are not worth your tears. The one who was worth your tears would have never made you cry. I didn’t believe in that sh*t. I met this person, and fell madly in love with him because of how kind and caring he was. I was certain we would always be together, because we always talked about getting married and having kids. Mind you, I’m 16, and he’s 18. So yes, we were young. But I loved him. While we were together, I was constantly getting bombed by my all too perfect stepmother about

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Voices in my Head

May 19th, 2009by voicesofdoom

I try to remember why I wanted to kill myself. I don’t know. I can’t recall, but somehow I still know why I want to be out of this “reality”. Sometimes I wish I was in an empty space, where I can hear nothing, not even a sound, not even me breathing, nothing at all.

I was 12. It was long ago now. I wanted to die, but i never found the courage enough, then this person cae to me, she helped me a lot, and I don’t even remember what she looked like. I felt I was I love with her, she took care of …

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May 18th, 2009by helper

i sit here numb,

unaware of my surroundings ,

knowing i am here but am almost watching myself, in and yet out.


what can i do to stop this,

what can i do to move on,

and what can i do right now?

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I can’t do anything right!

May 18th, 2009by harmlessfun

I just wrote a post on how my life sucks right now and I managed to lose that by pushing the wrong button. I so suck. Life sucks. So whats the use in living this way. To me, suicide is peace and I need peace.

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My Fathers Suicide in 2008

May 18th, 2009by kmk784


By Kelli Pedrick-Karlton

Written in 2009, a little over a year after my Dads suicide…

Late one January morning in 2008, I fell asleep on the sofa, something I rarely did and haven’t done since.  The kids were all over me and the house as I slept, but I managed to get a good nap in.  I was awaken to my house phone ringing, then my cell phone ringing, again the house, again the cell.  I thought it was

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Is this finally it?

May 18th, 2009by alecto3

Firstly I am bipolar.

Last April (08) my husband and I split. It had been coming for years for me, but some how my husband had no clue no matter how many times I tried to tell him. 6 months after our seperation I started dating an old friend and we have been happy together. When my husband first moved out everything was fine. I had a great job, I was paying all the bills and I live with my disabled parents so I am supporting 3 kids, myself and both of them. But I did that no problem. Then, around Thanksgiving the rumors started about …

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breaking point

May 18th, 2009by helper

i am on the break, but i don’t know if it’s the break of life or death… i feel as though i am floating, and i feel a though i have lived this moment before, i don’t care what people think or do anymore, i can go run or walk, but i get back and i could have not done it, there’s no difference…. i just don’t feel… i sit alone, confused, and floating

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He Didnt Know

May 17th, 2009by wristcutter

he started at 13

it got worse every year

i guess it was an escape from harsh reality


she loved him with all her heart

she wasnt aware of his problem

she really cared

he didnt know how much


he was 17

she got a phone call

he was going to jail

she finally saw

the intensity of his problem


they didnt see each other for 6 months

she started to care a little less

they wrote

and called

but she was slipping away

slowly going downhill

he didnt know

that he was the source of her problems


he came home

she was happy

he had changed

she was glad

he lied

she found out when they took him away

he didnt know how much it hurt her

to see him taken …

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Silver Tongues Speak Only Lies

May 17th, 2009by FallenAngel

Ive always lied. Everyone does. At first its just the small things. But then it gets bigger.

Im flunking the 8th grade, but my dad thinks im fine.

Ask me if im ok? ill say sure. ill think, bc im ending this soon anyway

my parents are devorsed and just reasently my dad got into another devorce, but i woulnt use that as a reason. A couple years ago I think I cried so much(EVERY FRICKING DAY!!!!UGH!!!) that i cant do that when im sad anymore… I just always have this door in the back of my mind thats shut with all this negative stuff locked up inside. It …

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May 17th, 2009by Tassles

Huh, so I’m new to this whole website. I hope I put this in the right category, and didn’t miss anything vital.

(DISCLAIMER: I don’t know how to use paragraphs effectively!)

Anyway. Over the years I have read a lot of posts, heard a lot of arguments against suicide. Its been roughly 8 years since I seriously became suicidal. It started with the sadness, the depression. I felt bad about myself and my lot in life. The first three years was spent convincing myself that its okay. Now, I can accept death by my own doing.

I’m not really sad anymore. I’m pretty neutral. Which, I think, is …

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May 16th, 2009by helper

do you know that feeling of pure happiness, when you think everything is going to be ok…. i do…. it happens every morning when i wake up, but night i have fallen back, back into to this never ending loop of hate, i hate myself… people hate me… and well you get the point. I have been called day and night, werewolf, and other things of that nature by the few i can actually trust.  i am so sick of that, being happy just to know you will fall again.


I have become hazy and numb…. i just don’t know what to do anymore….

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My plea out there on the Universe

May 15th, 2009by ehlpfulfrnd

Please, Universe help me find a place that is appropriate for my healing.  Please, i know this place exist.  And i just need to find it.  I can have peace of mind, heart, spirit, body.  I can heal.  I just have to get away from hostility.  I know this is possible. 

Almost all my energy has been spent.  I traveled thousands of miles two days ago, thinking that i would find a place that wasnt hostile towards me.  I hope that my plan works  This has to work.  If this doesnt work, i dont i am going to run out of options.  I need to find …

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Just another newspaper clipping

May 15th, 2009by Justanotherperson224

I used to be happy.

When I was young I had the perfect family, and together we resided in a great neighborhood. We even had a picket fence(well, it wasn’t ours, it belonged to our neighbors, but still it was there, next to our house.) I did get teased a lot in school for being shy and for my poor fashion choices, but my happy life at home and the few good friends I had seemed to atone for all that negativity, so I wasn’t sad that often.

But then, in the year 2002 we could no longer afford to live in our house-the landlord had raised …

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So much talent wanting to die

May 15th, 2009by BlackSheep

I stumbled on here like most – ADHD-ing through web links.  I see these posts and I am blown away by the talent I see – those who express themselves so wonderfully in words.  ESPECIALLY the young ones!  Poetry like my husband, who has tried suicide more than once.  That is until a massive heart attack ‘killed’ him.  He came back with terrible damage, but his poetry is something ‘not of this world’.  I will give the web site below and everyone is invited to send in your wonderful sentiments – those of hope AND despair.

My husband now is the strong one – he is …

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Decision Made

May 14th, 2009by cocoabean15

I made up my mind today. I’m going to go through with it. Tomorrow my family will wake up to find me dead. There’s no hope left for me. Thank you to everyone that has tried to talk me out of this i appreciate your efforts but it wasn’t enough. I know I have to do this. I’m not afraid. I will try tonight and hopefully my plan works. If not, I’ll keep trying but if it does, I’ll see you on the other side.

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when u feel like u want to die

May 14th, 2009by zearlord

u can imagine your self, fly out the window…hit the ground beow, pain…and no more…

i want to quit my life…

coldness…no one can save me….

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So why is this world here…?

May 14th, 2009by Justice is dead

Well, I feel no reason to live. I have my dreams. They’re unattainable. Everything else is suffering. I’m thrilled by the idea that I can simply stop it all by putting a gun against my head and ending it all instantly. No more pain no more suffering. Why do we exist? It wouldn’t matter if we didn’t exist because we weren’t able to think before we were alive. If were dead, it’ll be the same. So, logically if i don’t believe in God the literally logical thing to do is put a bullet in my brain. All suffering eliminated and I can’t think anymore to …

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wanting to share

May 13th, 2009by hansolo

i have found happiness in praising Loki, the norse god of mischief; and you can, too.

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Hey all…

May 13th, 2009by jtmajor

It’s Jake and I’m proud to say that the site I have created ( ) is growing in the number of volunteers. This site offers you a place to talk 1 on 1 with real PEOPLE for free regardless of who you are or what you are battling. I hope to hear from some of you that I have grown to care about. You may still e-mail me at or

All are encouraged to visit the site. I hope to hear from those of you that want to talk. Don’t worry about someone force-feeding you any religion or beliefs. We are here …

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ups and downs

May 13th, 2009by upliftinglydotcom

I’ve never really understood things the way others seem to and I often feel out of place.  It seems just when I start feeling good about life and feel like there is something I can really get behind and feel proud about supporting, I get shot down by obstacles and people (sometimes those few who are close to me).  I’ve always had a view of the world tinted by dreamer’s eyes, and so realism isn’t exactly always my forte.  I can get passionate about anything, but I can also get down and out about anything.  At the drop of a hat I can turn from …

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