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My love

  April 23rd, 2009 by Ryuu

I suppose I’ll start with a little about me. I am 18 years old, am about 6ft tall and weigh roughly 260 lbs (FAT). Lately I have been having serious thoughts of suicide. I have been wondering whether or not it would just be better for me to kill myself. It feels like most of the friends I’ve met here at college are done with me. They seldom talk to me unless I’m standing right there and even then it feels like it’s forced. My friends mean the world to me. Even the slightest thought of them not wanting to have anything to do with [...]
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The story of my life

  April 22nd, 2009 by hotfootelliot

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  April 22nd, 2009 by jay

y dos it mater win you Wake up to bitings until you are 17?


y shod Iny one Keir

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From someone who has loved…lost…heartbroken….and is slowly picking up the pieces…

  April 21st, 2009 by kay

In September my mum took her own life, she brought me up as a single teenage mum and made my life as amazing as she possibly could. She went back to school, achieved a business degree and got a great job helping small nurseries improve their business and the standard of child care. She was a beautiful, intelligent, creative, funny, loving and much loved woman…my heroine and inspiration. She also suffered varying degrees of depression throughout her life and tragically last summer had a nervous breakdown – sadly due to the stress of her job and bullying in it. She sought [...]
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A Peaceful Death

  April 21st, 2009 by IHML

I’ve been depressed and suicidal for many years. My desire to accomplish some of the goals that I have in life is the only thing that is keeping me alive. Experiencing a peaceful death is one of the goals that I have. It is a privilege that very few people that are suicidal get to experience. I spent a lot of time searching the internet for pro-suicide websites. I was trying to find a forum where I could have discussions with people like Philip Nitschke and Boudewijn Chabot. I wanted to have a discussion about the idea of creating a suicide service that provided peaceful [...]
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  April 21st, 2009 by Sirachick

I read. I read the stories.
I see. I see your problems.
You feel the pain for someone dieing, or getting abused. Loving someone that doesn’t love you back. Loving the devil them self?
You don’t die, not yet, you’re scarred.
Scarred of reactions. Pain. GOD. Most of you are scarred of GOD! The other half of you are scarred of what a family member will see. Don’t want them traumatized. Don’t want them to end up like you.
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To All On This Site: Read This. It is for You!

  April 21st, 2009 by missesMask

First I want to thank everyone for their replies to my 3 prior posts. Thank your for your time and concern, we are all loving, worthy beings who are joined by our pain and plight to regain our joy! This is part of a conversation I had with a dear friend of mine, who was also suicidal. I was explaining to him about an interview I had recently with an elderly gentleman who had been suicidal in his 50s. This is an excerpt of the conversation, but it makes so much sense, and it is true for all of us. The first part is just [...]
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It’s Hard to Believe That it Came to This…

  April 21st, 2009 by drearyvampire

Oh god. I hate myself. I hate myself and everyone and everything around me. Where do I start?

My issues started when my mum and identical twin died in my old American habitat. I was 5. Then my dad made us move to England, where I started school. I never fitted in. I was always an outcast. They bully me mercilessly, still to this day. Then in 2008, I met my future boyfriend. His name was Stefan and he was Italian. We were together for 4 months, when I said I loved him. Do you know how painful it is to tell someone you love them and [...]
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  April 20th, 2009 by xnoname


have you been taken advantage of by every person youve met
have you been nice followed the rules and yet , still gotten in stupid trouble all of the time
have you been physically abused  as a child on a daily basis but lied to afterwards
the police would come too often after you getten chased around your house, yet what a good family life my ass
abused mentally too , every day of your life,
was your father a drug addict, alcoholic and drug dealer?
Did you have no friends , and been alone in your head since you were young enough to crawl
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I dont know where to start … or if this is even the right place.

  April 20th, 2009 by PeteK

Because I’m not the one that wants to end my life. My Girlfriend just called me 20 minutes ago and said she was getting ready to jump off a local bridge thats about 120 ft high. She hasnt picked up the phone since that call. I only hope she was bluffing, but she has brought this up more and more over the last few monthes, including one failed attempt with Valium where I had to take her to the hostpital and have her stomach pumped. When they told her they were going to put her in a phychriatric ward she flipped out and had me [...]
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The thought of death is lightening…

  April 20th, 2009 by despondent

I met my husband 8-years ago, online, in a most conceivable place. My need to get away from the reality that surrounded my life led me into an unknown abyss inside the virtual world, that continues till today. I never asked for an ideal living but the constant fights between my parents were a bit too much for my 18 year old soul. I struggled with the yelling and screamings, petrified that they would someday lead to something far worse. Hiding my head under the pillow did not work for too long since afraid as I was of the fights the thought of not knowing [...]
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How do you feel good when everything is screwed up?

  April 20th, 2009 by britt_018

I hate school like i can honestly say i do except for my math teacher she is amazing. I havent been going and my mom gets pissed at me for not going but she doesnt understand that i feel like one of the “out crowd” kids cause i am over weight and ive never actually got called fat well i have but its like in one of those “funny” ways well they think its funny and i just put a smile on my face and act like its nothing but it hurts really bad. Ive told my mom but she thinks its all bull [...]
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just thinking….

  April 20th, 2009 by Mari

How do you know who to trust these days….

My friend and I were just talking about who can we trust…

Three people who I thought were my bestfriends totaly screwed me over…

I honestly don’t know who are my true friends and who aren’t…

I just want to break down and cry…

I wantt to know how people can be so curel…

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Devil’s Child

  April 20th, 2009 by Sirachick

I always hurt the ones i love. I have created a character, a personality, and the world is my stage.

“The world is a stage and we are merely actors” or something like that, it’s by shakespear or someone else old and famous…

I’m never me. Yes, I’m an actor, but outside of that, I’m to different people. As soon as I walk outside, I’m a different person, take a deep breath, time to put on a show. One in which I’m an annoying singing girl who talks a lot, listens to goth and emo music, and uses words that are to big for most people [...]
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I have everything to live for, but I really really want to die

  April 19th, 2009 by Kikisdeliverservice

I have a lot of things. I have a lot more than many people.  I am healthy, attractive, happily married, and just about to graduate from a great grad-school. I have everything to live for, but I every time when I turn around the corner, I see death calling me. I really cannot think about anything that I want bad enough to live for. Tonight I relapsed. I took a needle and pieced through my skin and my veins. For a brief moment I felt something. When I saw my blood oozing out of my arm, I felt maybe a brief moment of something.  I know exactly what [...]
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I just don’t want pain. To much to ask for? Aparently.

  April 19th, 2009 by Sirachick

My life is great. Loving parents. Not poor (nither rich but like it matters). There is no reason for me to want to die. I do though. There’s no reason for me to live. I don’t believe in god. I don’t care about family reactions. I only care about myself. I’m selfish, I don’t have a problem with me being selfish. I WANT TO DIE. I just don’t want pain. Every death is painful if self inflicted. Other than pills, but if that doesn’t work. People will make it impossible for me to kill myself, and I’ll have worse of a life. Joy! Any ideas?

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i give up

  April 19th, 2009 by slumber33

grrrrrrrrrrrrrr i’m so pissed off with people i find out something and my first instict is to care, so i do, i care and i care and i fucking care, but it all gets thrown back into my face, i get told to stay out of things, i get told to fuck off and keep my nose out but i do keep my nose out i just compfort and give advise like any normal person would, so if people keep tellin me to go away everytime i care about something i’m not going to care and if people say they need help i’m not going [...]
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True peace-Not to be

  April 18th, 2009 by Dods

I am maladjusted to this bad commercial called “Life”. The thought of being just another person makes me sick. There is always someone smarter, more talented, better looking, stronger, faster, and the list goes on ad nauseum. I guess happy people take one of two roads: 1)They constantly reassure themselves either knowingly or not, that they are this great value, this special person, this one-of-a-kind individual, or 2)They resign to being a pleasure-seeking mammal…The only thing that is true and everlasting is death, and on this side of the grave, there is not a thing a person can do that holds real value except suicide. [...]
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over it

  April 18th, 2009 by strawberryfields

i’m over it. i’m over everything. i can’t stand this anymore. i’m so tired of it, i’m tired of everything.

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Please wait one more day….

  April 18th, 2009 by indigolily

Hi Guys,

I have been thinking of killing myself every single day for the past 4 years…since the love of my life killed himself.  We are all drawn here, I think, by the fact that we are deep down hoping that somehow we will find a way to keep from giving up.  And….I think that we all care about each other in a weird way, and share in kinship of sorts.  I have 3 kids, and it has only been because of them that I have managed to hang on by a thread.  But even though I know how much I would destroy their lives, its feels almost [...]
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