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We Need The Punisher

September 15th, 2017by eternaldarkness

So news came out today that the despicable Steve Mnuchin, the asswipe who made millions off of illegally foreclosing homes on innocent people- tried to bill the American taxpayers for his honeymoon.

$25,000/hr for a private government jet. To Italy, France, and Scotland. For several weeks. But noooo, the REAL villians here are the welfare queens who dare take that measly $50/wk to buy food, because you know, who needs things like food??

Oh and don’t forget that trip to Fort Knox where scumbag+wife literally took a tour to see all that gold they’re planning to loot. And that trip HAS been billed …

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Daily doses

September 15th, 2017by Raycantdeal

I don’t know what to do. My coping mechanisms don’t work anymore. No matter how I starve, how I vomit up everything I eat, how I slice open my arms, and stomach, how I sleep with a different guy every night, how I run, run, run, run away. It catches up with me. Stuns me. Chokes me. Incapacitates me. Leaves me so tired I can’t imagine breathing for one more second. And I feel like such a burden. So unwanted. So unloved. I can’t breathe. I can’t stand being alive. Not for one more day. Not for one more second.

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Addictions, addictions everywhere

September 15th, 2017by Kairi Mitzou

We often hear about addicts to drugs, alchohol, cigarettes, hell, even sex.

Less often do we hear about those people who find themselves obsessed..and truly addicted.. to fast food.

I’m one of those people.

I’m talking literally selling my body for money to pay for my fucking McDonald’s and Wendys addiction.

It’s not like alcohol for me. I can and do go days and weeks without a drink, by choice. When I drink, I drink as I please. I don’t get piss drunk anymore, I don’t blackout. My tolerance is definately up there for a woman of my age, and I never ever get sick. I’m more likely to …

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Not the same anymore.

September 15th, 2017by LastMonths

I was a good kid, “was” until I got to experience the so called loss of a father not a regular loss by cause of death it is one of the few things I’ll never forget.

Leaving without a trace, Me and my mom tried to find him. Using every resource we got. Money, people in the higher ups etc. My mom finally moved on with her life.
But nobody knew i was stuck in that spiral not knowing if i should continue or not.

It was right there and then. That shitstorms always came my way. I became aloof, got into fights and would rather skip class …

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Memory loss…

September 15th, 2017by LordsWrath

Since my recent depression, I’ve noticed my memory is failing me a lot. My work mate just showed me proof of bank transfer that I send to her. 5 minutes later I asked her if she received the money. She looked at me bemused and said she just showed me that she received the money on her phone and we even discussed that my middle name appeared on the transfer and that was the first time she was aware of. I’m hating what’s happening to me. This is not the first instance something like this has happened. There has been a few times over the …

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This experience broke me

September 15th, 2017by ClairDeLune

I am not the same person I used to be anymore. I am not strong anymore, I get depressed and cry over stupid things that I should just get over. I have forgotten what it feels like to be happy. I have no focus to work anymore. I feel jealous and envious about everything that other people manage better than me. I hate people. I am proud and arrogant. I hate who I am now, I don’t want to be this person. I don’t love myself anymore.

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Lost, Hurting, and Downward Spiral

September 15th, 2017by grayjune

TL;DR- I used to be a good kid, then I ruined myself and tried to abandon school. I’ve had such a bumpy ride but it never stopped going downhill. I am so lost and the pressure is getting to me deeply. I want to end it all but I still feel guilt eating at me for leaving my family to suffer.

I want to start off by saying that I used to be happy, energetic and was, at some point, an intelligent kid. I was responsible and did school work and homework on time. Fast forward to 8th grade where the real problems began. I developed …

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Life And Difficulties.

September 15th, 2017by LastMonths

Why is it that people say you’re way too young for this. Way too young for that.

It never was that way.
I consider postivity toxic to myself.
I am so tired about how i live everyday like a disappointment.

Advices from elders just get on my nerves.
Am i a worse person than you? Maybe i am.
Fooling other people to make them think you are important.
It’s sickening i’ve become like this.

Will i ever escape from this.
Maybe i would.
A good day to end all days is in your birthday.
Lock the doors
And sleep peacefully.

Knowing full well you won’t wake up anymore.

And hurting everyone around you is not so …

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September 14th, 2017by breaking_the_cycle

Nipping at your heels

The nothing that steals

Seething, breathing

I can’t stand this feeling

Manifesting itself, in the hidden shelf

Of your mind

The hellscape in yourself, that you find

Real or not

It’s coming

Ready or fraught

Never whole again

Time stands still

The nothing that you feel

It’s like you’ve been here before

The blackness within

Fruitless battles rival, original sin

It’s so deeply ingrained

You can’t wash away the stain

It feels like you’ve slipped away

You know you’ll never sleep again

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September 14th, 2017by theblackveal

Unwanted leftovers being tossed in the trash = me

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Let Me Die ~Song Lyrics~

September 14th, 2017by RoughEdges

I’m feelin’ lost and I don’t know where else to go now
I don’t really have a place to call my home now
Everybody hatin’ and I feel so cold now
Why do everybody make me feel alone like
I’m feelin’ lost and I don’t know where else to go now
I don’t really have a place call my home now
Everybody hatin’ and I feel so cold now
Why do everybody make me feel alone like

I’ve got so much shit to say
Baby take me from this place
I just really cannot stay
Tears are falling down my face
I feel colder every day
Know they want me out their way
I’ll be gone I’ll be okay
I …

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Do you even dream? or just black out to sleep…

September 14th, 2017by Urm8451n

the past doesn’t have to stand forever. You can make new memories.  And that can make it easier to bear, even if you carry the past with you.

– Freeroma.


My dream right now, is to find a nice lovely girlfriend that I can cuddle with. It sounds dumb, stupid, and really weak. But I believe this can give me good memories for the next following harsh years, and there for get my moral up.


What about you? what dreams do you have? (wishes and so on), what would make you feel better, and why?

and how are you coping dep/sui/other?


Stay strong, be brave.  Jac.

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We shall die

September 14th, 2017by ooloo

I thought about it a thousand times and did it once. It was a few years ago. The reason you ask? loneliness. I never told anyone what happened that night, not even my therapist. It DOES sound and feel stupid: I realized I like someone, after all those years of loneliness now there’s actually someone I like. But there was also a problem, what if, that person did not want me? now the pain would double up as if it wasn’t enough already. or the alternative, I told myself imagine you’re in a relationship but would that end every pain of yours? of course not, …

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Damn Leaf Blowers

September 14th, 2017by eternaldarkness

This is a rant.

Why have leaf blowers that are loud as f*** and cost hundreds or thousands of dollars when you can easily just get an effing rake? Or broom. Does the job without being loud as s***. Not to mention it guzzles gas and is bad for the environment just cuz Americans are too damn lazy to move their arms back and forth to sweep.

Wouldn’t it actually cost LESS to pay someone to sweep rather than to use an expensive giant leaf blower? They’re so slow, and LOUD. Then again, maybe the sweeping sound is …

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September 14th, 2017by spectralgiraffe

*not suicide related*

I feel rather insecure. How can I not, when everyone else knows so much more, is good at something, etc.

Everyone is more experienced, I might as well be naked, I feel like everyone is watching, if I state an opinion, I tend to feel silly or stupid or feel that I’m being secretly laughed at.

Also I have a ridiculous problem, alot of the time I feel the need to impress my online bf while I play an online game with him… Of course anyone else would just realize its a game and get over it. Before we were together, it didn’t matter how …

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Don’t speak. . .

September 14th, 2017by Once

As I read post after post, I find I want to comment on some, and others inspire me to create a post on a similar issue, and then I stop, and like I do every day since forever, I tell myself “Why bother speaking?”

So, here’s a picture of raindrops on a flower, because I speak best when I look through a viewfinder.

Here’s to a bearable day for you.

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bpd & mood disorder (?)

September 14th, 2017by james16k

psychiatrist still aint sure though. said it was possible but he needed to be very sure about the diagnosis.

i really hope i dont have both at once. it had been hell for the past 3 years since it started to become intense

i am just stuck and have no way out, other than suicide


(kik @ starslighten)

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oh dear

September 14th, 2017by james16k

i want to swallow pills, cut a huge gash on my wrist and then jump from a bridge

i want to destroy myself in every way possible


yet i have no courage to do so

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to a girl named Lily (wanderer)

September 14th, 2017by james16k

are you alright? i am sorry for the abrupt stop in our interaction. hopefully we can talk again soon.

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Im so angry all the time!!!

September 14th, 2017by LordsWrath

It’s getting to the point know that I’m fearing that I will lose my job. My anger has become out of my control. I’m swearing at work, losing my temper and becoming extremely mardy with people. People who are “friends” . If I lose my job then I really will have nothing and my life will become thousands of times worse. I’m barely getting by now. Financially I’m hand to my mouth right now. Becoming jobless will really put me under pressure and exacerbate my current depression. I know that I should go gym to release this anger. Last time I was this this angry …

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