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Im so angry all the time!!!

September 14th, 2017by LordsWrath

It’s getting to the point know that I’m fearing that I will lose my job. My anger has become out of my control. I’m swearing at work, losing my temper and becoming extremely mardy with people. People who are “friends” . If I lose my job then I really will have nothing and my life will become thousands of times worse. I’m barely getting by now. Financially I’m hand to my mouth right now. Becoming jobless will really put me under pressure and exacerbate my current depression. I know that I should go gym to release this anger. Last time I was this this angry …

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I can’t trust myself

September 14th, 2017by lovedOnce

It have been so difficult to continue. Sometimes I just think I’ll lose my mind. I’m lonely and tired of fighting. Recently I had a dream that I have killed myself. I was aware of my family’s pain, but continued repeating to myself that it need be selfish.

I’m scared, because I can’t trust myself anymore.

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U guys are not as bad as me

September 14th, 2017by nutjobcantlove

I’ve noticed in most of the failure posts no one seems to blame God as me. Instead you just pray that you get better. I’m feeling awkward because I’m the only one that is angry on God for everyday that I’m alive. I am bad and I totally take it cause I was pushed to this.

You know, everytime something bad happens we are tuned up to think maybe it’s for good maybe God is working on me to give me something better. I tell you what I have found none of my failures worth living.

I’ve been in mental stress since 11. It’s been 18 years …

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I’m low tonight

September 14th, 2017by iwouldrathernot

Maybe tomorrow will be a beautiful day, I drove around looking for stars tonight but couldn’t find any in the clouds.


I just dont want to be here anymore.

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mental hospitals

September 14th, 2017by themessenger

Has any of you ever been in a mental hospital with depression, anxiety or self injury? If so, how was your experience? (especially if you were there when you were underage, I’d really really appreciate your experiences)

I consider getting in one, but I am not sure…

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Leaving This Life

September 14th, 2017by usedcanvas

When I was younger I attempted suicide many times, I obviously failed. But when I got better I read that people who try are more likely to try again and be more successful and I used to cry cause I was so scared I would try again and die. At the time I didn’t want to die and I was scared to return to how i used to be. But now I’m in this place where I’m not going to commit suicide but if somehing were to happen to me I don’t know if I would stop it or if I would try and help …

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September 14th, 2017by spectralgiraffe

*not suicide related*

I was walking down the aisle in the supermarket today, and a guy called said that I was beautiful as I walked past. I just scoffed.

I don’t see what’s complimentary about it. I wouldn’t go around saying a guy I don’t know looks handsome. Why would I care? Personality will always be more important.


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September 13th, 2017by Todamnbad

Here I am again, depressed again. Always coming back to this website. I find comfort knowing there is other people who feels the same as I do. To be honest, I don’t know why I stick around. I have no good plans, no job, no money, I do have a roof over my head and a family that cares about me. But its not them. I can’t stand my fucking life. I want out. I begged God to strike me. I tried numerous times to kill myself. I just can’t fucking win over the will to live.  Idk what to do, I’m stuck in this …

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I always think things will change–they never do

September 13th, 2017by arachnophilia

I’m a neurotic, worthless little worm, a speck of a useless bug in the world. I keep telling myself, “Keep trying! You can Be Something! You can be Good, or at least Improve!” And I have kept on trying! But in spite of giving my best for my whole damn life, I’m no less a parasitic, idiotic waste of space now than I was when I was 6 and started keying on to this shit. I’m complete trash, and I should have killed myself a long time ago.

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September 13th, 2017by blackopal02

I pinch my fat in the mirror and wonder, why? Why is this still here? Why am I not strong enough to stop eating or at least excercise more to get rid of this horrible thing? Many people say I’m “thin,” but they are just saying this. My thighs are thick, my stomach is far from flat, and i can’t stand to wear anything revealing, even in private.

I can’t stand to look at my face in so I try to avoid mirrors. Why is my nose so small, my forehead so big, my eyebrows so light, and my mouth look so weird and stupid, especially …

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Rant 2

September 13th, 2017by BlondeWig

I’m writing this here because I really need to get it off my chest and I have no one else to speak to this about. It’s just some bullshit that’s been annoying the fuck outta me.

So my boyfriend, best friend and I were supposed to fly to Cuba next week for vacation. Now if you don’t live in a bubble then you’ll know that a fucking massive hurricane tore through Cuba onwards to Florida. Because of that, obviously, our flight is cancelled. And I was the one who booked it under my name so I sent the email to them letting them know. Obviously everyone …

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Passing Days

September 13th, 2017by Mordred

I wonder things will ever change. It’s stupid, but I know deep down I still am hoping that someone will save me. The thing is, I know that even if that someone came along and offered a hand, I would not take it. I would not accept the help. I would find an excuse, a flaw in the helping hand, some reason to continue my wretched existence.

I wish someone could just force me out of this life, regardless of my desire. A decision maker…that’s what I need. I’ve made too many bad decisions, and I’m tired of my own idiocy, my own hesitation, and all …

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September 13th, 2017by Ellen87

Dont you hate when someone tries to 1 up you? Especially when its about health issues. Its like seriously? When someone breaks news to you on a serious condition, the last thing they wanna hear is, “oh i have that too, its no big deal”. Like Really? And sometimes i want those people to show me the proof. Medical bills, prescription, anything. Some people are just way too nonchalant about things that you just shouldnt be, makes me think theyre full of sh*t.

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September 13th, 2017by RoughEdges


Some slash their wrists,

Ingest a bottle of pills,

Jump off a high rise building

Hang themselves or

Blow their brains off.

And in that moment,

When they are bleeding to death,

Closing their eyes for the last time.

Hanging loose in the air,

About to let their weight drop

And let that

bullet pierce through their skull.

Are the moments, they feel the most alive.

Maybe suicide

Is meant for that

So very “special moment”.

To feel alive,

Just once before

You cease to exist.

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September 13th, 2017by Blackholeheart

As if my waking life wernt depressing enough I’m still haunted by the mistakes in my dreams replaying distortedly and taking on a life of its own as the time passes on…..the same two scenes.  Despite the dream they both end the same,  me screaming at my phone.
I use to wake up crying after these dreams,  now I just wake up feeling shitty,  have a vape and go back to bed.
Vaping…that’s a laugh right?!
I started vaping to get healthy,  lotta good that’s going to get me…..and honestly vaping improved my health hugely,  but I find myself smoking more often now when im stressed out,  I …

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How would you want to go?

September 13th, 2017by eternaldarkness

-Jumping off a cliff?
-Jumping off a bridge?
-Drowning in the ocean?
-Struck by lightning?
-Shot to the head / heart?
-In your sleep?
-Liquid N?
-Drug overdose (like heroin)
-[Fill in the blank]

Let’s say you were guaranteed to be successful and there were no problems. And it assumes you can get your hands on said items.

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Holding it all in

September 13th, 2017by sadbutsmiles

I have work at 7:30 am tomorrow so I really should be asleep right now… but I just wanted to express myself a little I guess… I’m doing better rn than I have been for the last few days… I’ve been in my room with the lights off, not eating or communicating with anyone.. but sleeping A LOT.. I love to sleep.. sooo much.. why? The same reason a lot of you guys may love to sleep too… to escape reality. I can’t get over how evil people can be. I’ve lost over $2,000 within the last 6 months. Im not well off at all..this …

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September 12th, 2017by eternaldarkness

On what planet is 87.46 + 10.92 = 100.48?

This is a rant. I’m trying to order something online and their website is broken. I wasn’t annoyed until I chat with the CSR who is totally unhelpful and irritating.


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You jump, I jump, remember?

September 12th, 2017by ClairDeLune

No, you don’t remember :'(

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September 12th, 2017by Robigson

Tired of this depressing, boring life

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