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July 16th, 2017by idontevenknow2

These past days I have been feeling so worthless, ugly, and not enough, for anyone or anything. I hate everything about myself. Eveything. My face, my thighs, my feelings, my appearance. Myself. I just want to destroy everything that is me. I am so so lost. But hey, I’ve learned how to hide all this, simply because of the reason that I don’t want anyone to find out that I am so fucking insecure. And meaningsless, a waste, miserable, unimportant, useless and valueless. The sad part about all this is that I would do anything. Anything. For some acknowledgement or confirmation from a guy, or …

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July 16th, 2017by EmptyPluto

There’s nothing for me in this world. Never has been and never will.

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opinions and the internet

July 15th, 2017by nobody

I was going to upload this last night, but I decided it was best to let Chip cool off.

Anyway, I’ve got to help someone move today, so I can’t be here for very long. And yes, I am 6’4, and my voice is usually deeper than that. XD

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I (Don’t) Have this Under Control …

July 15th, 2017by Birdy

Does anyone ever feel kind of agitated when you’re in a public place where you can’t hurt yourself or express your emotions but you feel like you really need to

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Still depressed,haha

July 15th, 2017by Maddie.Shit

Yeah of course i’m still depressed.obviously,my life hasn’t changed .
I just decided to take a break from the suicide project site so that i can focus on changing my life.of couse i wasn’t optimistic about it but at least i would say i have i lost some weight but that hasn’t made my body change,i don’t know why .my parents hate me,i can’t change that .so basically,they are sending me to a boarding school.
I think that i need to move out before they kick me out since i’m not going to that school ,i just dom’t want to to ne a…. prisoner?
I just don’t …

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Opinions on suicide

July 15th, 2017by duringmydarkestdays

This has likely been posted before, but I’m curious to hear about people’s feelings about this… subject. 

What are your views on suicide..?

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Grandma Gamer

July 15th, 2017by eternaldarkness

hehe, how cute. she’s 81 now and plays skyrim.

mindlessgamer619- is this gonna be you in the future? Grandpa version 😛

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Well f**k…

July 15th, 2017by funny123

I’ve just had a terrible experience.

Tonight wasn’t my usual 4:30am Uber ride home from being out partying. This time it was from the hospital.

The foolproof ******** that I ordered was picked up by the airport staff and I was woken up at 1:30am by police at my door, then they had to ask me questions about why I ordered it and of course I ended up in hospital being questioned by psych nurses and everything. I’m just so over this and now my “foolproof” plan has failed and I’m not sure what else to do!

I still need to find a way out but I’m at my …

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I’m so exhausted.

July 15th, 2017by DisappearingSlowly

I don’t remember ever being happy. I just remember being gone. Gone out to get drunk, gone from my head while I kiss my girlfriend, gone,out of my head while I watch series, play games or listen to music. But That’s about it. I don’t really like anything. I want to die so bad. I’ve wanted to die for so long there are times when I just get desperate to leave because I am so tired of living like this. And I know I’m not going to change,life has no meaning and I cant find anything to convince myself that I can attach any meaning …

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July 15th, 2017by SeeSmith

…And oh, poor Atlas,
The world’s a beast of a burden;
You’ve been holding on a long time
And all this longing
And the ships are left to rust;
That’s what the water gave us…
– – “What the Water Gave Me”
– – by Florence + The Machine

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So Fucking Tired of Everything

July 15th, 2017by velveteennightingale

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m getting more and more introverted. I’ll spend all day every day alone in my bedroom and when I have to be around people I’ll feel panicky or feel like hiding away from everyone. A few days ago I went to an event that I was required to go to and everyone was talking to each other and I sat in a corner by myself for literally an hour and a half. I don’t look forward to social events and dread having to speak. I don’t do anything for most of the day-I lay in bed and listen …

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I’m torn between telling or not telling my therapist

July 15th, 2017by ClairDeLune

She doesn’t know that I am doing this badly again, and I think she has grown to get a little attached to me, so it’d probably not be the nicest thing for her to find out. I don’t want to disappoint her either. She’s a uni psychologist, and students only get a fixed number of appointments total, and I have like 1 or 2 left, so I don’t want her to think that I am using this to pressure her into giving me more appointments or hooking me up with one of her colleagues, even though that is exactly what I need.

I don’t know how …

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Something I’m confused about

July 15th, 2017by noah5678

How come the only people who die are people who want to live? Why doesn’t god let those die who want to die and hate their life? Why must only happy people die by accident? I think it would be much better if God took those who actually wanted to die, rather than those who want to live a long life?(which is NOT me)

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What would make you want to live again and be no longer suicidal?

July 15th, 2017by hope432

I think our main problem is our lack of energy and will to live. It can also be inner feelings of anxiety and worries that we would not rather face.

But what would make you want to live again?  If you were able to travel around the world would you still want to die? (many people here say that they feel stuck at their work place, in their miserable city, etc). What if you were rich?

Would you still choose death?

What if you had perfect health?

What about a perfect relationship, finding your perfect loved one? Would you still want to die?

But most importantly what if you found …

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Message to our younger selves

July 15th, 2017by kn

I hope your doing well, but if your reading this, I know your probably not.

Difficult times await you. Times more difficult than you could fathom. Times when you wish you would die, and times when you may actively seek to achieve this wish.

There will be pain that cuts to the bone, and then further yet. And then hollowness, that makes you feel as though you are empty and have no bones to speak of.

You will discover feelings you wish had remained undiscovered, yet in your darkest moments, you will also find a slice of your soul that can only be described as “hope”.

This you will …

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Whats happening?

July 15th, 2017by lonewolf23

My days are starting to feel really short lately. What’s the deal? Am I going crazy? I feel like I’ve just skipped a whole month. I can’t remember what day it is everyday. Am I getting dementia at the age of 20yrs? Surely that can’t be the reason why my days suddenly feel shorter….is it part of getting older? Sometimes I wish 1 day = 48hours.

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I can’t fall in love

July 15th, 2017by seemokay

I don’t want to have these feelings towards you . I just don’t deserve you . This love is impossible. You’re such an amazing person I adore you & love your personality but it’s not enough . We’d be fine just as staying as friends. I can’t love you . I just don’t trust myself . I don’t want to hurt you . You deserve so much better then me. I rather distance myself I don’t want these feelings to increase. Yes I like you . But I’ll get over it . I’m sorry . The only thing I can do is just distance myself. …

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July 15th, 2017by deathfulblade

Music is my livleyhood. No one understands the music I listen to. I listen to alternative music, like tøp and Bastille. Whenever I play my songs around my loved ones all they hear are the words about suicide and death, when in reality the lyrics are telling you that you matter. Music is starting to mean less and less to me as the days go on. I feel like less and less of a person as everyone I get close to leaves me. Everytime someone leaves they take a piece of me. I am not the person people used to see. I feel as if …

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Three words, that bullion-smack

July 15th, 2017by Bisban

I believe that with your intellect and my… fanatic base, that we can make that bullion-smack!!


Someway.. I made it out of this hole. On to the next part of this.. Oddysey. Are you with?


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25 Days Thrown Away

July 15th, 2017by Oathkeeper

Fuck it. Let there be blood……………



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