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  August 8th, 2018 by mranony




(note: my internal rant to someone)

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is it so hard ?

  August 8th, 2018 by hayn

is it so hard to find that your friend is hurting and is in deep pain ??

Since I was young I always loved to make people happy and I would do whatever I could just to help a friend in need .. I used to cry with who ever is crying and would give all I had just to make them smile and happy again .

In school I was always the most popular girl and was the clown that all the students and teachers loved . it all was good and fun and I couldn’t be more happier with my life until something …

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  August 8th, 2018 by LittleBead

I hid my posts because one of the persons I showed my entries to forwarded them to other individuals that I don’t know, and I sensed an extreme shitstorm on da way. So I tried to minimize the potential damage. Otherwise, I’m okay and pretty fine. I just wanted some people to know, as they may worry that my posts disappeared.

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  August 8th, 2018 by spectralgiraffe

What should I do with my ex…?
Improve my life, impress him, make him want me back, he takes me back, I build him up, and then dump him?

Look I know this is stupid. I would like him to experience the hurt that I did.

He’s already frigging flirting with others 2 DAYS after the breakup. Wow guess I didn’t mean shit to him after all. He isn’t hurting.

Even worse I lost my virginity to this guy. Ugh!!!

Relationships SUCK!!!

I’m going mental honestly. I don’t know how to cope. Fuck. And I have to worry about my terrible life situation and try to fix that too and …

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My life advice!

  August 8th, 2018 by spectralgiraffe

Relationships. Just say no.
Can you imagine supporting, being kind to, being loyal to, putting alot of effort into a relationship….
And… ding! Break up. Rejected.
Theres so many stories about people being hurt by relationships. Protect your heart. Protect yourself. And… WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW CAN’T HURT YOU.
I’ve been hurt enough by such. You might be thinking, why so negative?

Save yourself the hurt. Get a pet instead. At least pets don’t do this shit. They love you unconditionally.

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Hell bound……..

  August 8th, 2018 by holdingonbyathread

I’m fucking tired of hearing that I’m going to hell. I just want to escape the pain. It hurts me to think that God would force me to stay in this world. I don’t want to hurt anyone, but if I have to spend the rest of my twenties in this torture that is constant tiredness I’m gonna fucking go insane.


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Im lost

  August 8th, 2018 by bluerain88

so Any one read this post thank you..

Since I was 8 yrs old my uncle used to rape me,It happened two time but the other actions from him it was abusing and physical harassment until I become 16 I was able to stopped him.My father used to beat me like hell ,he was so cruel and aggressive and still.He was abusing me only I mean he never hit my sisters or brother he only beats me .I always left alone outside because he throw me outside the house when he was angry.I felt like tradh whole my life.My mom so weak to even speak still …

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  August 8th, 2018 by 5ara

i hate my life
i hate my life
i hate my life
i hate my family , every single one of them
i hate myself
im so weak
im just tired

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Momentary Psychosis

  August 8th, 2018 by rivets

Went a little nuts the last few days. Hallucinated a little the last few mornings. Ran around screaming a little. Then I had some tea. It was quite good – black tea with some mint added for flavor. Night shift is nice – you can go completely out of your gourd and nobody notices because everyone is too damned tired to think much of it. This is a little different from past experiences in a similar vein. I had some aphasia  in speech, which probably confused people a bit, but I blame the fact that I don’t watch TV or read newspapers. Of course I’m …

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My Story

  August 8th, 2018 by clichenamehere

So I discovered this place while looking up the best way to kill myself.  I’m a 41 year old police officer and retired military veteran.  I’ve been in a terrible marriage for the majority of the last 23 years of my life.  I’m finally at the point where I can’t take the utter sadness and lack of any joy in my life.  I’ve suffered from differing forms of mental illness for the majority of my life: severe depression, borderline personality disorder, ptsd, etc.  I’ve been on medications and gone to therapy and they seemed to help when I’m actually happy.  I haven’t been happy for …

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Afraid (Hi again, the suicide project)

  August 8th, 2018 by viola

Hey guys, I’m back.

I’m not sure if the people I knew are still here, but I really hope they are. You are all wonderful persons.

2016 was a rough year for me. 2017 didn’t improve much.

I’ve attempted suicide around 8 times, most of my attempts this year. Several injuries, failed tests, some crappy teachers, social media, and my dad. All of these have contributed to my shitty health.

I’ve gotten injured 4 times within 12 months. The fractures were the worst. I went to the beach and I would cry myself to sleep every night from that point until my mom found out I …

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really scared…

  August 8th, 2018 by spectralgiraffe

Well, me and mum were thinking about leaving sometime soon in the future… her partner is mostly abusive. And she will probably have a few thousand k soon.
I’m really really worried though. I’m wondering if we should go to a shelter, or if we should get a hotel/motel for a short time, or if we should get something off Gumtree.
I worry that renting will be really difficult. I mean at least here they need pay slips, references, stuff like that. She doesn’t have a job, nor do I. Will anyone even rent to us? Don’t have references either, this current place is being rented …

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Leonard Cohen – Dress Rehearsal Rag

  August 8th, 2018 by Taf Taf


Four o’clock in the afternoon and I didn’t feel like very much

I said to myself, ”Where are you golden boy? Where is your famous golden touch?”

I thought you knew where all of the elephants lie down

I thought you were the crown prince of all the wheels in Ivory town

Just take a look at your body now, there’s nothing much to save

And a bitter voice in the mirror cries, ”Hey, prince, you need a shave”

Now if you can manage to get your trembling fingers to behave

Why don’t you try unwrapping a stainless steel razor blade?

That’s right, it’s come to this… Yes, it’s come to this…

And wasn’t …

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I’m so fucking tired.

  August 8th, 2018 by avoidthatthinks

Not sure what to call this, to be honest.

I know I’m gonna kill myself this year, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. And honestly, I feel almost a sense of relief when I think about it. I know that might sound fucked up, part of me still thinks it is.

I’m just so scared to do anything because it feels like everything I do is wrong. Whenever I do talk about my feelings, people just put me in a hospital or something- which, isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I spent a week in a behavioral hospital and I can honestly say it was one …

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  August 7th, 2018 by seemokay

i have many secrets which I’ll be taking with me I’ll keep quiet till the day I die . Which I promise it will be soon .

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Why Am I Doing This To Myself?

  August 7th, 2018 by thehusk

When I think about ending my life, I always end up thinking of my parents finding out. Getting the call, having to identify the body etc. I don’t want to do that to them. They’ve done so much for me. The thought of leaving them in that situation, having to bury one of their children, and dealing with all that grief. I don’t see how I could do that to them. Maybe I’m wrong, and they’d do ok with it. But I can’t imagine that, knowing how much they care. I think it would utterly devastate them.

Perhaps I’m just not desperate enough yet, and there …

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Dear Me,

  August 7th, 2018 by TiredGenX

If I knew what to say to you, I’d say it. I know you’re close to giving up because you have nowhere left to turn.

Holy shit, it’s been a tough life.

I wish I could say something to cheer you up. I also wish I could make other people understand that you deserve to be here. Awfully hard to do nowadays, though. You seem to be in the 2% of everything: personality type, age bracket, medical condition…you’ve kinda been slammed with it all.

Every damn churn of the economy too, right? I can’t fucking believe you’re in danger of losing your house again. How many times can

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  August 7th, 2018 by

i’m done. i’m done trying to find a friend. i can’t do this anymore. what is wrong with me when people always live me in the end. it hurts so much. they just use me and then live. i just need someone to be there for me. is it that hard? of course. there is always someone better than me. always will be…

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Coping strategies

  August 7th, 2018 by ClairDeLune

I hate moments where all of them fail and you’re desperately trying to come up with new ones, but just can’t think of anything. I freaking need a hug.

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It’s crazy

  August 7th, 2018 by rivets

It’s just nuts. If you fight a lion, you have a chance to win against it. Might be small, but you know what you can and can’t do, and it’s easy to understand the lion’s motivations – what it wants. But if you find yourself being ground in the gears of civilization, if you protest or fight against it, you’re considered crazy. I’ll take the lion any day. Give me a ravenous bear, or a wolverine, or an emaciated wolf. Human beings are the worst.

I guess I’m crazy. So here’s something crazy to destroy the world.

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