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June 9th, 2018by go2thepit

It’s back again.

Just when I thought it had disappeared for good, and I know it’s stupid but…

I thought this time the medications and therapy sessions were helping.

I lied to myself and somehow ended up in a place of false hope.

Today was the day I saw through the black veil disguised as sunlight.

Today I found wherein former darkness reside

Today it’s back

Today, its back again.

And as a reminder to myself and the future doubts that everything is well;

I shall carve each day I survive

Much like one plays minesweeper within a cells cell.

One mark, nice and timid

2nd mark is tidy bubut a bit less timid and more like …

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June 9th, 2018by TheRoadSoFar

I’ve been going on and off this site for the past 4 years as a way of letting out everything I’m not able to say to others. However I think I’m reaching the point of no return where what I’m feeling is something I cannot describe. Whenever I felt like things were about to overflow, I just wrote it down and allowed myself to calm down a little. However for the last week I’ve been feeling very uneasy on that regard, unable to explain what I feel.

Summer breaks from college are the worst since people are no longer “forced” to see me almost daily, so …

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June 9th, 2018by EnslavedByShadows

I am an outcast… A pariah. It’s been this way since I was very young. Almost 20 years of being unable to establish a meaningful connection with another human being. I don’t know what it is, but I give people this “off” vibe. I don’t even have to say anything and I get looked at like I’m from some distant planet. There must be a reason. Maybe I’m just a terrible person. People have been cruel to me throughout my entire life, but no matter what they did, I always did worse to myself. Interaction with others is always forced by all parties involved, including my …

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June 9th, 2018by born.loser

♪Now she’s gone, I don’t know why

Up till this day sometime I cry

She didn’t even say goodbye, she didn’t even take the time to lie♪

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June 9th, 2018by visual eyes

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June 9th, 2018by MoonBlood

I’ve been alone for my entire life. I have never been loved, never been cared about, never been anyone’s first priority, never. I have been keeping my pain and anger and sadness to myself for years. I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t unhappy. Everyone and everything I came into contact with began to die. Everyone I thought cared about me decided to leave. And then, I finally found someone who made me feel loved and cared about and like I came first before everything else. I felt so lucky, so happy. But they destroyed me. They tore me down. They were never loyal, …

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Hello again

June 9th, 2018by noah5678

Killing myself on January 1, 2020 if nothing changes. Already have it all planned out.

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I usually dont do this

June 9th, 2018by outinthedark

I dont usually double post, heck, i barely post on here or it comes in spirts. But ive just had a shitty ass day. Like i thought it was going to be okay but it isnt. I have one friend somewhere dying of cancer and i wont even know when he dies because we are just internet friends and i dont have contact with him outside snapchat. Im slowly losing the person who used to be my best friend and today is their birthday and they wouldnt even respond to me telling them happy birthday. My one stupid and toxic constant that is just there …

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Why would you do that

June 9th, 2018by outinthedark

Finally had one of the people who had my full trust betrayed part of that trust. Like im really fucking pissed off right now. You do not have the fucking right to be so fucking naive about me to be that much of an idiot when i trust you with certain shit. And then when i tell you what you did wrong because you didnt even know what you did wrong you dont respond you dont own up you dont fucking apologize. Im so mad. Why the fuck would you do that to me

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Bad dream last night

June 9th, 2018by definitelyworried

This is not a story. This dream last night was a real nightmare.

In this dream, my drug addict brother had paid some of his bad friends, to help assist him in suicide. In the dream this happened in our backyard.

I saw my brothers car rolled up in plastic packaging tape, and inside the car was my brother and his girlfriend rolled up in the same material, he was gasping for air, like he was uncouncious for a couple of minutes, I was hesitant to rescue him, because I didn’t know if he was going to be brain damaged, I know I would not want to …

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“mastering a certain level of impulsiveness in order to cause irreversible damage or create an inescapable situation with the ultimate result of death may give some peace.”

June 9th, 2018by AgentQ

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June 9th, 2018by soapandwasser

why do people thank me for staying alive

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Time to go

June 8th, 2018by dancingwithdeath

I had screwed up my life badly, it’s time to go!!!

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Inhale. Breathe. Release. Die.

June 8th, 2018by kade6767

One day closer to death;
Waiting as I take my last breath;
Pain is invisible but I see it clearly;
Smiling at you while I cry inside;
There’s nowhere left for me to hide.

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i fucking hate my life

June 8th, 2018by tearsgirl

i’m a fucking loser and i want to die. my mom makes me go to the church but i fucking hate that place. i’m so sad and i hope a meteor fall on me.


xx, tearsgirl.

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June 8th, 2018by Ree1222

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A story of a chatroom and a pretender

June 8th, 2018by Wrath_Hurricane

Greetings human beings. I come in peace and a video post in a WORDPRESS based site. I dont see any rules saying (like i read rules anyway) that i cant make video posts.

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Dizzying effects

June 8th, 2018by mo992

So far I’ve been chasing myself and trying to keep distracted. I’m failing.

My health is failing. I feel nauseous and wonky. I act as though everything is fine and my life is faultless.

My heart is racing in my chest. My arms are weak and my eyes burn to the back of my skull. I am restless and yet empty.

I’m failing. I just can’t see myself carrying on like this.

I’m so tired of being tired. I would like death to come and embrace me now but I am in too much pain to go and seek it.

Damn chronic illness. Why me? I would not wish this …

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There. Fucked up again. Planning to die soon.

June 8th, 2018by T3R3Z1

Hello. First off; 15 years old, for you to know.
So, fucked up even more, dug even deeper into the abyss of depression or whatever-the-fuck it is. Being frustrated in life more and more. Posted on reddit (/depression), with title “Just realised I’m a fake person.” No answers. Noone cares. Cry. Angry, bad language.

“Yeah. Fake emotions, fake smile, fake love, fake friend. Fake everything. So… That’s basically it, I have friends I like, other I pretend I like them (and I fucking know they do too) and the friends I like, they don’t like me. I’m just the.. how do we say that in one word.. …

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June 8th, 2018by Ree1222

I just called a phone psychic service and was told that they can’t talk about health, pregnancy or legal. Therefore, leading me to call another to directly avoid those topics. So, I called one who said she was clairvoyant and she was very short, saying that we have choices and got off the phone. I want one to able to come before you and tell you something that I can deeply relate to. Her reading I could relate to but wanted more so I called another, it’s seems she wanted to encourage me to live with the 7 minutes of things she said, like create …

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