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Stupid Unimportant Rant

July 13th, 2017by velveteennightingale

I hate when my family presumes to know everything about me-like what I said about my dad “knowing” there’s nothing pathological in me. My mom said I need to broaden my taste in movies because she’s thinks I hate chick flicks because I always say I don’t want to watch them because I think I’ll be judged or feel guilty because the rest of the fam thinks they’re really stupid. I said she was wrong, that I have more tastes and she said, “right like you don’t feel comfortable telling us your tastes because we’ll judge you”. But that’s just the thing! I am scared …

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This post has been removed

July 13th, 2017by Aenxtheatic

We do not allow any post of ideation of suicide.

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July 13th, 2017by frog

Im looking for some new songs to keep my mind busy something loud and the lyrics is important. Hoping for maybe some metal-ish genres. Something with a meaningful lyrics that I can actually put my mind to.

I can share something back if anyone is interested.


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July 13th, 2017by Robigson

I just wanna do it by the end of this year.

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I feel like I have passed the peak of my life

July 13th, 2017by ClairDeLune

And I’m only 24. I have experienced what ultimate bliss and joy mean, but I don’t see how from here on out anything could realistically rival that. It was already extreme coincidence that brought me there, so I cannot really bet on it happening again.

I wonder where I’d be today if I had never met my ex. Maybe I’d be off better because I wouldn’t know what it’s like. Though then I’d just be spending the next 60 years of my life in expectation of something that would almost certainly never end up happening. With how things have been then, I’ve had my small share …

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Never Second Guess Yourself, Just Pull The Trigger And Shoot For The Stars

July 13th, 2017by Aenxtheatic

My name is Bryan, 28 years old. I really thought happiness and life was real. Connections, friends, and family were real. I mean yea movies are one thing but, I could have sworn I have seen happy couples, family, and friends in real life. I guess that is not me. I have an alcohol addiction I have gone to rehab multiple times. I have been in and out of mental institutions and hospitals for my multiple attempts of suicide in which my last one was a year ago by literally sticking a knife though my throat. I ended up in the hospital for almost a …

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I will kill myself if I get suspended from college

July 13th, 2017by twoweeksaway


I’ve never done something like this before but I thought I’d give it a try. Pretty much my ex-girlfriend in college accused me of stalking her after we broke up which wasn’t true. She was actually the one who stalked me and treated me terribly for the majority of our relationship. It doesn’t matter to colleges these days though. I’ve been investigated for 90 days now, having to give up the most painful details of my relationship. I have really really suffered.  I have been depressed pretty much since the day it all started. It looks like I am going to be suspended for two …

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July 13th, 2017by Robigson

Do you understand this life, this world?
I don’t. What about you?
Another question: How to be free ?

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Giving up on my life..

July 13th, 2017by duringmydarkestdays

That’s it. I’ve gone vegetative, rotting away in my bed. Can’t remember the days of the week. My only life is on the screen. This is my choice. I’ve lost everything. It’s irreplaceable. The pain is too much. I’ve given up on my life. Just want to take an overdose but my mind won’t let me. I’m scared of silly things. It’s stupid. 

What’s worse? I don’t even know why I’m here telling you all this. 

Maybe I’m an attention seeking wh*re.

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July 13th, 2017by nobody

I learned something recently. That it doesn’t make sense to bash on people for their religion, even if you don’t believe in it. I have seen that we all interpret the ‘divine’ in different ways, whether or not you believe in it, and though I don’t, I see where we can learn from the idea of our mortality being a test for something greater yet to come.

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I never got to do it.

July 13th, 2017by Baked13

I never did. I’m back to square one.

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July 13th, 2017by Robigson

Nobody gives a shit about anyone
I feel so bad I can’t believe it’s possible to feel this bad and be alive
These two relatives I stay with are a nightmare, they kill me. They are my “mother” and my “grandmother”. They talk shit all the time
I feel like shooting myself but I don’t have a gun
I feel tortured, I can’t get rid of my demons
I’m 27, take pills, no friends, hurting, alone, no money, no job, not my own family, kids, car, home. Trapped

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Here are some baby raccoons to make your day a lil better

July 13th, 2017by bye12

These little suckers were in my uncles yard yesterday.



Aren’t they just so adorable ^.^

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Near Death Experiences

July 13th, 2017by brokenandbent30

I started looking into YouTube videos of NDE. Typed in “Near death experiences hell” and I see with much more clarity there is a heaven and a hell. I’ll probably delete this later, but if you start to watch what these people have seen in hell, the experiences are eerily similar. Even those who have been shown heaven, the experiences are similar. There was a woman who tried to commit suicide, she shot herself and died. She was taken to the depths of hell before Jesus showed her mercy. Jesus reached down into the pit of flames and lifted her up back into this world …

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Another sleepless night

July 13th, 2017by Zoura

Haunting thoughts has come once again, to roam inside my mind, and plague it with doubt. So instead lying awake at night, I thought maybe writting my thoughts down would help.

1: “I wonder why thoughts come in the middle of night.” Why not the middle of the day when I can sit there and sort out why I’m thinking this way? I wonder what the science is behind it.

2: “what would it be like if you never existed?” The world would be no different, life would continue. Life owes you nothing, but you owe everything to life. Better to not exist, however if you die, …

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Persistent loneliness

July 13th, 2017by HauntedDoritos

I am so lonely that I don’t know how to deal with it anymore. Been like this for 6 months and it’s getting worse now that I’m at my parents’ house. I miss my ex even though our relationship lasted like 2-3 months. Sometimes I wonder if I miss him or I miss the feeling of being in a relationship.

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Even in my dreams I try to put a fake smile on my face

July 13th, 2017by hope432

Most of the time I try to be genuine. But you know… sometimes we need to put that fake smile and pretend everything is ok. Plus I suffer from social anxiety and it makes things worse.

But weird enough, in my dreams I put a fake smile on my face too. Yes, I feel socially awkward around people when I dream.  They smile to me and yes I try to smile back…

In my last dream, I was in Venice, Italy and I was approached by someone who smiled to me. I had to smile back but for some reason my smile is not genuine.


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It’s Midnight

July 13th, 2017by cecilia108100

The sun is not shining through my windows, darkness flows through the night.

I can’t help but let my curiosity envelop me. I wonder who I am.

Who are you? Are you me, or am I you.

I hear my heart beat,

I look at my hands, I’m human.

One of many who’s trying to understand,

What This is all about.


What a silly game we’re playing


I’m going to fall asleep, my mind will drift to nothingness. Then I’ll awake, to this dream again.







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Late night rambling

July 13th, 2017by littleredpepper

It is very late and I really don’t know where to put all this, so I’m just leaving it here. Please excuse all the typos I am bound to make at this point.

I’ve been thinking that maybe the way I think isn’t normal, or at least in a healthy way. I was diagnosed with depression. At the time my therapist said it was severe depression and I also had a panic disorder. It was never studied extensively, so I really have no idea what I am dealing with anymore. I was at the time freshly 18 and I had never spoken to my parents about …

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Random Thoughts…

July 13th, 2017by boskobay

Well I’m not going to get into the whole debate about our purpose in life or why we’re here.

But let’s say you buy a car and the purpose of that car is to transport you around. Well each car is different depending on how hard it is driven and the amount of wear and tear. Let’s say this car you bought after being driven hard, breaks down. You fix it it works for a bit until it breaks down again. Eventually it’s no longer a reliable drivable car. Did your car serve its purpose? Do you keep driving a car that’s barely functioning?

Maybe our bodies …

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