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Fitter Happier

May 22nd, 2017by Clebbus

Fitter Happier

more productive
not drinking too much
regular exercise at the gym 3 days a week
getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries
at ease
eating well no more microwave dinners and saturated fats
a patient better driver
a safer car baby smiling in back seat
sleeping well no bad dreams
no paranoia
careful to all animals never washing spiders down the plughole
keep in contact with old friends enjoy a drink now and then
will frequently check credit at moral bank hole in wall
favors for favors
fond but not in love
charity standing orders
on sundays ring road supermarket
no killing moths or putting boiling water on the ants
car wash also on sundays
no longer afraid of the dark
or midday

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What is the meaning of life again?

May 22nd, 2017by whyislifehard23

I’ve been feeling like garbage lately. Absolute garbage. I’ve made one mistake in life and now tables has turned. Idk if this is how my life is planned out or what. But I hate it. I’ve been feeling very depressed and having suicidal thoughts everyday. I want to talk to my friends and family but can not because tbh I don’t want anyone to judge me right now. I judge myself enough, I can’t handle anyone else’s judgement. I always think about ending my life but I’m actually afraid because I do believe in the after life and what not but also I think about …

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Who Knows

May 22nd, 2017by vacantvessel

I usually feel alone. Like no one gets me? As cliche as that may sound. I guess I’m so tired of explains everything and how I feel and having not a single person understand where you’re coming from or what you’re talking about to begin with. A lot of things would be solved if we just understood each other or tried.

I feel like I want to die and it lasts for weeks then it disappears. Then it comes back. It’s so hard to describe, the feeling.

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my worth is in the comments

May 22nd, 2017by Milestiba

I am so stupid. All my life, I have measured my worth on the comments. Now, with social media, it is exemplified.

And I am a blood sucking parasite. I suck the life out of those who show me any attention. I can’t help myself. It is an addictive compulsion.

They tell me it is explained as Borderline Personality Disorder, but I call it torture. Both for me and the other person. The world would be better off without me.

Where can I find the resolve to finally commit suicide? The pain is all-consuming… overpowering… causing constant despair.

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May 22nd, 2017by Phobos

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Who IS that Catching the Bus?

May 21st, 2017by SweetQuietus

I don’t know who she is anymore, that paradoxical pietist with a cacophony of contradictions reverberating in her skull. I am my opposite and back again. Un/Lovely; Un/Helpful; Un/Caring; Un/Selfish; Dis/Honorable; Im/Moral; In/Sensitive. Even the philosophical and spiritual beliefs cancel one another out. Cancelled out: yeah, kinda like that.

Yet I am Un/Ashamed as I pre-hear the whispered pronouncements against my person: “How could she have been this selfish? How could she do this to Mom?” They forget it was always there and although they can see the effects of the brokenness they cannot see the brokenness itself and I cannot explain it. …

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14 days left…

May 21st, 2017by suicideisnotachoice

Maybe. I want to go the same day as my Grandpa because he was my favorite person in the world and this year it’ll be 9 years on June 4th. I thought it would be cool because we’d have a day to be remembered together! I know this sounds crazy. I also want it to be that day because June 4th was my parents wedding anniversary. Then June 4th (this is going to sound sooooo harsh) will be a day my dad remembers for not only failing as a husband, but as a father as well.

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May 21st, 2017by Cookiedough

Okay I have this weird unexplained intense desire to end my life. I don’t know where it came from and nothing i know triggered it since I was home the whole weekend. Just out of the blue. Don’t get me wrong i did have these passing thoughts through out last week but so strong now? Anyone ever felt that way? Part of depression??

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Beautiful girls – Ugly guys

May 21st, 2017by wanttodie2

Well, the rule is pretty people hook up with pretty people. Sometimes, however, I see gorgeous women with not so pretty men. But, I never saw hot guys with ulgy women. No matter how smart and kind you are, being a ulgy woman means you will end up alone.

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Existential crisis.. my soul is confused

May 21st, 2017by lostsouloflight

I feel so confused.. I dont know what I believe in anymore and I’m constantly operating in fear and self-doubt.

Perhaps the only thing I believe in is the concept/importance of belief (e.g. in oneself, humanity, the sanctity of life..) Without that we are just lost in the abyss with no ship or compass. I visualize these foundational axioms of existence dissolving before my eyes.

I am “smart”, but lately my mind just gets me in more trouble with deeper and darker philosophical thoughts – existentialism, nihilism, antinatalism.. My OCD is sky high and I feel paranoid of everyone and every idea. I know

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Into The Sky

May 21st, 2017by Melan_Choly

I used to think this was the beginning. Memory is a strange thing. It doesn’t work like I thought it did. We are so bound by time, by its order. I remember moments in the middle and this was the end… But now I’m not sure I believe in beginnings and endings anymore.

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I can’t do this.

May 21st, 2017by Velveteen Human

I woke up feeling okay. It lasted less than an hour. She is expert in bringing me from okay to suicidal in two seconds flat.

First it’s guilting me about the puppy, then it was crazy-making behavior that made my head spin trying to keep up… and now it’s her friend whom she invited to the birthday party she planned for me without asking me, is now going to be here early… which means I’ll have to wolf down dinner and not be able to digest it peacefully, which means my ulcer and gallbladder will be miserable all night… but who cares, as long as it …

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Blood is not thicker than water

May 21st, 2017by jmc22

I was just sitting at home with my mom when my dad comes downstairs. She glared at him like she did everyday, and he tried to hurry getting food so he could go away from my mom. He was headed upstairs when my mom says, “How could he not even make food for his daughter while he makes some for himself.” SHE KNEW I WASN’T HUNGRY! I told her so many times before he even came down that I wasn’t hungry and that I would get food if I was. She just tries to pick him for his faults. She does this every time, and …

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May 21st, 2017by Needforhelp

I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t do anything productive. I can’t get a job. My mind is jumbled mess of thoughts. I can barely think straight anymore, unless I distract myself with something. I’ve been depressed and suicidal since I was 14 and I’m 20 now. I’ve gone to a psychiatrist, therapy, taken pills, but none of it helped and after half a year of telling everyone what they wanted to hear they said I was better and didn’t need any help any longer. I have no idea what to do anymore, and I’ve already forgotten about halve the stuff I was …

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39 days left

May 21st, 2017by ShiSui

I feel like jumping out of my skin today because it’s getting harder and harder to cope with my unaware narcissistic fake ***** “oh but I’m your mother I gave birth to you” mother. It takes more than giving birth to be a mother, she really was just a stupid snotty girl in an adult body raising me. Hereditary wise she’s the reason I am the way I am. That’s not why I hate her, I hate her because of the acting like an do it all angel in front of others and a fucking mentally abusive demon behind closed doors. I heard boys with …

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I hate Teachers

May 21st, 2017by BlueDiamond

Why does my manager makes me with this girl? Every few minutes that I show to help her to do work, she disappears as though she doesn’t like me, and I know that she isn’t lazy. She doesn’t have to like me, in fact the purpose of having a job is to work, and pretend you’re a team. Isn’t like I’m standing there and her chatting up. Oh well, she left me with her red marker that she was working with, so I took it. I wanted to chunked the damn thing, but instead I left it by the computer. Doubt that did her any …

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Howdy guys

May 21st, 2017by notwhitenorblack

What’s even that word, howdy? First time saw it here, it’s kind of funny.

Yeah, it’s not.

So, warning guys, this post may be triggering for you, so ‘if you feel at risk to yourself’ etcetera sratatata.

Wanted to talk because there’s no one to talk to on my side. I mean, my therapist kind-of-is but I really don’t want to land in some psych ward or something, so telling her all this mess that is in my head is rather daunting. I mean, come on, I’m so fucked up that already batshit crazy and it turns only worse with time.

Sometimes, I want to just take this fucking …

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May 21st, 2017by seemokay

I’m always sick & the doctors can never find out what I have . They always say I have nothing . How dare you tell me I have nothing when I’m dying inside I’m not okay

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May 21st, 2017by seemokay

I feel free finding this website I’m able to just let everything out I have so much trapped inside me I just need to let it out

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I’m not okay

May 21st, 2017by seemokay

you don’t think I tried taking my life away many times but I’m just afraid. You know how they say have an over dose well it doesn’t work it’s a myth. Sometimes I just think to myself maybe I’m just going to my sad phase. My teenage years were just misarable to me. Never enjoyed it.

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