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It’s a long and lonely road when you walk alone

February 16th, 2018by falling_soup


I read the comments to the last post I wrote. Leaving him would be nice, I get all wrapped up in my head and then I somehow eventually tell myself this is good for me. I am seeing a trauma therapist, working through my sexual assault and such. She noticed that I have put my work on that aside because all I do is talk about the toxic relationship I currently am in, she gave me some ideas on how to separate my self  from him and to make things …

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February 16th, 2018by ninjarhino21

Would anyone like to talk?

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February 16th, 2018by negar

I don’t know if it has ever happened for you that you feel bad ,really bad and full of emotions and things to tell about them  to others but you can’t , I mean you know lots of things but you can’t teach them , you feel lots of things but it seems there is […]


what to do?

February 16th, 2018by amesstoconfess

lately i’ve had trouble handling my emotions. i don’t know why.
my moods have been changing as fast as the snap of fingers, one minute i’m glad to be alive the next i want to end it all. my dad was the same way when we used to live with him. weeks of productive positive energy and then a month of not even getting out of bed. he has bipolar and my sister does too, so i’m suspecting i have it as well.

i was self harming daily for about three months until i became too lazy to even get out something sharp, and at least four …


My Suiside Story

February 16th, 2018by dramaqueen90

I over dosed on pills. I was in my early 20s. My guy best friend had stopped talking to me. We had been friends since we were 12. And I had never told anyone not even him. That by being my friend in the first place he had saved my life. At 12 years old I was planning to slit my wrists. To understand you would have to be in my shoes. When I was 9 a boy younger than me had touched me physically. This was not child play. I wanted to scream but nothing came out no one was around. When I tried …


thanks a lot rachel

February 15th, 2018by Tonislav

i just asked my dad for help on my homework and he really f**king told me not to cut my veins because of it. thank you dad i really appreciate you helping me in life in general since you’ve been always by my side (not).

He worked on another country for about 6 years maybe more and yeah i know he is trying to earn money so i can be in a good school and get better education and shit but like seriously i left my country where all of my friends are, im having a shitty time here aaaand he still can’t fking help me …


A glass of broken dreams

February 15th, 2018by Taf Taf


Sometimes I think there’s never been

A highway so wide and mean

Leading to a room so cold and bare

Faded pictures on the wall

Stories of a past untold

Sunny beaches turn to ruthless tide

There’s a new motel in town

It’s called the end of broken dreams

There’s a new place in town

It’s called the end of broken dreams

Out of the blue my name is fear

And I’ll haunt you if I care

Out of this world my game is clear

And I’ll catch you if I dare

But there is no time for me to stay

Maybe it’s time to ride the ray

Maybe tomorrow never comes

Crawling lizards in the sun

Do we part like fallen leaves

Like …


Today’s word: aimless

February 15th, 2018by mindlessgamer619

I gave up on sleep. Woke up at 12:50 am, haven’t gotten back to sleep since.

These last two days I’ve been feeling aimless. Like just unable to really plot out where I’m gonna go and how I’ll get things done. There are people I want to visit, places I want to go, but nowhere near enough money to do those things…

I’m quite annoyed tbh.


I’m Dying

February 15th, 2018by liz_zie_gla

“What are you doing?” they ask. I’m dying. Why is that so hard to understand?

I don’t want to be dying. It’s not like this is fun. Feeling like dying isn’t normal. It’s not enjoyable. It’s not something I want to do. It just feels like I’m out of options.

In some ways, I’m actually very happy the people around me don’t understand my feelings. I mean, maybe they would if I told them how I felt, but I don’t really want to find out.

The beauty of anonymity, in terms of depression, is that you don’t know who it is that feels this way. You know how …


Failllllll mums birthday

February 15th, 2018by beautifulmonster

I feel even worthless today. It’s my mums birthday. I couldn’t even gas myself properly. What a fail. Now I have to wait till tommorow.

I’m really annoyed. I’m lying in my bed head hurts. I don’t want to be here another minute. I really don’t.

I cannot believe my own sister did not come to the hospital. So called ‘friends’ pfffttttt. Every dog for themselves. But my own family. Gronks yesterday on shit so they say I’m on G?! I fuvking don’t even like it. Hospital staff so rude. I’m begging them my chest was hurting and she kept telling me I took G. If I …



February 15th, 2018by nobodycares

why should i explain myself to them if they dont believe me at the end? why should i follow what they want? what about my wants and needs? why should i sacrifice my happiness for them? im not happy anymore… why i cant quit my job? why i cant go anywhere without them? why???


I finally quit

February 15th, 2018by ratlovinggirl

So I posted about dance being stressful and today I finally did something about it. I dropped my solo! I feel super relieved about it.


seperate from that I think I need to take my rabbit somewhere for cull… anyone here that might be a small animal breeder knows what that means. Apparently his aggression is a sign he just isn’t happy and thats the best idea, he’s caused me to break down sobbing because he hates me so much and I just want to love him…. so that sucks…




February 14th, 2018by numbo

I don’t know if you still come on here but I still love you.



February 14th, 2018by lonelygirl645

I try so hard to be good at everything I do. When I succeed I get praised, when I fail I get told “I’m not trying”. Those words sting more than anything else that has been said to me. When I’m not trying, I wouldn’t be upset about messing up. When I’m not trying, I wouldn’t care about how I did. If I’m not trying then why do YOU care about how well I do. You don’t know how I feel, or how you hurt me everyday. How your words cut like a knife that was just sharpened. I hate myself because of you. I …


Does anybody here feel

February 14th, 2018by Cause of Death: Suicide

Like they should maybe already be dead?

Are any of you surprised that you are still alive?


death is inevitable

February 14th, 2018by hated_tedah

I came here to see ways of committing suicide that would make my death look like natural.But as the site rules are that we are not suppose to give people tips so this doesnt seem to be a right place.

I am suppose to tell my whole life and problems to people who are complete strangers and they will show empathy of some kind.As pathetic as it sounds my religious believe does tell me that suicide is an unpardonable sin by God.The here after will be hell for eternity which doesnt sound great as well.Your believes might be different.

The first thing I ask is I never …


Hello, I am nothing.

February 14th, 2018by Indiigo

It hurts. Everything hurts so much. I struggle every day and keep on going but for what ? The mask I put on every morning is cracking. My facade I built is fading and people are noticing. I have always been told I am the happy one, that I bring joy but what if I can’t supply that joy any more ? I have no more to give so I can only offer my sadness. My darkest of thoughts which I mistakenly bare for people to see. I shouldn’t have told anyone. I’m not happy anymore, I am hurt. Destroyed. The me that was once …


Valentines day sucks

February 14th, 2018by Letmyheartsing


I’m taking a step in and out -> quitting this site, May you all be well

February 14th, 2018by Urm8451n

This site has been my shoulder to cry on, and helped me in a lot of ways.
But even so, this site has helped me to rant out too much, and helped me to feel sorry for myself.
It also back fired by the fact that I stopped talking to myself and thinking out what will be my next steps.

It is funny but the last problem turned out really bad, I sank into depression as quick as a formula car with turbo and 2 nuclear engines on each wheel.

Humor aside – I have to re-start dealing with my problems on my own. I don’t belong here. …


Another lost soul

February 14th, 2018by Allmostthere

Hi there, i tried to hang myself and almost do it, i did a partial hanging method, tied a rope inside the tube of a closet, sit and in less than a minute i loss my conciousness, the tube fell and my body instanly stand up, i was in shock like, dont understanding why the hell i have a rope in my neck, if the tube where the clothes hang didnt fell, i have died, so fuck up, i will give a try again in a few moments hanging from another place that is more efective, hanging is painfull, but i can tell you that …