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Why are there old suicide method discussions on your website, but none allowed currently?

At one time, the Suicide Project was more of a free-for-all, where we allowed any and all discussion about suicide. However, we found that too many users were looking to use the Suicide Project more as a resource to help them end their lives, than as a resource designed to give them hope (its intended purposes and mission).

Because of that, we instituted a set of simple rules — no posting for suicide partners and no in-depth discussion of suicide methods. Any contribution made to the community before those rules were instituted is allowed to remain, since they pre-dated the rules.

A passing mention of a suicide method will not get your post removed. If it does, please email the Suicide Project Administrator at the.suicide.project at gmail.com for review and to have the post reinstated.

Why don’t you allow reporting of a post older than a week old?

See above. We don’t want to re-write history and remove old posts that were published long before we had rules.

You can report older posts; it’s just likely we’re not going to do anything about them.

Are you affiliated with any chat rooms?

We are not. However, some of our members are also members of a chat room which they may share in the comments from time to time.

We do not condone any behavior that goes on in such chat rooms.

Can I post on any topic here?

Umm, generally no. This is a suicide support site, and a place to share your stories of suicide despair and hope. We’d prefer posts stick to things like that.

I like to create drama. Am I welcome here?

No. We run this site as volunteers, so the more work you create for us, the less happy we are about it. The more drama or upset you create with other members here, the more likely we will throw up our hands in disgust and ask you to move along in this virtual world to find another community more suited for your needs.

It says I’ve been temporarily blocked from logging in. Can you help?

Nope. Temporary means just that — try again in 30 minutes. Usually this is due to too many failed login attempts. (The block isn’t personal — it’s done by the software — and is just meant to stop hackers trying to break into an account.)

Eeek! My account no longer has access to post!!

You’ve done something really, really wrong here. If you try and circumvent this restriction (by, you know, creating a second account or what-not), you will only make matters worse. Write us to talk to us further about the issue privately: the.suicide.project at gmail.com

Why aren’t my comments showing? Why have they gone to the spam folder??

Like most WordPress sites, we use the Akismet spam filter which filters comments for spam. Spam is determined by their filter; we have no control over it (nor understanding of why it sometimes flags perfectly acceptable comments). If that happens, simply email us and we’ll rescue your comments.

If your comments violate any of our rules, are hateful or inappropriate, they may also be deleted. We have a very low tolerance for trolls or people who aren’t here to support one another.

I’m in crisis… I want to kill myself right now… Is your site right for me?

Generally, no. We’re not a crisis service and we don’t offer any kind of immediate help for folks who are suicidal. But there are others who do:

Get crisis help online right now via chat:

Crisis Chat
Lifelife Chat
I’m Alive Chat

On your smartphone:

Crisis Text Line (Text)
Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Call)

I want to help out around here. I’ve come through to the other side and want to help others.

Great, we’d love the help. Email us at: the.suicide.project at gmail.com

I like to publish private emails you’ve sent me.

Great, have fun with that. But if you don’t have our permission to do so before publishing them, you’re violating our privacy. And that makes us sad — and less likely to be empathetic or compassionate to your needs in the future.

Why can’t I register?

Dunno. Try again?

Do you want feedback about the sucky design of your website?

Generally, no. If you feel you must, email us the.suicide.project at gmail.com — do not post your design feedback (such posts will be removed).