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You should love yourself!

April 24th, 2017by iRubybestt

I have lived many things in my life, met people and also made new friends, but in fact when you open your eyes .. when you need them won’t find anyone beside you, you just help yourself, no one deserves your trust, love yourself and you will be happy!

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Incredibly numb

April 24th, 2017by water

I feel like I transcend a new level of numbness every so often.

Who knows. Maybe it will get to the point where I won’t be able to differentiate reality from fantasy.

I am getting so utterly numb.

When I think I’ve reached the pinnacle, I am greeted with a new perspective. Even more numb and hopless than yesterday. This life is so pointless.. I really wonder how anyone can find value in life. It truly is a mystery.

You get treated like trash in the real world. Unprofessional really but what can you do? Idiots rule this world. It’s also stupid how 1% of the population …

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Human Touch

April 24th, 2017by velveteennightingale

I am losing human contact. I find myself shifting away from human touch and interaction, even with my family, but nobody notices. I feel dead dead so dead. Does anybody else do this? Why am I reacting in this way when I crave human contact and interaction?

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April 24th, 2017by whiskered-fish

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about virtue, and I’ve arrived at the realization that I have no virtues.

What about you? Do you have any virtues? And if you do, which ones?

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Come One Come All

April 24th, 2017by please let me post

Please give our depression room a shot, no rules just support.

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I don’t know what happened.

April 23rd, 2017by ariusversea

I had thirty dollars that I was planning on saving. But it didn’t seem worth it. I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and looked around for awhile. Just looking for something, something, something that could help me, something that could stop it. But I don’t know them, except one. Acetaminophen. I finished the last bottle over my cramps. It cost twenty-two dollars. I was ready to go home when I saw Emma, one of my neighbors. She’s eleven. She asked me to walk with her and spent about half-an-hour playing with my geofilters on my phone. After posting two cringy pics and one …

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April 23rd, 2017by ariusversea

I stared at my wrist today, just like I do everyday. I imagined lines, ugly, scarring lines that ride next to my veins but are too short and faint to be all that noticeable. Too invisible to be important. Or noticed. I wish life was that easy. I wish death was that easy.


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Complete devastation

April 23rd, 2017by foxinthesnow

I quietly said goodbye to my little darlings. I never said goodbye to them before. I had told them I would take care of them forever, but I can’t. I can’t live for them. I don’t care for myself anymore, I stopped doing my treatments, I haven’t been eating much. I can barely get out of bed today. last night. Tears can’t stop. SO much I want to say , I can’t . it hurts too much. Instead of being able to heal in some way, I’ve been devastated again and again. No healing. I know deeply what lies ahead

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why me?

April 23rd, 2017by monse034

I know there’s people with even more serious problems than this.. but this is really fucking me up to the point where I do drugs and cut and just want to die. so what’s fucking me up you may ask? my past mistakes.. I had a boyfriend we dated for about 4 years I thought we were gonna last forever so i let him do stuff.. I let him take my virginity and I sent him pictures.. why? because i loved him and thats what he wanted.. I just wanted to make him happy. but after I gave him what he wanted he got abusive …

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April 23rd, 2017by Tati

Since i was younger ive gone through scaring trauma that i never would imagine how badly i am traumatized. Let me start by saying I MISS MY FAMILY! I miss my sisters and i having tea parties as cheesy as it sounds, my brother playing sports and walking us home from school and my mom and dad without consciously knowing being my ideal picture of happiness. It all started when we moved to our new apartment on a first floor which every saturday we’d clean the house while my dad set up his old school speakers, connecting his radio making sure it was all perfect …

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What I believe runs through the mind of sane people

April 23rd, 2017by noisefloor

It’s easy to promise that the future will be better.

Because once we get there and things still suck.

People will continue to promise the future will be better.

And will continue to promise this and reach new futures

and then someone dies because the future they needed never came despite how hard they tried to wait

and we will be stuck in the past

and even though we know the future will not

get better for some

we will continue to tell people this

because we have nothing else to tell them.

Promising the future will get better

is the only thing we can do

and we will scold and lock up the people who dare …

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I guess

April 23rd, 2017by Immurement

trying to say that people should look within for validation and start helping themselves with basic amounts of foresight deserves to be censored. Hah. What an absolute joke.

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I’m done with this

April 23rd, 2017by AzureXCrimson

I read other stories here for a while and decided to post my own here because I’m through with this shit. If you’re easily triggered then leave now because I’m not holding back because I’ve been through both fucked up and weird shit. Fair warning: I might ramble at times.

I’ve had a shit life for quite a while now and I’m officially done with it. I’ve been through a shit school system and graduated, dealt with my dumbass parents until my dad fell off a roof during a job (good riddance. Bastard left us in a financial mess) and my mom died in 2010. I …

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25 days left

April 23rd, 2017by FakeImportance

25 days until I have nothing left to look forward to. Back in November before I got this bad again I booked tickets to a music concert. Sure, it’s just a concert, but it’s been enough for me the past few months just to keep myself looking ahead.

Now…I am finally reaching the date. And after that, I become truly empty. Right now I wish I could put on a coat and get a backpack and run away into a cold dark place, and hide there until I get found. The only reason I don’t is because I do have something. But I won’t soon.

I don’t …

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Spewing Hate while judging

I’m new here but I use this site to vent my pain. I see people asking for help on thier suicides, but I figure that if you’re serious enough you will do your own research. Today I’m shocked to see posts belittling and demeaning those in pain. I expected those posts of people talking about […]


just a reminder that you will be ok.

April 23rd, 2017by anne33

if you mattered to someone then they would make an effort to make you feel wanted. if they cared about u then they would check up on you and make sure you were ok. they would try to see you and try to talk to you and try to make it clear that you are a priority, even when they are very busy. 

when you care about another person, if they are upset, no matter what, you will always find a chance to send them some care and love.

you need to realize that not everyone you care about, cares back.


Nihilistic, Narcissistic, Shit-Spewing, Negative, Sick, Twisted, Assholes: Have a Daisy

April 23rd, 2017by SweetQuietus

It makes me very sad when I see people come here to vent in this safe place and are met with judgment and condemnation. In some or all ways we are broken and bent and dysfunctional; sad and anxious and socially maladjusted. We also are from all walks of life, representing different cultural identities, different ages (and levels of maturity regardless of our respective ages), different parts of our individual journeys.

Aside from trolls looking to get a laugh at someone else’s expense, or therapist wanna-be’s trying to dissect our minds and emotions so they can impress their psych profs, I wish we could just cut …


i need advice. please. i need it.

April 23rd, 2017by anne33

this problem will sound pathetic if you have never really loved someone. so please dont think im screwed up or crazy, because if you have loved someone truly with every piece of yourself, you will understand. ok?


so about a year ago i started talking to this guy and immediately i felt like i could trust him. i felt connected to him. then he ended up getting a girl friend until september. then we still talked a lot, before and after their break up. not in a romantic way of course but as good friends. Then we started to talk more after september, facetiming …


I Support MGTOW

April 23rd, 2017by BlueDiamond

Surprise, that a man hater like myself would support an this all men organization. It stands for men going their own way. It can range from men leaving society that they believe carters to women to men avoiding having personal relationships with women. It’s hard for me to find a strong definition for MGTOW, but it’s pretty much men avoiding women except for maybe the pump and dump. Their beliefs can range to women don’t love men but use them as resources like parasites, women are afraid of MGTOW because they can’t put men back on the plantation, or women are children. Some of these …


It Persists

April 23rd, 2017by J Doe

It persists. Despite knowing otherwise, it persists. I know the facts, it was told right to my face, but it still persists. I need a mind scrubbing. It’s very stubborn, but it will eventually give in. There is no need to bring it up again. It is simply something I must work through. Yet it persists. Like an annoying bell that keeps on ringing. I’m going to silence that bell. Even if I have to shatter it into pieces. I must ingrain that memory into my head. It was like a twisting sensation. …