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June 26th, 2017by Robstein

Other humans, myself and predators – biggest enemies
We are made to fight
The world is so fucked up, full of war and blood

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June 26th, 2017by Robstein

Same shit everyday. When will things change… I wonder
Tired of struggling every single day with the same things
No freedom, nothing. Can’t do this anymore.
I’m done, I want out

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Knowledge is strength

June 26th, 2017by verbalhues

“Experiences are not just what happen to us, they are the raw material we use in shaping our identity, our self. The person we become can think about the events that shaped us, reevaluate them, and choose how to respond to them. We are not prisoners of our past; we can retain control over how we decide to use aspects of our past in shaping who we want to be and to become.”

– Krystine Batcho

Understanding your perspectives changes your perspectives.

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Anonymous- Message for all of Humanity

June 26th, 2017by hope432

It seems that we enter better times. Perhaps there is hope after all.

There are many other alternative news that can give you a lot of hope. I recommend you stop watching mainstream media which is full of negativity and find some alternative news sites.

The world can be a very different place.



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June 26th, 2017by Folfanda

Yesterday was my birthday, things weren’t looking up so I took about 20 of the only over the counter sleeping pill my parent’s had (they don’t take much) and I swallowed them down with a soda. I though it would be a peaceful, surreal, almost lovely experience, but as I sat outside on the hammock I started to feel dazed and tired, my body just kind of bobbed around for a few minutes, I thought I could just lay down and drift, but the feeling only intensified, and though its what I wanted, naturally my body responded negatively to the effects of the pills, and

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For some unknown reason

June 26th, 2017by EmptyPluto

Tonight seems like a good night to die. Either that, or run through a forest whilst naked and shouting “I’m a moving tree!” at a hundred decibels.

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Benadryl to cope

June 26th, 2017by OneShot

wondering if anyone has any experiences to share. I recently read that some doctors prescribe Benadryl as an anti-depressant. I’ve been self medicating with it for years, and I know a few other people in high stress careers who do also. For me the effect varies. The desired effect is mild euphoria, but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes it goes the other way and makes me annoyed and irritable, especially if I take too much. The problem is on a brutal day it’s tempting to pop a mouthful but any more than 1 pill (50mg) is risking a “bad trip”. It’s cheap and available over …

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What if

June 26th, 2017by velveteennightingale

I love looking up psych stuff and taking mental illness questionnaires because I want to know what’s wrong with me. My family knows it’s a hobby/obsession of mine (don’t know what’s wrong with me though) and I exhibit lots of weird symptoms and I said some really minor stuff and my dad said I don’t have pathology because you can’t cover that up and somebody would notice and that maybe I want to “have a disorder because you don’t like yourself.” I said that he doesn’t know everything about me and he said to give him more credit-but he obv doesn’t know about my depression, …

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Something New / Moving away

June 26th, 2017by Lazarus

So i finally turned 18 and suffered through months of studying, getting a job and then bam, failure.  I pass everything but Math on my GED test.  I take it AGAIN and fail.  This is the last time.  Can we talk about how god just hates me or something?  I have to do everytning myself without the freedom.  And its not even just about that.  I have a tutor, im makong progress but it still isnt about that.

Its how my parents took the money i was saving for a car.  My first car.  The car i’d use to go to work and fucking wednesday night …

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Horrible Grandmother

June 26th, 2017by Sad Song

Longtime lurker, first time poster. The first few times trying to log in were unsuccessful. Well, I’m fed up, and just thought I could post here. I tried the blue whale game to kill myself, didn’t work.. The curator gave up on me. Anyyyyway…. I just got done listening to my racist, emotionally, verbally abusive grandmother rant about how my sensitivity to gluten is fake… Bullshit. I throw up like crazy and get sick. Fake my ass. I started cutting, and stopped, and started again today.. She treats me like human garbage. My brother is… Different to say the least. She compares him and his behavior …

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Confused and scared

June 25th, 2017by nightdrink

I don’t know what to say.

For the first part of my life I thought that God had a plan for my life. Turns out I have no purpose. If I have a bad life I have no purpose. If I have a good life I have no purpose. I could work towards becoming happy but then what? What purpose does that serve? I do believe that there is an afterlife. I believe that If you follow God’s commandments you can eventually become a God and create worlds and gain cool powers. I thought maybe I had some eternal purpose. Now that I am thinking about it …

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June 25th, 2017by behindthescene

I don’t know what has been happening recently. I just feel empty. Comfortable numb to quote a Pink Floyd song. The more I see myself the more I hate myself. I am starting an ana diet again tomorrow hopefully to drop 30+ pends in a week. I don’t feel anything anymore and my obsession with death has just increased instead of vanished. The only things I can feel is my self hatred. I am going to be an adult in a month, I graduated high school and I have to say, adulthood already sucks. The guy I am interested in simply confuses the shit out …

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40… still breathing

June 25th, 2017by Milestiba

I don’t write much because it takes my phone forever on this site to type on a post. Infuriating!! Commenting is easier. So my post is in comments below.

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June 25th, 2017by nepheliad

Work is killing me. I just got off and I have to go to sleep in two hours if I want to wake up in time tomorrow, but I really needed to think about something else for a while so I’m at a bar now with a whiskey & coke, waiting for my order of pizza. There’s some kind of sport on the TV that involves lethal-looking bats (I’m gonna buy one of those to put in my umbrella hanger in case anyone breaks in), and little balls thrown through the air? Seems silly to me, but apparently it’s the American national sport? I’m not …

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I know this isnt what we talk about but….

June 25th, 2017by ImJustLost

Have you ever loved two people at once? What even is love? Am i just depressed? is that why whoever makes me smile at the moment is who i want? Ive been with my girlfriend for a year and a half, and i don’t know if i feel the way i used to waking up in the morning. We still have fun the way we used to. We still laugh, we still have amazing sex. But then sometimes i wonder if she is just amazing sex that i was infatuated with. Can i build a life with her. Can i marry her? I am a …

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I know this against rules but I need methods

June 25th, 2017by Username123

I need something that will actually work and 10$ at most or with something I have at home.

Train tracks? Slit jugular?

I have 150% MLD of a med that Faggots at the hospital got me for some illness I don’t have.

I have a homemade gun but I can’t figure out how to craft a firing pin.

I need to kill myself hopefully today.

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there’s always reminders. even when i don’t seek them out.

maybe i should accept that’s never going to change.
except it still hurts sometimes and i still wonder.
even if it lasts a lifetime, i’m not looking to make mine last long anyway.

small comfort, at least.


Boring post

June 25th, 2017by nuclearbackpack

Sorry for my boring post.

‘If you wait long enough by the river , the body of your enemy will float by’

I want them to drop dead NOW.


Arrival of a friend

June 25th, 2017by a-friend

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to say I’m new here and I’m more than happy to be here for anyone who needs to talk.

I also have depression but I’ve found that helping others helps me. So let me help you so you  can do the same for someone else.


Thanks for reading



June 25th, 2017by Robstein

We are never free. What is freedom to you?