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March 21st, 2018by msol25

so I believe in GOD

yes its  true

but you have no idea the things I have been through

cutting myself wasn’t enough not evening writing my feelings down

no one cares not even family through time I realize only GOD did

I’m trying to imagine what will life be without him I know I wouldn’t

survive it

I planed my death when I was 12 but I went for help only to end up

paying life for worse

no one will ever know what this girl ever felt

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March 21st, 2018by msol25

The days I would cut myself was because I was alone no one understood me my family never helped I was alone worst part I grew up liking girls and I felt worse about myself to the point that I hated myself my family never knew until one day I told my mom and she said GOD created women and men and I never understood why I didn’t want to live for many years feeling alone no one to talk to till one day I could remember feeling like I couldn’t anymore and I was save by  GOD  how I didn’t know at first but …

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For those seeing a therapist. . . .

March 21st, 2018by iceberg


  • whether you chose an MSW or licensed psychologist
  • how much you are charged per session
    • if you pay full fee per session,
    • if you are on a sliding scale, or
    • if you only have to pay a co-pay
  • if you feel it is or has been worth the time and money

I can’t afford to go  yet I can’t afford not to.

Not expecting anyone but ’57 to respond, but sure would like responses. Thanks, if you do.

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March 21st, 2018by spectralgiraffe

Not suicide related

Sex seems like such a primitive act. Not really sure if I look forward to it. I’ll just be another dirty woman. Well I’ll be doing it with the one I love, but still…
I guess this year it will happen…

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How do I help my autistic brother?

March 21st, 2018by Blugirl16

Not even an hour ago my 21 year old severely autistic brother asked me to help him be normal, and asked me to help him be happy, in so he proclaimed he was depressed. He said that he was sorry about all the pain he caused me when he abused me physically and emotionally in the past. He said that he was tired of crying.. It was deemed impossible for him to vocalize his feelings in that manner…the words he said was something I would expect to hear from a normal person…to hear him express his emotions like that, shattered whatever was left of my …

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The Root Of It All

March 21st, 2018by IrrationalLion

Ah the root of it all..  the one thing in my life I have no other option than to take like a champ because theres nothing anyone can do. I have severe epilepsy. It started out mostly just mild seizures in my sleep. Yes that’s scary as hell already since sometime they can get pretty bad sometimes. Like choking on my own saliva and eventually passing out bad. Only a few times though. I’ve trained myself to sleep strictly on my sides. Usually they’re not that bad a little painful a little confusion then its over and I can get up and calm myself down. …

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Time to go.

March 21st, 2018by FlightlessBird

I’m…still here.

I was supposed to go two weeks ago, but I was camping on the wrong track and my way out simply passed next to me.

I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry.

I felt so pathetic I didn’t have it in me to  try again…

And the leave of clipped-wings…

I saw people come and go here, but it was kinda different.

I didn’t know them well, they were basically a stranger. I didn’t speak with them much, I mostly watched. I read most of their posts and thet commented on mine.

Knowing that yet another one of us lost that fight…

And someone you kind of know …

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I just feel mad

March 21st, 2018by namelessqueer

I don’t know how to communicate what I’m feeling to my partner.  We haven’t spent time away together for over a year and getting her to commit to something is just more energy than I have. I don’t want to struggle through this anymore. I don’t want to do anything. a part of me would rather be dead than deal with this stupid conversation one more time.  I just feel broken.  Like nothing matters.  Like I don’t matter.  I don’t know what will happen.  I don’t know if this will work.  I don’t know if I want to even be with anyone. I’m so tired.  …

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Hitting a mental wall.

March 21st, 2018by falling_soup

If I died, I think I could benefit some people. I could go somewhere like a train track or a bridge to hide the fact that I lived with my boyfriend from some of my family when they know I died. I could give the next of kin some of my savings. I don’t have much but it’s something. People would be free from my burden, no one would have to shit on me anymore, tell me I stress them out. I feel like I will never be better. I try and fix myself again and again but the same parts and pieces break off. …

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Purpose? Useful?

March 21st, 2018by Lameboi

I’m probably more useful being dead than alive. When i think about it, my parents will have less burden economically, emotionally, and affectively in long term. Maybe in short term they will feel sad and else but in further future they dont have to think of me again. My brother and sister will have easier time not to deal with me. My friends wont have to spend their energy to convince me and such. They can use it in more useful activity than arguing with me.

And most of all, i can be the bad example. My family can be more aware about their surrounding to …

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A girl I’ll never be

March 21st, 2018by Blugirl16

“I’ll never be the girl you dream of
The one you think of when the skies are grey
She’ll be beautiful, intelligent, and a hero
While I’ll be nothing but a nuisance in the background
I’ll never be what you aspire for
I’ll never be what the world needs..
My existence isn’t very noble or bright
I’m the darkness in the void of your depression while she’s the light you’re looking for…i’m sorry for all the lives I have negatively impacted in my past… but tonight I’ll pay for my sins, tonight will be the night I drown.”~sincerely, Erika

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Woke up today

March 20th, 2018by Unsheard

I was in class and people were complaining about their day and i said” i was having a good day and then i woke up.” I said it with a straight face and people laughed and the only thing my teacher said was “don’t say that” which i know for a fact he is supposed to have a talk with me to see how i’m doing.

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Why is it that all people do is hurt others

March 20th, 2018by Someone1656

My whole life has been someone hurting me over and over again. I grew up in a pretty shitty home where my father had a bunch of anger problems and would take it out on my mother, my sister and I. He would smack us around and make a bunch of threats, one time he threatened to stab my sister and once when I was 6 he made me take a bite out of my own vomit as a “joke”. I remember that day perfectly, I remember crying like crazy scared out of my mind that I was going to get hit if I didn’t …

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O well

March 20th, 2018by hollow.anonymous

I wrote this just now, no editting, just lost in my own feelings. Probably isn’t worth much but it feels nice to express myself through actual words.



I am

I am a a disappoint
for making my mother cry
I am a horrible daughter
making her ask why

I am a piece of shit
for not seeming to care
I am a fucked up person
for just wasting air
I don’t deserve anything
that has been given to me
I am less than worthy
of the sights my eyes see

&I shouldn’t think
of myself at all
Except of course
if it’s to complete that fall

Often wishing
I would just die
But it’s not that easy
So just settling to cry

I know they won’t miss …

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March 20th, 2018by visual eyes

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Not sure what to say?

March 20th, 2018by NotGoneSoonEnough

Most people looking into my life would think I have everything, A happy marriage, 4 beautiful children, a good education and a decent job but….. My happy marriage is anything but happy. We’ve been together 15 years, literally half my life. He says he loves me but his actions prove otherwise. He recently reported me to police saying I was selling the pain meds I got from a doctor. Not true. Well, now police are saying I could go to prison for 20 years. I can’t prove I didn’t do this but Florida law says just having a script filled is trafficking. For the past month, I …

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March 20th, 2018by Jean-bean102

I am here. Simply as it is that. For few months, I was thinking that nothing is truly last. I lost someone, a good friend who I care and love very much. Last person I would expect to lose. It take me a while for me to recover from that loss. I didnt want to believe it is my loss. Now I accept it happen to me and it does not matter if I deserve it or not. I simple lost someone and it effects my life in good and bad ways. I still have hard to do look at something I loves such as …

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I Want To Fly Mommy

March 20th, 2018by AestheticKing

I’m only 16

I should be writing

Love Letters

Not suicide notes


I’m only 16

I should be drawing

With pencils

Not with razors


I’m only 16

I should be wanting

To go out with friends

Not wanting to be dead.

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ya no puedo hacer mas

March 20th, 2018by leykai

no quiero vivir.

quiero matarme.

ya no puedo este hacer

estoy muy triste

ella esta ausente

ay papi por que nos pusiste aqui





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Alternatives to suicide

March 20th, 2018by deathisnear

Has anyone else considered other “radical” options like living away from civilization, perpetually traveling around the globe, joining a monastery, or abandoning one’s professional career in favor of something more adventurous like driving an 18-wheeler or working on an oil rig in Alaska?

As someone with very little to lose, all of the above options (well, except joining a monastery) are more appealing to me than the so-called “American Dream” in spite of the inherent risks. After all, someone on the brink of suicide isn’t going to be awfully concerned about running into a bit of danger. The only reason I even pursued a “professional” career …

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