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Tunnel vision.

October 20th, 2017by ME Thal

I don’t have much to say to you

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October 20th, 2017by PhotographyIsMyLife

I am so sorry I didn’t see your email. Reminds me of Patch Adams.  (Rent the movie if you haven’t seen it.) That sounded like a bot attempting to answer, not a real person. Pathetic.

Reach out if you wish.

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Answers on a postcard

October 20th, 2017by err_me

Suicide is painless, it brings on many changes. It’s the moving to the point of suicide that is painful. The wavering in your mind where you have the internal conversation about the act, then think about how this will affect everyone else.

Should one be deeply unhappy, just to make others comfortable? Or do you have the right to say, “That’s it, I’ve had enough. I’m going onto the next great adventure”?

I have lived with an almost daily thought of taking my own life from when I was a teenager, and each day I have thought that today is not the day. It is not something …

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Still alive, not sure why.

October 20th, 2017by shatterediris

Noone cares, I’m unwanted

By their smiles and stares I am taunted

Are they fake or are they real?

I’m left crying into my meal

Hurting, dying from inside

Flirting with the divide

Between life and the void

Maybe if I was employed

I would be happier

But life keeps on growing crappier

With every breath

With every blink

I feel like I’m living death

I’m on the brink

Help me please

I need it

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Just want to be successful at something

October 20th, 2017by dbzfan200270

I feel that initial fear  that’s inate to the body trying to survive regardless of how depressed one is…yet have tried many times with no luck on killing self. Wrist, pills, now hanging (low suspension)

Either symptoms go away and back to normal after a few days of feeling horrible, the knot comes undone…or just sit there with a throbbing headache, where it feels like my head is on fire. Too scared to try at a higher height… mostly due to the pain factor, but hanging is only option I have. Got stuck in noose once last attempt, as I sat on the floor, kneeling forward, …

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So you survived.

October 20th, 2017by vooder

It’s been nearly 5 years since you crawled into that basement expecting to die.

You’re 26 now (an age you swore you’d never see). You’ve met some cool new people over the past 5 years. You graduated college, got a job, and moved into your own apartment. You adopted a cat, and she’s become your best friend. You’re off all those meds now, and you feel stable, comfortable even. You haven’t self-harmed in 3 years. Your parents are finally proud of you.

You’re still lonely (and getting lonelier with each passing year). You’ve lost some old friends, due to distance or death. You had a mental breakdown and …

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Forgotten Feelings

October 20th, 2017by kellinandrew

I have a lot going for me. I have college ahead and an amazing boyfriend. He gives me the world and loves me more than anyone else has. I know that I love him. But it feels weird sometimes because I go through these moments where I don’t feel anything and I don’t like it. I love him more than anything but when I feel nothing, I am so mean. I forget that people have feelings and I lash out and act like a flaming ****. I hate it but when I’m this way, its like I’m moving through a daze and I am just …

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My Life

October 19th, 2017by LittleBead

It’s a long text, I basically described how my entire life has looked like. Written to collect thoughts flying there and here.

I don’t know how to start but I have been feeling much worse. Everything I do seems to fall apart. I put so much energy and thought into things but…that’s just not enough. I’m a by-product of the hatred and contempt that have always been present in my family. Of how my father was beating us and my mother did completely nothing to stop it. Of how ashamed I was when the teachers were coming to me and commenting the behaviour of my brother. …

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It’s hard

October 19th, 2017by kamidaka

It’s hard to pretend everything is the same, that nothing is wrong. It’s really hard to say “Yeah, we will go on that trip next year” when you won’t be alive next year. But if I don’t pretend, someone may find out my plans. I can’t fail, I must die.

I changed method for the third and last time, I think this one is a pretty safe one.

The deadline is so painfully close. I’m kinda scared… or is it “sad”? I don’t know, I don’t know much about feelings.

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Disghusted but working on it

October 19th, 2017by CARLOSPEJUAN

I CANNOT BELIEVE the person I was, am, and will strive to change. I’m so lazy, absent minded, and moody and overall RUDE and DSRESPECTFUL. I need to change EVERYTHING ABOUT ME. Starting with my grooming habits. I need to change this life I’m living. I’m taking drugs daily now, started taking showers (yes THAT BAD). doing laundry. Sometimes it feels like i can barely move, others I forget to go have fun at night at an undisclosed location doing stuff I love as a workout. If any of you are trying to work out and on’t know where to start, I’d suggest this, pick …

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Outcast Here…

October 19th, 2017by mllekathy


I am new to this website. I found it randomly while browsing the internet, don’t ask me how I found this, but it interests me. I am an outcast here because I have never attempted suicide, planned suicide, or suffered from real suicidal thoughts. I’ve felt depressed before, I have anxieties, and I’ve day-dreamed about how life is pointless at times and I wish I was never born, etc. etc. But it doesn’t count.

The only self-harm I ever do is chew my fingernails off and pick at my dead skin til I bleed. And that’s just because I cannot stop fidgeting.

So, why am I here? …

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It’s just a ride

October 19th, 2017by Darkspark

thought I would share this as it always helps me when I get depressed

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A few days i ago i stopped fighting.

October 19th, 2017by No_More_Lights

Hello there! My name is not relevant, i am 27 yrs old and fantastically funny guy with more smiles per day than i can send to all the other wonderful human beings! I have no trouble with relationships, am open mind, can relate to others without effort  and never had any issues with human interaction. Bad day? No problem, i will lift you up with sound advice and a big fat smile!

This was me 9 years ago. I was the sunshine kid that walked through the door into any dark and foggy room just to vanquish all the negativity by radiating positive vibes. My life …

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Relapse. Again. Lol

October 19th, 2017by They Call Me Amy

Hello everyone, long time no see

Yeah, I am still here. I’ve been doing a psychiatric treatment for approximately 6 months. Still feeling empty, still depressed, sick of people, and my birthday is this week, which reminds me how much I hate still being alive.

Today was the first time I self harmed since March. I was making good progress, but life sucks and so do I. My scars are my friends so they are keeping me company.

I just feel like shit. I am invisible. Everyone would be better off without me. I just wish I could end everything.

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coulda shoulda woulda

October 19th, 2017by freeroma

I keep having arguments with people who have already moved on after I lost. And losing comes down to lacking. Not having enough, saying enough. Being enough.
Doesn’t change anything to play the loop, but here I am again. I can’t change it I can’t fix it. It’s what is.

I’d very much like to done now.

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American parents are weird

October 19th, 2017by wanttodie2

Well, At least it’s what it seems to me. At movies and in other shows, I see that kids use to move from their parents house when college begins. And then, they really dont have so much contact with family. Live with parents after 18 years old is seem like a bad thing, a thing to be embarrassed of, which is weird for me, cause where I live children live with their parents until they get married, and that doesn’t mean their are spoiled or cant live by theirself.
Also, it is very commom read here in SP people complain about how their are mistreated …

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October 19th, 2017by ME Thal

The wind informs me that it’s time for a change

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Saw this and made me think of you guys

October 19th, 2017by Emptysince

Saw this article today. Just thought of alot of you guys. I just say “you guys” because i have no fear or wonder of what happens…i just have the fear of failing.

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This is stupid. Ignore me. Then again, that’s what everyone does.

October 19th, 2017by PurpleK

I just spent an hour trying to work up the courage to go out into my kitchen to make some food. I share accommodation with other people, and I can hear them hanging out in the kitchen. I haven’t eaten a real meal since I got here, on the rare occasions when I’m not too depressed to make the effort, I get too afraid of running into people, or messing something up and having them see it. I guess it’s social anxiety or something. It’s not like they’re mean or anything, they’re nice and they talk to me when I actually manage to leave my …

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Does suicide mean that we go to Hell?

October 19th, 2017by lxmyrick

Sorry, but this is a religious question for those who are not religous.


So I have been thinking about this with one of my friends that if I commit suicide then I go to Hell, but I don´t understand.  The reason I am confused is because if we commit suicide, but we believe in God, or what ever religion you may be, people say that you will go to sin and go to Hell but if a man who murdered thousands of people, and believes in God, then he will go to Heaven.  So I am wondering if I commit suicide and believe in God, will …

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