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“Bob” from work did it…

May 27th, 2018by Vanman

This is a true story.

“Bob” went home for lunch and never came back, forever. We didn’t find out until the next morning, when one of the big-wigs called us all into the lunch room. He passed around a tissue box saying somberly that Bob “had taken his own life. His friend found him last night.”

I really didn’t know Bob very well. But I had heard the rumors that he’d gotten a bad review and didn’t get a raise and was told, basically, “it’s time to start updating your resume.” That was about 3 weeks prior. So I found …

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How monsters are made….

May 27th, 2018by imissyou

Lying again about what happened.
What did you honestly ever do for me?
Said it was everything.
But baby, caring is everything.
Getting to know someone is everything.

The arrangement between us….
It wasn’t you ever being my whore.
Were you my ex’s whore?

I loathed every second of the things you let me do.
I let you lead the way.
I let you set the pace.
I gave you an out.
And I still hated it.
Every second of what you wanted.
Even made me think it was what I wanted.
Those things were never truly returned.

I do something to cope with the stress.
Not just performance anxiety.
After a work day and your appetite….
I do one thing I legitimately like.
One …

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My last post about the voice

May 27th, 2018by Cause of Death: Suicide

“blabla pretty weird to me”

I’ve heard it every day for 11 months.

Well that and the thirty to forty rapes

I wonder does this happen to others?

Gang-rape of forty occurrences in one year?

Am I the only one?

“make them moan”

says the voice


says the other


“freaky out”

says the next intellect 10 minutes later

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Don’t want to live to get older

May 27th, 2018by Ree1222

I am depressed, hard to hold a job, had a brain injury 10 year’s ago. Today, I was suppose to commit suicide but everytime I put the rope around my neck, I can’t seem to move the stool up from underneath me. I have nothing to live for, as I don’t want to date anymore either. Wish that I had something orally that I can take. 36 years old.

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May 27th, 2018by JBone

Anyone ever go on that site?

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May 27th, 2018by _lost._.one_

I forgot about this blog. It’s sad. About six months ago I tried killing myself with a ton of aspirin and vodka. The problem was when I got too drunk and threw up the vodka and the pills came with it. I guess I shouldn’t have drank all that vodka. I was on the hospital for three days and then went to two different mental facilities. I never really got a definite diagnosis. They said I have PTSD and depression and anxiety and it was like Hm. None of the pills they gave me worked though. I went home after a couple weeks, and honestly …

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A lot on my mind

May 27th, 2018by Remnant1994

but I’ve been thinking of an old friend on here I’ve not talked to in a few years. I miss him terribly, and I wish there was a way for me to get back in touch. I can’t get into my old email, and I lost his… so I almost feel like I’ll never talk to him again. Worst thing is, he lives in NZ (unless that changed) and I’m here in the US. Worlds apart. Fucking sucks. I miss you.

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No sleep

May 27th, 2018by duppy.god

I haven’t slept in 2 days. I have been living in my car for the past week waiting for me to work up the courage. I’m such a piece of shit anyway everyone I care about leaves me my fucking friends hate me, the girl I love said she hated being in a relationship with me why do I ruin everything good in my fucking life. I have a loaded shotgun in the back of my seat but im afraid I’ll fuck that up too. I don’t think I’m ready yet. Im not afraid of dying or anything but I’m afraid I’ll fail and end …

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I go to hospitals for the bracelets….

May 27th, 2018by imissyou

I pretend they mean something as I just basically rack up more debt from my stay. I haven’t made a true friend in years.

Something about the number under my name makes me wanna puke. The white laminated band feels snug around my wrist like the thick cloth wristbands I wore for years to cover the scars. Then remind me of the handcuffs that brought me there that I always hated or the straps over the mattress I got forced down over and restrained to for a lack of wanting to change my clothes – that moment is mostly just a violent blur. I didn’t even …

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Fading memory

May 27th, 2018by nutjobcantlove

I have been slowly losing my memory I always knew this. I had difficulty remembering small things like what breakfast I ate or what dress I wore to work today. Now, I can’t remember things at work. I don’t have colleagues or friends at work. I go with my mouth shut and come back to my lonely apartment and stay awake until I can’t hold my eyes open.

Rn I don’t remember anything. It’s like a complete wipeout. I am all I have and I’m afraid I might be jobless once again. Last night I went to the rooftop garden in my apartment and wanted to …

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am I crazy?!

May 27th, 2018by negar

hey all who read this


I just felt like I want to share this with some people and I could not find anywhere better than here or maybe I should say I did not find anyone else who may listen 🙂

anyway , my problem is that I act just like a silly and crazy person , people like me at first sight most of times ,I’m not  beautiful but kind of cute and always happy person at least that is what I look like from outside,they try to comunicate with me and I really want to and try to tell them that I like them too …

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Longtime listener, first time caller

May 27th, 2018by uss_liberty

3:30am, Sunday morning, Sober, Lying in bed beside my bff (dog), he’s snoring lol.

A bit about me; I’m off my meds right now because they make me puke if I’m not using marijuana or taking more pills both of which I don’t have access to (lack of funds). In fact I kind of feel better off them, I have CTE from multiple concussions and was prescribed anti depressants. Anyways I couldn’t even ween off them cause half a pill even makes me puke so yeah. I don’t want to smoke weed and I certainly don’t wanna take more pills but the problem is I just …

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feeling hopeless

May 27th, 2018by Mel121

I have been struggling with suicidal feelings, not gonna do anything anyways, but just feelings are quite strong due to my life situation. struggling with doing a uni assignment and also with my sexuality, from a country that will not accept me, and my family probably will find me horrible if I tell them about it. I even find it hard to accept it myself. Lots of self loathing that I can’t even begin to explain. I am not sure how to keep going, just feeling hopeless about many things and how my life can ever improve.

I was often told I am smart but that …

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May 27th, 2018by CGI

Stopped talking to people around me , I constantly seek to them to help me but they don’t understand the way I feel . I will not burden them any further . It’s hard to watch others concern over something they can’t control . They will understand . I feel like they’re just waiting for the day . So am I . I don’t have the courage . Every day gets harder and harder to live through . Problems arise faster than others can be solved . I don’t trust anyone and I can’t rely on myself .. I am stuck in a puzzle that …

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Ten Weeks

May 26th, 2018by clipped-wings

Ten weeks of chemo drugs and my immune system is still trying to kill me. My hair is thinner and my white blood cells are almost gone. But my inflammation is still bad and the pain is unrelenting. I need to be reminded of why I am doing this. I’m starting to think about suicide all the time again. I don’t like feeling this way. I need a positive attitude to survive. Any suggestions?

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I hate destiny

May 26th, 2018by Nasser

I hate my name, nationality , religion , parents and the cicrcumstances I am destinated to.
I can change nothing. I have to satisfy my parents and become a good person they can be proud of. I have to worship the God they told me he is the one. I can’t express my ideas cause I can’t make my parents down. Though I hate them but they love me and that’s very painful to me. I hate them not because they have done something bad to me but because they aren’t the parents I want. No one can get out the sucidial feelings in me. You …

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May 26th, 2018by born.loser

Don’t know why I’m still on this
earth. Don’t know why I was born to begin with.


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Toxic mom hell

May 26th, 2018by pollyilos

I will in hell. My mom is narcissistic. My dad is not. He does not live with us. Me,my toxic biological mother, 23 year old daughter and 7 year old son. My mom and daughter hate me. I have a sister ( golden child) . My mom craves acceptance from my sis and my dad. He lives 10 min away. He does not like her . She is passive aggressive and bitter and negative. Has a Hellish temper and is afraid of everything. She is fake and not too smart. If I go to mass with my dad she’s get mad or pout. I have …

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Loneliness Hurts a lot

May 26th, 2018by deepaksde

Hello everyone, 

I am Deepak from Germany. For the past past two years I suffered a lot of problems. I am half orphan. I lived with my grandma but 3 years before my grandma family kicked me out of home. Now I am facing problem in every situation. No Friends, no girlfriend, no job, poor studies, not enough money and no one to talk with me. My race is different, Asian. So none of the girls like me and won’t talk with me.  I trusted some male friends but they got jealous and cheated on me. No good people around me. I already have …

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Starving and not drinking to die

May 26th, 2018by Shoo01

I considered going this route, and going to a very isolated place so I won’t be found. Within days I’m sure I would probably die of dehydration with no access to water or food in like the dessert.

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