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ya no puedo hacer mas

March 20th, 2018by leykai

no quiero vivir.

quiero matarme.

ya no puedo este hacer

estoy muy triste

ella esta ausente

ay papi por que nos pusiste aqui





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Alternatives to suicide

March 20th, 2018by deathisnear

Has anyone else considered other “radical” options like living away from civilization, perpetually traveling around the globe, joining a monastery, or abandoning one’s professional career in favor of something more adventurous like driving an 18-wheeler or working on an oil rig in Alaska?

As someone with very little to lose, all of the above options (well, except joining a monastery) are more appealing to me than the so-called “American Dream” in spite of the inherent risks. After all, someone on the brink of suicide isn’t going to be awfully concerned about running into a bit of danger. The only reason I even pursued a “professional” career …

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broken glass

March 20th, 2018by iamdarling

i mean…

my life is like broken glass.

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March 20th, 2018by soapandwasser

I just hit my arms a bit with a hardcover book cause I couldn’t cut myself.

And now I feel slightly better. Except that I want to hit myself again every now and then. It’ll be fine though.


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Suicideproject Hypocrasy 2

March 20th, 2018by Halfdead

Once again…. despite the fact that I adhere to the rules, my post about my own up and comming suicide has been deleted.

It is as if the administrators of this site are trying to erase any traces of my existance… refusing to allow me to express myself, my feelings and refusing to allow me to leave my mark on their site.

Wannabe cops censuring the words of one who is happy about leaving this earth.

For all who think this is a free and open site where one can express their thoughts, feelings and suicidal tendancies freely…. IT IS NOT !

The Administrators are hypocrits… And it is …

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Despite Everything

March 20th, 2018by Minxtou

Despite all the bad news that I have gotten in the last week, I am refusing to let that define how I am feeling.

Since Japan and Korea are the experience of a lifetime, I am trying my absolute hardest to find things to enjoy and appreciate while I am here.

I finally brought myself to do laundry and take a shower. I put on makeup, and honestly I feel so much better now.

I hope that things will look up for some of y’all as well.

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Anyone else ?

March 20th, 2018by khajiit

Sometimes when I’m bored and my eyes are all dried out from crying for like 3 minutes straight and my maybelline waterproof mascara is streaking down my face making me look like a sidewalk thot I look up at the ceiling and wonder what my mom would look like if she part of the ceiling. Anyone else experience this? Also my mom is fugly so that mental instagram makes me wanna die

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My brothers Keeper

March 20th, 2018by imaokat

March 19, 2018.

“I am a survivor of a loved one of suicide.” It’s been six months since the passing of my loved one and today I seen that quote and my heart was so heavy i needed somewhere to let it out.

I am the middle child of my broken family, below me I have a baby sister who is not such a baby anymore but a huge gap between my brother and i. Then, there was my older brother, one year, three months, seven days apart to be exact. Growing up everyone thought we were twins, which we hated but now i guess i understand …

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March 20th, 2018by MidnightGlade

I still remember when I first found this page, and well, so many things have happened since then. When I look back at the past years, it gets blurry. I can remember some events, and it is hard to explain, but it’s like they are just there. I feel dissociated from them. And it is like I forget about them unless I am really thinking about them or I have one of my off days. I thought that I had gotten better at handling myself, and for a while, it was true. But this year, as well as the last months of last year, have …

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i didn’t want to come back

March 19th, 2018by defeatedbyrain

it’s been a little over a year since i was here

i thought i got better

i thought i was getting better

maybe that was just wishful thinking. i wanted to get better. i pretended i felt better.

i’m so tired. i’m so done with everything. with school, with family, with friends, with life.

i cry and nobody understand why, sometimes i dont even understand why.

im such a burden and everyone, but if i leave itll just be a bigger burden on their conscious.

i just

i just want to feel better.

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I feel like I have to be a hoe to be happy

March 19th, 2018by itzkourt

Im currently talking to multiple guys at once. Neither of them know but I have way too much respect for each of them to think that they’re nothing to me. I spend my time with them and help them if the have issues. My relationships never work out and I am very depressed on the inside, not sure if it is because of this but I feel like having someone there will make me feel better. Unfortunately I have to deal with the immaturity of males of this generation who temporarily want me for sex. I am a black girl and not the desired mixed …

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what keeps you going>>>>?????

March 19th, 2018by Foundhappiness

What keeps you going and actually keeps you from finally ending your life????


Be specific….

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March 19th, 2018by spectralgiraffe

Not suicide related

(Not looking for advice) I think I’m going to meet my online bf soon in the future. I’m scared. I shouldn’t be, but I am. I’m not supposed to leave the house alone… (I live with my parents. also my dad doesn’t know about him, I can’t tell him, would not approve. Sucks, because my online bf’s parents approve). I really want to meet my online bf, but then I don’t. The only contact with people in real life I get apart from my parents is shopkeepers really.
I don’t even know where to begin. My online bf will prob think I’m a freak. …

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If you want someone to talk with

March 19th, 2018by Octr

Kik: Octrpus
Discord: Octr#0747
Skype: live:octr.imvu
Telegram @Octrpus

21, UK.

Just offering someone to talk to if anyone feels like they need it.

I know I always do.
I won’t judge, I’m extremely open minded and willing to offer any advice I can provide.

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I dont understand

March 19th, 2018by IrrationalLion

why is that everyone in my life leaves some how some way, even the ones that didn’t choose to or they fuck me over to the point I wish they’d leave. I’m the type of person who’s 95% of the time going through some shit myself but if I seen someone who needed a friend or someone to listen, regardless if I knew them or not, i’d listen and help to the best of my abilities. If my friend called me upset it would take me less than 30 minutes to leave my house and drive over to theirs. If my friend needed a ride …

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Completely devastated

March 19th, 2018by deathisnear

This morning, a girl started chatting with me and wanted to see my pic. As soon as I sent her a photo, she stopped chatting with me altogether. I asked her “Am I really that ugly?” and she continued to ignore me. I have already been extremely depressed this winter and now I am more suicidal than ever before — and that’s saying a lot. I seriously cannot take anymore.

Since I’ll probably be dead soon anyway, I figure I will post my pic online to see if there’s any reason for me to be hopeful. I have never felt comfortable doing this before, but I …

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March 19th, 2018by darkwillow

Don’t judge too harshly, I’m new at violin xc  music in one of the only things that keep me wanting to live some days so I thought that I would share a quick video like I used to a year or so ago… I’m sorry I’m terrible at it, I’ll try to post another one when I get better at it! (This is also learned be ear so I doubt every note is correct..)


Darkwillow studios is not responsible for any burning, throbbing, or agonizing pain you may experience in this video. If you have experiences one of these symptoms in the course of this video, …

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I don’t belong anywhere

March 19th, 2018by soapandwasser

I never really understood why

I always felt out of place.

It don’t really make sense to me cause growing up, I moved a lot. Supposedly that makes me able to adjust to new environments but no, I’ll always feel alone.

1. I’ll never be able to absorb the local accent/dialect fast enough so I speak in this funny (I guess it’s funny to my friends then), mish-mash of whatever accent/dialect I heard all my life. And locals end up making fun of my pronunciation and laughing at how funny I look like trying to speak like them.

2. I used to feel this disconnect with people around me. …

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Getting Better

March 19th, 2018by Nathan

I haven’t posted in a while but… things are getting better less crying, less sadness. I hung out with my friends which made me feel like I’m worth something, needed, wanted, which makes me feel actually no a worthless piece of shit. But I know something always makes go downhill, I hope it doesn’t go wrong this time.

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March 19th, 2018by Unsheard

if i killed myself tonight who would really care?

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