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Looming Doubts of Presence

October 17th, 2017by singularbluerose

I’ve made several attempts in just two years. None of it worked.

Everytime I would disappear or just fade away from my friends and they wouldn’t even notice. I’m not saying anything different here from what other people here have been through. I’ve always been the friend that took notice of others. I always go out of my way to notice everyone else, because no one would ever do the same to me. I always felt that it was a horrible place to be in my shoes.

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Cockatoos & Cashed-up Bogans: Life Across the Ditch.

October 17th, 2017by Shephard


It’s too fuckin’ hot here. No wonder the locals are all bloody miserable.

I miss my superwine biscuits, and tea. The bastard I’m living with is a lazy son of a *****, who continues to avoid doing his fair share of work – his fuckin’ room makes me sick. I suppose the locals are nice enough though. Aside from the questions about my accent that is.

*sigh* Here I am, cleaning up the mess made by someone else. Were it not for my mild(ish) OCD, this house would remain a radioactive wasteland. Bastard…

I have my GTFO fund in case my compensation ends …

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The End Draws Near

October 17th, 2017by pondersaurus

I’d normally try, as per my previous posts, to communicate using clever rhymes and witty phrasing, but that is not my today.

Today is one of the few of my last days on earth. It ends next Tuesday. I need to finish my work week first, so no one will notice I’m gone. I’ll have my things packed, my will is now finished. My note is mostly written. Im ready.

The strange part is, I’m numb. I’m not scared, but I’m not depressed anymore. I know there’s a finish line now, and that is the most empowering epiphany I’ve come to in months. I don’t have …

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Not as bright and glorious as it seems

October 17th, 2017by NotAlright

My home town was always seen as a beautiful city.
the easten purl, the star of the east, a famous port, one of the high tech mordern cities in Asia…
But behind all these beautiful titles, was a dark shadow, a dark truth.
Through their education, how many childrens and teens like myself have attempted, or commited suicide?
In this city, people who don’t get in university was viewed as useless, a wast of space. The only purpous to live in here, is to win, or be those who was useless and meaningless.
Yet, they setted up so many laws to prevent teens from commiting suicide, banning sleeping pills or …

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My body, my choice

October 17th, 2017by Normanguy44

after reading some comments on suicide being wrong i feel it necessary to comment myself. I choose suicide because i want to discontinue the emotional and mental pain and anguish i experience everyday. I experience it on a level the majority of people never will. I dont expect others to understand, but i do believe i have the right to do with my body as i wish.

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Can someone motivate me?

October 16th, 2017by nutjobcantlove

Idk how many of you are getting pissed reading the title but I’m desperately in need of motivation to live. The pressure in my head is too extreme that I could feel it in my ears and eyes. I opened this site to post this last night but I had no strength physically and mentally to pick up my phone.

I have always been a giver and never received anything back. All I ask for is a little love, a little, to escape from all the pain I’ve been going thro for 16 yrs now. I am always alone idk why.

I finally got a job after …

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Nowhere to go from here…

October 16th, 2017by ladolcemorte

I keep fighting this battle whereby I get closer and closer to the edge…closer and closer each time but somehow I always reel myself back in.  Somehow I find the resilience to fight another day…

But I believe I am truly close to the end.  I kept failing and decided to make a huge change.   I gave up everything and moved across the country to take a job that seemed like the perfect fit.  A supreme effort at improving things.

A bold move.  Everyone told me how brave I was.  Then I ended up in the hospital and a crisis centre here and they all said …

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Food for thought

October 16th, 2017by Rejected23

I’m not a fan of glen beck, but I love Simon Sinek. He has a great perspective here and I invite you to watch this video about a perspective on violence, loneliness, and what we’re doing to make those feelings better/worse. I would like to have an honest, positive conversation (in a judgment free zone) […]



October 16th, 2017by lilynicolee

If everyone knows and “understands” how cruel and tough life is/can be, then why is there so much hate about wanting to end it?


it follows

October 16th, 2017by seemokay

Running away from your problems isn’t always the answer. I may of suffered as a child & it followed me through my teenage years & it will definitely follow me through my adult hood. I wanted to leave but I don’t even know my reasons why I’m leaving. I’ve been so depressed so upset so worthless that I don’t even know if it’s worth living or not . I sometimes don’t even know if I’m doing the right thing. I don’t even know if I’m going to be okay. I never got the help I needed every one decided for me saying that I’ll be …


A strangers thoughts

October 16th, 2017by Blugirl16

The light in the midst of darkness is nothing more then a hallucination caused by the hunger and thirst of your soul. God, i’d love to know how to love, love illusions for what they are instead of leaning on the truth for all my thoughts. How it’d be nice to be one of the ignorant and foolish people who believe in such bliss, because bliss is nothing but a distraction from our cold meaningless world. Honestly, I don’t think i’m depressed anymore. I think just accepting the cold hard truth of reality happens to scare the fuck out of people so they put a …


Bucketlist – iamdarling

October 16th, 2017by LMNO

Bucket list, now that’s something that I feel like has probably been beaten to death on this site but I haven’t seen any. So what say you? Do you have one? What’s on it?

Sparked by iamdarling’s post

Personally, I think I had one with one or two items that I don’t remember. Though I’m pretty confident I didn’t do them. Just uninspired I think. Not creative. Apathetic. This list preludes my death desires of course. Seems I was always a vegetative potato…


I have no other options

October 16th, 2017by dbzfan200270

Haven’t left house in two weeks, have no desire to even get out of bed. Probably have lost job by now due to too many tardies or absences. It’s not like I can just tell them im depressed. Work doesn’t care. Can’t afford bills, rent payment will most likely decline any day now, and can’t ask family or friends for help, don’t want to be that needy relative. Asked work for more hours, but it’s futile. Can go a few weeks to a month with a consistent schedule and paychecks to get by, then suddenly hours get reduced, and hear time and time



October 16th, 2017by LMNO

More than half a million young people in Japan have shunned society and chosen to live isolated lives — read more at the link below, i found it interesting


October 16th, 2017by Hadouken

Within our created walls,

we seem to falter.

To others we seek,

Comfort and shelter.

But it is you whom needs you the most.

Inside you hold the diagnose.


Im running out of time

October 16th, 2017by Jmann66

Hopefully i can get my hands on a gun this weekend or sooner its taking its toll guys i broke down and actually smoked some weed sat and had my mind blown im more depressed and suicidal than ithought as i sat there sad and alone this was really the only way out life has been so cursed and hurtful that there is no other way except the afterlife all my options are blocked i lost the will to fucking live


October 16th, 2017by Robigson

I feel like i want to do it but im not 100% sure
I dont care if i die



October 16th, 2017by ME Thal




suicide by water intoxication

October 16th, 2017by defalt120

the title says it all. Drink 3-4 gallons of water and your history. or at least that’s what I though would happen. Ive tried this method 4 times and all that happened in those 4 times was both vomiting and lots of trips to the bathroom. The closest ive ever gotten to succeed with this method was the first time I tried it. I got blurry vision and confusion which made me glad because I knew it meant it was working so I drank up even more. I headed to bed and I either fell asleep or was getting in and out of consciousness every …


Me & my heart monitor :-p

October 16th, 2017by Ellen87