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Run your heart out

January 22nd, 2017by beautifulsinner

last night i went for a run at night. it was pretty foggy and cold but i decided to go for it anyway. i ran as fast as i could through the trees and down the sidewalk, hardly being able to see 10 feet in front of me. i ran until my legs burned, until my lungs couldn’t handle it anymore.

i ran and ran and i just kept wishing i could run forever, away from my problems. away from this shitty city. away from these shitty people. i just wanted to run, and never stop.

there are train tracks near my house, and every time …

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Yesterday I was Playing the Piano

January 22nd, 2017by Redandpurple

And La La Land theme songs seemed to be a hit with people. Even those who didn’t even know the movie exists.

So I thought I should share this song with you.

It’s love… Yes, all we’re looking for is love from someone else. A rush, a glance, a touch, a dance. A look in somebody’s eyes to light up the skies, to open the world and send it reeling; a voice that says I’ll be here, and you’ll be alright.

Even here on SP.

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January 22nd, 2017by Jazzy

I miss him.

Even tho i won’t accept him if he came back.

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Where is Salt?

January 22nd, 2017by Woody

Did he pop himself or is he still around? I enjoyed that guys posts.

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I Don’t Know…

January 22nd, 2017by Lynn

I don’t know what to do. I want so badly to just stab my left wrist (haha), but I know that’s not enough to kill myself. It wouldn’t be worth it. I told my mom that I’m guilty about the thoughts I’m currently having, and how I want so badly to act on them, and she just tells me to sign myself into the hospital. Hospitals don’t help though. Trust me, I’ve been hospitalized three times (all different places). It just drives me crazy that I can’t just die already. That’s all I want. My life honestly is never going to get any better. Don’t …

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January 22nd, 2017by thehusk

Life is out there. And I want to live. In theory. But there’s been something holding me back, for so long now. Being around other people never feels right. I hate it. I feel so worthless. The worst person in the world. Something unpleasant on someone’s shoe. Like I’m just being tolerated because no one wants to be unkind.

And no amount of positive or rational thinking has ever really touched this feeling. Nothing ever feels right. I never really feel a connection. With anyone. There’s only ever the tantalizing hint of it, before it gets squashed.

Everything is artificial. Contrived. It’s all an effort to pretend …

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January 22nd, 2017by Robert90

I want to leave my house for good. Where should I go? I’m 25, no job, friends and i don’t get along with my 2 relatives i live with.
I take pills: depakine, anxiar, seroquel for my issues but don’t know for sure for what

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January 22nd, 2017by Robert90

Do you think death is better than life?

If death was the solution I think we would be dead by now

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The Reaper

January 22nd, 2017by DeathDreamer

I don’t wanna be here anymore. What do you do once you lose all hope? I need to end my life and soon. I’m tired of being depressed and living in isolation with no friends and nobody to talk to. Life just didn’t work out for me.

Mental illness is killing me slowly from the inside. Living like this is unbearable. I can hardly get out of bed some days. Sometimes I have voices whispering demonic things to me. Fuck that. I’d rather be in the spirit world . Oh well back to the plan. Hope it works when I do it….

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Back to square -2. Please talk to me :(

January 22nd, 2017by a-lone-wanderer

So, i finally cracked.

I told them i hurt.

I told them i loved them.

They saw my arms.

They cried.

I cried.

They told me they would get help, and told me to get some exercise before bed, wich i despise to the very core.

I went to a psichologist and i was pretty honest with him, we went on a LONG shopping spree and came back home.

They told me that i can’t cut again, that it’s forbidden, that there are other ways. they told me that they love me and they care.

Come on now, they didn’t notice a teen with a bloodstained, long sleeved shirt on summer for years and …

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to “a dying soul”

January 22nd, 2017by Soco

i thought u might like this. a good friend painted it. it kinda reminded me of the pic u posted earlier.  take care

i thought u might like this. a good friend painted it. it kinda reminded me of the pic u posted earlier.
take care

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Thank You

January 22nd, 2017by Casino96

Thank you to everyone who tried to help earlier. I’m out of medication and a LOT of things have gone wrong in the past few days. I was struggling for a few hours but at the end of it all I didn’t relapse despite how badly I wanted to, and I have you all to thank for that.

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Don’t Stop Dancing

January 21st, 2017by The Last Snorlax

Once upon a time there was a boy, not a special boy, just another boy in the crowd. But once upon a time, this boy was picked out of it.

Someone seriously fucked up.
We Will Rock You just finished playing, and no, not Queen’s version. To my own dismay, and luckily someone else’s too, it was Five’s version, not the most brilliant choice had it been up to me. But fortunately I was not alone in that sentiment, and someone snatched control and Cranberries’; Zombie, quickly started flowing through the air.
A bit “moody” for the festivities maybe, to some, to me it felt just right, a …

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January 21st, 2017by A dying soul


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growing up

January 21st, 2017by who_even_cares

what do adults do with anxiety and depression?

do they go away?

or do they just get better at hiding it?

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Finding a GF?? Well Im Trying Or Atleast I Tried

January 21st, 2017by sadlife958

Hey everyone hope your all doing well. So today was another lonely day but I already knew that was gonna happen I’m sure we can all relate.

So I was trying to meet someone all day today with zero luck While shopping for food or even coffee drive thrus I was trying.  Than I officially decided to take 1Fine days advice and so I opened a account got the subscription going but again with zero luck. I posted this picture  of me and a few others as my profile.IMAG0840

I messaged a lot of girls that were …

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childhood “friends”

January 21st, 2017by who_even_cares

how i wish i could tell my old bullies how much i want to kill myself and how low my self esteem is because of their constant mental torturing

maybe ill get on the news and they’ll be sorry for once.

i wonder if they meant it all those times they told me they wished i was dead and told my to kill myself

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January 21st, 2017by JakeE321

I honestly have no idea what is wrong with me, I have no reason to want to die. But everyday I just feel it’d be easier if I was just dead and think about killing myself but I’m just too scared. I’m just so depressed and I don’t want to live for absolitely no reason. I’m quite content with life.

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January 21st, 2017by Immurement

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Skeleton Tree

January 21st, 2017by Atintofgreen

I was remanded of a tree. I had a favorite tree (as childish as that may sound). One spring the tree just didn’t wake up from it’s winter slumber.

Dear skeleton tree
Every spring I waited for you, to awake from slumber.
One spring you were no more.
No more soul.
No more spirit within your leaves that waved hello.
All that was left was your thin and empty frame.
Skeleton tree.
The saddest moment, farewell.
One last memory, Red cardinals resting in your lifeless branches.
Even in eternal slumber your arms remained forever open.

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