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Why am I this?

May 29th, 2017by braiNsane

Why am I that?

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Maybe we’re all just wounded healers?

May 29th, 2017by braiNsane

Maybe I’m just on another planet…


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May 29th, 2017by Kitten

i just want it to stop
pain always pain never stopping never letting me breathe I’m hurting and crying and hiding from everyone so they don’t know how bad is i don’t want to hurt them worry them anymore i just want it to stop i really can’t do this anymore i can’t
i don’t know why I’m writing this i can’t even think straight i don’t know why i come here nothing helps
maybe just trying to take my mind off it or show someone this is me this is real and its shit fucking bullshit
i don’t want to be here i don’t want to be anywhere …

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I want to hurt myself

May 29th, 2017by Anon1962

When I told my mother that, she said, “Oh, don’t be silly.” She was known for being a caring a sensitive mother-figure, a social worker. Fucking useless to me. Dismissive, invalidating.

She’s dead at age 93; good riddance. Too bad my marriage ended right after that. The one person I risked and pledged my life to.

Fast forward almost two years now, I’ve been flailing around trying things to get a new life for myself, although I did waste most of it trying to repair my retarded marriage.

I’ve just spend the last week trying new things in fields of interest, trying to make connections in the work …

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Just counting down the days

May 29th, 2017by The riddler

June 3rd, 2016 was the day I snapped. I drove my car into a light pole at about 100kph. I just couldn’t/can’t handle life anymore. First responders arrived, I admitted to the crash being due to me wanting to die, and not losing control of the car. I was taken to the hospital where I was drugged up and put through extensive testing. I guess it was considered a serious crash even though I had no physical injuries. The next day I was transferred to a mental hospital for a 3 week term where I was supposed to become a mentally healthy individual that can …

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I don’t know how it started

May 28th, 2017by qazwsx

My earliest memory of my depression is form when I was 8. I was born into a religious family, and all I can remember is that every night before going to sleep I would pray for me not to wake up. Every morning I would be disappointed that I woke up.

I just remember feeling like I always got in the way and I still do. My parents didn’t have money problems before I came along. And all I can think about is if I just end it they’ll have the money they need, if I’m gone they’re worries would be gone.

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Sleeping Forever At Last

May 28th, 2017by Melan_Choly

Finally that day has come at last, the day that was marked by red marker in my calendar. I just finished cleaning up my whole room. I still have not decided which clothes to wear tonight. But i’ll probably go with black and gray. Also finished with my last playlist which i would be playing while i will go to sleep forever tonight.

I have million of thoughts going through my mind right now which simply cannot be put into words. I had an amazing life in this planet until now. But now i am done living with it. Somebody once told me “Life is about …

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I’m incapable of being loved I guess

May 28th, 2017by iwantmore

Nobody wants to stick around me for very long and no it’s not because I’m the smelly person or something physical like that. I honestly don’t understand why everyone wants to exit my life so bad? I don’t mean death either. I mean they choose to leave me and never speak to me again. For what reason though? I think I’ve honestly lost more friends in the short life I’ve already lived than someone whose in their 60s or 70s. I also can’t even get a boyfriend who loves me. The first beat me because everything I did was wrong and maybe that’s what it …

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Greetings with Greenery

May 28th, 2017by Cordless


It’s been maybe a year since I was in the habit of visiting and commenting here each day.

Rough year.

But here are some pictures I took today.  Lots of greenery next to a peaceful river while I treated myself to some ice cream.  (Highly recommended).

I wonder if any of the same people are still here, or are you all new?

Either way, hi.

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“Suicide is selfish”

May 28th, 2017by suicideisnotachoice

I hate when people say “killing yourself is selfish” like it’s a bad thing. Who are you to tell me what to do with my body and my life? Yes, I agree killing yourself is “selfish”, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Every suicide, in my opinion, is a self mercy killing. If you’ve had cancer for X amount of years and it causes you daily pain, your loved ones would accept that you don’t want to live in that pain anymore. They would come to support you in your decision to end your life MUCH sooner than when it’s a suicide, caused …

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Why not?

May 28th, 2017by rivets

Why can’t there be a place totally overgrown, and reclaimed by nature, that we simply leave alone? Just one place. Maybe one day the entire earth will be like that. I’m counting the seconds.

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May 28th, 2017by plasticflower

i can’t think properly but it’s not like i want to anyways
i’m very sleep deprived at the moment but that’s fine because i just “have to try harder and go to bed earlier than i do”
in short, i’m tired

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Awesome Song

May 28th, 2017by eternaldarkness

This is such a funny song  xD

I’m an Asshole by Denis Leary

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Finally able to focus again

May 28th, 2017by Lion8309

For the last while I have been unable to get out of bed all weekend.  Then this morning, despite not having fallen asleep until after three, I woke up at seven thirty without being tired at all.   I got out of bed, showered, got dressed.   Went out to breakfast, then into the office.

I had this razor sharp sense of focus.  I got a ton of work done and made some preparations for my death date.  And after waffling a bit on my decision I now feel fully at peace, and actually excited to go.  This is finally going to be over and it …

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A Life Beyond Repair

May 28th, 2017by 29andmiserable

When I began as a regular on this website, or forum, or whatever you wanna call it…I had one objective. To compile a record or list of my problems and describe my suffering and what afflictions I had been burdened of. Well, fast forward a month or two and I’ve only really made one significant entry. Not because I’m lazy or don’t have it all on my mind, but because I’m short on time and afraid of what others will think, even if you all are strangers.

I digress… if you had to make a list of all that is wrong with your life and why …

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Random Thoughts

May 28th, 2017by SweetQuietus

Finding my magic on this deck: a lawnmower drones as a beer and a shot beguile me, drowning out Jackson Browne’s “Running on Empty” as I contemplate my lover, Fyodor D, our thoughts merging; I contemplate his words as a turkey vulture circles the expanse of sky between me and that fat, seated gobbler in cumulus, morphing into bobby brown’s hair, then dissipating into the general grayness. Now both are gone. If I could find a way to live here, I could live, I think.
Everything has taken on a sensual cast, the cucumber spear in my mouth succumbing, releasing its juices on my …

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skylarke Could You Please Not Go ?!!!

May 28th, 2017by FarahLajeenNourAlDeen

I really really don’t want you to leave 🙁

could you “try” to stay? 🙁

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May 28th, 2017by Robstein

I’m tired of this situation I’m living more like dying because of these people, they’re killing me
I’m thinking bout death
Do you hate your family or people?
If I can’t get rid of them I won’t last much longer

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I’m the grim reaper

May 28th, 2017by Forevertorn

I bring along melancholia and bad luck wherever I pass by. I’m disgusting and always try to hide this fact. I made several cuts but the disgust did not went. It grew and stung like a bee. I’m incompetent. I’m less in every thing. I’m not even possible. I’m never needed only forced. I don’t measure… Iam a burden. Never enough for any situation any place any person.. FAIL.

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Last Meal

May 28th, 2017by skylarke

Planning on jumping off a bridge late tonight

I went into the supermarket earlier to get some food to take with me on the long drive there… absently grabbed a box of crackers off the shelf. It wasn’t until I got home that I saw what was written on the box:

‘Mary’s Gone Crackers’

‘Mary’ happens to be close enough to my name to send me into hysterical laughter. It was nice to forget about everything for one brief moment.

And apparently the crackers taste terrible. Should have gotten candy or something.

Oh, the sweet irony.

Such is life.

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