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it would be a crime

June 21st, 2018by abraxas

Worked another ten hours. Thought about this some of the shift. This is a suicide site, and being a suicide site it usually has a host of users that want to commit suicide in one form or another. Some people have tried many things to rectify and resolve their individual crisis. Seeking catharsis is often times a personal timeline in the journey, however, it would be a crime if i didnt share this escape route from the pain.

You are at the end of your rope; got nothing to lose except some anxiety, fear and perhaps gain a new perspective and hope. Buy a ticket to …

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June 21st, 2018by freeroma

words like fuck are sent straight to trash, comments won’t post with it.

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Tried to change

June 21st, 2018by hesterheckler

I tried to make something of myself. But everything I do seems to fall apart. I seem to make bad choices and my life ends up in spirals of negativity. I feel like everything I took  desiccates and turns to dust.

I have been treated like a freak for most of my life and at 30 I was assessed for mild high functioning autism and untreatable depression. It get treated like a freak for being too sensitive, too angry, too sad and then when I’ve had enough I’m damned by society for withdrawing from family and friends because I’m tired of everything I say being passed …

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I just don’t get it

June 21st, 2018by Beasts of Belles life

I don’t understand, why her? We had a good the night. And I guess I just have bad sight, because I thought we were forming something small. Your pride is so tall it makes me feel like I was talking to a wall. You stall when we talk, like the things I say aren’t important. Our fornication isn’t right either it all just makes me feel wrong. I am strong, stronger than you think. I’ve been through more hell than you know. And your more human than you like to show. I get it though trust me.  I breathe in all of your

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June 21st, 2018by born.loser

I wish I go on and not to think about killing myself for one day

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it isn’t until you get everything you want, that you realize life is truly hopeless

June 21st, 2018by AXYZ

To everyone who feels like life is hopeless because you don’t have (x) or (y),

You haven’t scratched the surface of hopeless.

Regardless of pain, if you think the a million dollars, or the perfect love, or freedom from physical pain could help, then by definition you aren’t yet hopeless. Because those things can still happen, whether or not you believe in them.

But now imagine you finally get those things. And your life is still unbearable. At that point you can’t even dream of winning the lottery. Or meeting your soulmate. Or finding the perfect cure to all your ailments. Because you have it already. Now you’re …

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Yesterday night was really hard

June 21st, 2018by Casino96


Turns out I have I a lot of songs I think are worth sharing to the aforementioned void; if you’re not tired of me yet here’s another sunny day song off the same album as the last one.

hows everyone doing? I don’t have time to go into what happened last night in detail (I have to leave for work like now) but a lot of heavy stuff happened online for me and it’s not helping this slow relapse I seem to be slipping into. I guess I just need someone to talk to because I literally can’t process what went down right now.

anyway, …

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one more day

June 21st, 2018by whatever9

one more day has passed and nothing got better.I know I should be more patient, but if I could do that ,my life would have been far better than it is now.Only one escape works now, the thought of falling asleep and never ever waking up.Sure there are people who will get disturbed by this, and who love me ,but I got to be selfish now ,just like they were when I tried to get help.I am sure they will be dissappointed in me and hate me for this, so it might as well be their last time.

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Ring ring

June 21st, 2018by

As I wait here patiently…

I hear death calling me.

Ring… Ring..

I ignore it while I listen to it sing

I sit at this park from hour to hour

God, I’m so scared… I feel like a coward.

So Death… Please stop calling me.

I’ll have your answer in three days

Just let me be

How I pray, I pray

I know I’m not alone, I know I have so many friends and love ones. I’m blessed, but yet, why do I feel so alone?

I was contempt with death long ago until I met someone. Cliche right? But it happens. I fell in love three times and the first two knew that I craved …

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Hate, Hate

June 20th, 2018by Mordred

feel it in the back of my brain. I want to kill something.

Solution: take a handful of sleeping pills and go to bed. See you tomorrow Hate. Please don’t bother me during work hours, thanks.

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One suicide ain’t enough

June 20th, 2018by gills

About four months ago I tried to take my own life by driving as fast as I could head on into a truck. I couldn’t live with the things I’d done to my favorite people or with myself. Living in this body I’m so trapped. I drugged myself up on benzos, alcohol, coke and weed all night and crashed into that truck. I have no memory of that night or the weeks before, so I don’t know how rash the decision was. I do know I was severely depressed, my sister told me I talked to her on the phone crying and I couldn’t promise …

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Only 27?

June 20th, 2018by HowMuchMore

I came across this site while looking for painless ways to euthanize myself and figured id share my story. Ill keep it as short as possible. Im only 27 and i cant do another 27 years. The human condition feels like a prison sentence and im just marking the days till i get out.  I had a physically abusive father. I had pills shoved down my throat for behavioral problems from when i was 5 to 13 or so when i just stopped taking them cause they werent working and made symptoms worse. I got heavily into recreational drugs and was a polysubstance abuser  but …

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Soul Expansion: Conquerors Edition

June 20th, 2018by abraxas

8Another 11 hours in the bank. About $408 in total since monday. Fuck. None of this matters when I know she’s stalking me in my own city. Not threatened by it — just cannot fucking believe this psychopath has nothing better to fuckin do than follow my every move. Its just creepy as fuck. Goddamn pressures surrounding me; i know i can turn it all around. And I am. A day at a time. My license is no longer under suspension and been gradually getting my car license back. Just get this moto license and pack my shit and move for the summer. Maybe permanently. …

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I’m fine. Leave it.

June 20th, 2018by ariusversea

So if you see me walk down the hallway and you want to ask me if I’m okay…

While you refuse to believe me when I whisper yes…

Just know that I’m thinking about how you’d react if I told you I wanted to die.

You wouldn’t want to help me then.

That’s a promise.

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June 20th, 2018by ariusversea

“You got an 86% on your final exam” is what my dad texted me this morning. I can tell from the text that he’ll call me to his office, grill me about how stupid I and the rest of the infantile population is, then proceed to tell me how SHE’s doing everything better. How SHE’s going to have the best grades in the grade. How SHE’s going to get the governor’s medal in 12th grade because SHE’s organized, SHE’ s a hard worker, and SHE doesn’t settle for under 95%. But I do, he’ll say. I’m settling and failing and letting myself fail, he’ll say.

I …

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I’ve been there

June 20th, 2018by Beasts of Belles life

“How to stop our kids from being bullied or committing suicide” Hello you can’t, there no right way to stop someone from taking their life, and adults won’t ever understand because yes they were ounce kids but it’s different now. There’s a bunch of social media and the teachers have no boundaries. All you can do is ask you child what they need from you because you won’t know something unless you ask. We don’t want to hear that someone has it worse because that makes us feel worse for being human. Our emotions are all over the place and none of respect each other. …

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June 20th, 2018by 5ara

it is so not fair that i will go to hell and my mom will go to heaven just because she has given birth of me
she is MOM
i think

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Totally defeated

June 20th, 2018by dancingwithdeath

Totally defeated by life!!! I should have offed myself long time ago so that I don’t have to go through such shit now. I believe there is more to come. Just waiting for the final trigger!!!!

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June 20th, 2018by Casino96

I’m a guy. For the last four years or so I’ve been dealing with self inflicted appetite irregularities, to the point where it became a challenge to go 24 hours without anything at all. I made it to 48 once. Most of the time it feels like eating almost anything besides maybe a single piece of fruit is going to turn me into the bowling ball I used to be. So I work full day shifts and I might buy a sandwich from across the street on my lunch, but that will have been my breakfast lunch and dinner. The reason for why I started …

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In Parting.

June 20th, 2018by WickedApparition

I came to share a story, and ended up staying a few days longer than expected. I am proud to have encountered each and every person that I’ve spoken with; regardless of what may, or may not, have been said.

My goal in life is simply to leave things better than the way I found them, yet I can not say with any certainty that I achieved that; though, I can, in one last effort, leave you with a few songs that may do what I could not.


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