Family & Friends Effects

The effects of suicide on family and friends.


I think I’m losing it…

March 27th, 2017by 5201jm

(Skip this part if you just wanna know the problem)For those who don’t know who I am, I use to post on here a lot about how I’m probably suicidal due to loneliness(relationship/girl wise). I stopped for a while just bc of laziness or I just wasn’t near a computer at the time. Just search for “5201jm” if you want to know about it/me. Anyway………

So I think I’m getting worse. A few weeks ago I got a little tipsy, picked up a box cutter on my table and cut myself 5 times. 2 long cuts on my left forearm and 3 smaller cuts on my …

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Catch 22

March 26th, 2017by mysteriousvisitor

(Geez, I hope I don’t upset anybody with this post)


I have what is, in my opinion, the best me+h0d there is – quick, painless, clean, and more reliable than a gun. I have a good backup one too – quick, painless, more reliable than a gun, not so clean, but fun!

I also have what most would consider a good chance at life. Strong loving relationship, good paying job at a great company (the work is tough, though), a great relationship with my daughter and son-in-law, interests, including an interest in spiritual enlightenment, and good health (I think – a bit concerned over some symptoms but they’re …

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March 25th, 2017by pensivepen

  • I’ve been living miserably in this world for like 17 years. I’ve been depressed for almost a decade. I happened to have sleeping & eating disorder. I hate myself but I love the people in my life especially my family. I love hearing them laugh. I love it when I make them happy. Maybe, I could still love my life. Maybe, there could be a reason for me to go back to who I was. I am kinda stuck between attempting to end my life and finding a reason to go on. But I don’t know. I think there’s no going back. There’s no

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Suicide Note

March 23rd, 2017by Music Is My Escape

Dear mother,
I know you tried just to hide your secret hatred for me,
But I guess you shouldn’t have bothered ’cause you knew that I was gonna go anyway.

Dear father,
I’m sorry that I was never what you ever wanted,
But I guess you won’t even bother, ’cause at least I’ll never disappoint you again.

Hey there, long lost friend,
Do you finally want to see me again, now that I am long, long, gone?
Don’t you dare apologize for all those things that you didn’t do,
’cause every conflict that we had was for me to take the blame, and it’s always been my fault that I threw it all on …

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Aaaand I’m back

March 22nd, 2017by pikwangchu

I actually feel quite clean today. Well not exactly. A bunch of hoes are pissing the crap out of me. And i apprently failed my exams again.



anyways. My point is… like suicidal thoughts flash into my mind out of nowhere in the middle of class. Not every time but from time to time. It’s quite scary actually. I’d also think about how people would react to me disappearing. I honestly feel like they wouldn’t care. I mean a lot of them don’t care. Maybe some will but not a lot. Just about 2-3 people would. Out of all 100+ people in school that I know.



I …

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March 19th, 2017by Zelrot

I lost my baby within three years of her birth. Before that, I was moderately depressed. Once in a while I would break down into tears, I was even afraid to look in the mirror. I’ve seen myself as a monster most of my life. If not I as a monster, then I as someone surrounded by them. I’ve been married to my husband for quite a while now, I love him dearly but his depression only piles onto mine. He’s put a gun to his head around 238 times now, once just recently. He pulled the trigger all but that last time, all bullets …

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My Life. My Masterpiece.

March 18th, 2017by Jen

“A punctuation at the end of a sentence gives meaning to every space, every word that preceded it.”

I have suicidal thoughts but not the unpleasant ones. I mean, suicide has become my goal in life. My motivation to work hard and earn enough money to complete my masterpiece.

I don’t know if this is weird…  i want to commit suicide not because I hate my life or because i feel depressed and sad or wtvr but because i want that event to be like what is said in the title “masterpiece”. An art. My perfected art. The message it should convey must be not too absurd …

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angry all the time

March 11th, 2017by soberup

this is my first post, hello. hope you’re doing better.

i have been tested for a mental disorder, and, although the results of the test are still processing, my parents and the shrink think it’s likely I’ve got some sort of bipolar disorder. I do not like this. I would like to be normal again. Was I never normal? Maddening, because it wasn’t noticeable to anyone in middle school or elementary school. i suppose I wish it showed up earlier so i could’ve gotten help before it got this bad.

I loved middle school, I had so many friends. Everyone was nice to each other mostly because …

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Day of the thorn, For the rose now despises me…

March 10th, 2017by CARLOSPEJUAN

I worked
countless hours
I ran,
distances many men are incapable of doing
I did things that while moral and proper left me exhausted
i, I never, ever have worked so hard in my life
I ran things, boss like. To no avail for I failed a lot
I did things hoping that one day I could see you again and hoping
that I co uld be there for you and hoping that I could be that person,
That you  looked up to, that person you could look forward to being
the reason why I stayed around
the reason why I worked so hard
the reason why I never gave up (offered myself), the reason why I …

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Please help.

March 9th, 2017by afterdark000

Honestly, I dont even know why I want to kill myself. I dont know why, but I just want to.

I want to give up on my life. Everytime I look back on the things on Ive done, it makes me want to cry.

To be comepletely honest, while thinking about registering here, I cried. I then spent the next hour deciding to sign up or not.

My mom walked in on me just now. I tried hiding my face and wiped the tears away, but she saw me for a second or two probably. She asked why my eyes were red. She then went on talking about …

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Oh boy

March 5th, 2017by simple.sushi

I’m Karen. I fee pretty lonely a lot and no one around me is ever even here for me. Been super depressed for a while now and I’m so annoyed by it. My family try’s to help but they really don’t. I have a girlfriend she isn’t much helpful either along with her friends which were my friends too but they totally hate me because of my depression. I hope this feeling leaves me be but for the mean time I guess this will stay like this.

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No one deserves to know..

March 2nd, 2017by nonexistingsoul

Hi. I’m back. The day was the same like any other day. I feel hopeless and I still made bad decisions. I made everyone around me mad. haha. I never change, do I. I always make things worse. I want to die. Last night I confessed to a friend about what’s happening to me. Know what he said? he said everyone experienced what I’ve been experiencing now. He said I shouldn’t let everything affect me. That I should just be positive cause I’m not the only one who’s suffering in this world. I shouldn’t be selfish he said. haha. They are all the same. Always …

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March 2nd, 2017by Jazzmoses

I’ve known him for five months. We met in a psych ward. We try to hang out every week, usually three days a week that I spend at his place. I’ve met his family. Cooked and baked with him. We have fun together, we laugh together, and we have sex. I remember when we started this thing, he mentioned no strings attached. Is friendship a string? Scared of breaking this illusion.

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I feel Alone

February 28th, 2017by Nugget

I’ve complemented suicide since I was 7-years-old, it’s tragic and horrific knowing children experience such thoughts so young. I come from a family where discipline means a visit to a room with the doors closed and anything at hand. It meant having to contain my tears and cries or the pain would just get worse. At 13 I got bullied for being Hispanic, it was the first time I realized skin color had a meaning. I was stereotyped as a Mexican whose dad left and the only thing I’ve ever accomplished was hoping the border. My mother at that time would make my life at …

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It officially ends this week.

February 21st, 2017by MissingMy3Hearts31921

I have officially made up my mind and am at peace with it.  Time to say goodbye this weekend.  I wanted to go earlier but one of my daughters birthday is tomorrow so I am going to wait.

I learned that due to my NP hydrocephalus that I am about 18 to 24 months away from suffering the same symptoms as those with CTE.  It is almost like dementia.  I do not want to sit and be a burden to anyone.  Especially do not want to be a burden to my soon to be ex wife and my kids.  I think I have come to peace …

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damn it.

February 20th, 2017by Orion

Can’t think of a good title..

Anyhow, the consensus is that life is so fucking god awful that I can’t even kill myself to help out.

There’s so much awful shit going on.  Where do I begin? Oh. Well, my grandparents both have cancer now.

 My parents have been trying to help by sending healthy foods to them when they have been devouring shit food all their lives.  But they still sneak around to other family members and let them buy them junk food..( I can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves.) They’re waiting on a

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5AM BPD/Love/Sob

February 20th, 2017by Elliot97

Do I get up and disappear while she lays beside me, sleeping beautifully? Even if she did no wrong I can’t force myself to believe she hasn’t, If I disappear maybe she’ll find someone better and worthy. I was always told anything said or thought after 2AM should be ignored but it seems to be my wisest moments. I don’t know how or why I think this way, I wish I didn’t. I wish I was ‘normal’… I used to say consistency is key in my previous relationships but it seems the only thing consistent in my life is sadness, suicidal thoughts and total destruction …

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February 16th, 2017by tyrfing

I’ve overcome so many things in my life; a majority of it has been surviving my parent’s verbal abuse and neglect and the overwhelming feeling of being alienated by society.

First of all, I wouldn’t say they’re terrible parents, but every root of each and one of my problems always goes back to them, and it brings me pain that I know that I have to move on since all the damage is done, and nothing will come out of blaming them until the day I die.

It’s hard not to wish for their death, it’s far easier to think about suicide. I’ve developed this inane fear …

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Impatiently Waiting

February 15th, 2017by GoingThroughTheMotions

After around 20 years of contemplating suicide and one attempt  15 years ago (when I was 14) I’ve got a plan… but it requires a bit of a wait.

I’ve come to realize how much it would hurt my mother, emotionally and physically, if I were to end it now. She’s 70 and has moved in with me because she can’t do everything that she used to be able to do. Ever since I was born she’s dedicated her all to bringing me up and has said if I were to ever die she would too, of a broken heart. Now the

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Hitting so hard…..

February 12th, 2017by EvilOni22

From time to time I still find myself overwhelmed and just wishing all was over. I fear this will never fully go away. It’s been building up for sometime now. Longer than normal, stronger than normal. Ever so slowly imploding. Back to drinking myself to sleep cause I really don’t know what else to do. Even that has it’s limitations. Work is what I use typically. Just focus on it day in day out. Let’s me simply ignore or avoid what I can’t handle or can’t control…….that’s becoming me now though.

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