Family & Friends Effects

The effects of suicide on family and friends.


It officially ends this week.

February 21st, 2017by MissingMy3Hearts31921

I have officially made up my mind and am at peace with it.  Time to say goodbye this weekend.  I wanted to go earlier but one of my daughters birthday is tomorrow so I am going to wait.

I learned that due to my NP hydrocephalus that I am about 18 to 24 months away from suffering the same symptoms as those with CTE.  It is almost like dementia.  I do not want to sit and be a burden to anyone.  Especially do not want to be a burden to my soon to be ex wife and my kids.  I think I have come to peace …

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damn it.

February 20th, 2017by Orion

Can’t think of a good title..

Anyhow, the consensus is that life is so fucking god awful that I can’t even kill myself to help out.

There’s so much awful shit going on.  Where do I begin? Oh. Well, my grandparents both have cancer now.

 My parents have been trying to help by sending healthy foods to them when they have been devouring shit food all their lives.  But they still sneak around to other family members and let them buy them junk food..( I can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves.) They’re waiting on a

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5AM BPD/Love/Sob

February 20th, 2017by Elliot97

Do I get up and disappear while she lays beside me, sleeping beautifully? Even if she did no wrong I can’t force myself to believe she hasn’t, If I disappear maybe she’ll find someone better and worthy. I was always told anything said or thought after 2AM should be ignored but it seems to be my wisest moments. I don’t know how or why I think this way, I wish I didn’t. I wish I was ‘normal’… I used to say consistency is key in my previous relationships but it seems the only thing consistent in my life is sadness, suicidal thoughts and total destruction …

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February 16th, 2017by tyrfing

I’ve overcome so many things in my life; a majority of it has been surviving my parent’s verbal abuse and neglect and the overwhelming feeling of being alienated by society.

First of all, I wouldn’t say they’re terrible parents, but every root of each and one of my problems always goes back to them, and it brings me pain that I know that I have to move on since all the damage is done, and nothing will come out of blaming them until the day I die.

It’s hard not to wish for their death, it’s far easier to think about suicide. I’ve developed this inane fear …

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Impatiently Waiting

February 15th, 2017by GoingThroughTheMotions

After around 20 years of contemplating suicide and one attempt  15 years ago (when I was 14) I’ve got a plan… but it requires a bit of a wait.

I’ve come to realize how much it would hurt my mother, emotionally and physically, if I were to end it now. She’s 70 and has moved in with me because she can’t do everything that she used to be able to do. Ever since I was born she’s dedicated her all to bringing me up and has said if I were to ever die she would too, of a broken heart. Now the

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Hitting so hard…..

February 12th, 2017by EvilOni22

From time to time I still find myself overwhelmed and just wishing all was over. I fear this will never fully go away. It’s been building up for sometime now. Longer than normal, stronger than normal. Ever so slowly imploding. Back to drinking myself to sleep cause I really don’t know what else to do. Even that has it’s limitations. Work is what I use typically. Just focus on it day in day out. Let’s me simply ignore or avoid what I can’t handle or can’t control…….that’s becoming me now though.

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also i’m new here and haven’t ever been on forums at all

February 12th, 2017by cheystaley

im 22 and my favorite color is pink. i’ve been hospitalized 8 times so far. first when i was 15 and last was in august.

ive been waiting and waiting for things to get better and stay better but it seems like they get better and then worse then the last time it was worst.

a few days after christmas i found out i was pregnant. by this guy i’d slept with twice before who i knew i didn’t meant anything to. he’s kind of my friend i guess. i became friends with him and his other friends last year. they all haven’t known me very long …

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February 10th, 2017by orphaner-coolscar

hey all…

i know i said i wouldnt come back here. but i have to get this out there.

it’s been a few years since this fiasco happened:

(exact dates are hazy, my original posts are deleted. i’ll do my best to recap, now that im looking at everything in hindsight, i can give a little more info than i did on the original post.)

in december 2013, i was fourteen years old, and i tried to kill myself. i typed out a long goodbye, i wanted people to know that they should take teenagers + suicide more seriously and that

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February 9th, 2017by _lost._.one_

I feel so alone, as if I am not good enough.

Today I almost suffocated from my own self-hate. Sigh, not literally, metaphorically. There were so many people in the bathroom all of a sudden and I could not cry, I had to hold it in for approximately ten minutes while they fussed over their picture.

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Trust and Pain. Fuck Relationships

February 6th, 2017by Mavourneen

How do you learn to trust again once that trust has been broken?

I don’t know how to deal with this pain and anxiety of not being able to trust

I feel frantic and irrational


My boyfriend is talking to his first ever ex, he didn’t tell me until like a week of them talking. From what he’s told me of her she was really manipulative and they ended on bad terms. When they dated she was in a relationship and cheated on her boyfriend with him constantly. It tore him up inside because she said she would leave her boyfriend but kept them both. She’s still with …

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February 6th, 2017by behindthescene

I want to feel. I want to trust. I want to believe in the good that remains in this world.


I am so obsessed with being in control and keeping my vulnerability on a tight leash. Finding excuses to stay locked up away from everyone else.


I am annoying, ugly, delusional, crazy, needy, broken… who wants that?


They see objects when they look at me. My Mother saw the drugs my money could buy, or the facade she could create by projecting herself as another. My father saw an easily manipulated pawn to utilize in his chess game. My friends saw a charity case, a pest, a burden, and someone who …

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No Such Thing As Love

February 4th, 2017by ForeverLostAndLonely

I’ve wanted my life to end before. I’ve thought of ways I can do it that would have the least amount of impact on the people around me. My family would get over it. Relationships are hard for me so I don’t have any really close friends to worry about. I’ve tried counseling and I’ve taken medication. I’ve reached out to people when I’ve needed help. But you can only reach out to people so many times before you start bringing them down. That’s when they leave you. I’ve worked SO hard to hide this side of me from my boyfriend of two years. There …

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Opinions Wanted

February 4th, 2017by Elliot97

I was going to take my own life today as my previous posts had stated. I booked my train ticket to the local forestry area so I could hang myself at 11pm. I had chosen today as my girlfriend went home to see her mum as her Granddad had passed away the day before.

I told her to go see him before he passed and she said she couldn’t face the idea of seeing him die, so I just held her and comfort her for the entire week. After she found out about my plans because I couldn’t just leave without saying goodbye she rushed home. …

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I’ve Gone Insane

February 3rd, 2017by mydogisdead

I’ve gone insane. I want to die, but I can’t go through with suicide.

I’ve been betrayed by everyone. I’ve become heartless as a result.

I tried being a nice guy. I tried being everyone’s friend. It doesn’t work.

You can’t be nice to anyone. If you do, someone will punish you for it.

There is no point in trying to better myself. It won’t make anyone care.

I tried online dating, but couldn’t get a single date. Over a month of chatting, and no one wants to meet me. I am completely and totally undesirable. I will be alone forever.

Some people think they have it bad. They have no …

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On the verge of giving up

February 3rd, 2017by greenmelody

My mind is racing about 200 mph but I can’t seem to think straight right now and find the right words to say.

I’m not hedging others to sympathize with me but I apologize if I may sound extremely pessimistic and too unbearable. And I also want to apologize on how lengthy my post is.

So where do I start? Do I start confiding to everyone how I wake up every morning feeling apathetic towards everything and everyone, and asking a god, the universe or my subconscious why it was so unfortunate that I still lived for another day? Or do I tell you guys how I …

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Human’s Imagination / Humans’ Imagination / Humans Imagination is better than Reality

February 2nd, 2017by niki

Human’s Imagination / Humans’ Imagination / Humans Imagination is better than Reality

Movie / movies is better than reality / real life / real world
Video game / games is better than reality / real world / real life
Novel /novels is better than reality / real-life / real-world /
Sci-fi / Science-fiction is better than reality / reallife / realworld
Fantasy is better than reality / real world / real life
Anime / manga is better than reality / realworld / reallife
Dream / dreams is better than reality / real-world / real-life

I hate reality !!!!
Reality it’s all about MONEY !!!!!!
Reality is BORING !!!!
Real world is boring ! real-world is …

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why did you become suicidel?

January 31st, 2017by noname_x

I was wondering why you guys did become suicidel?

If anyone is interested this is my story ..

The first time I became suicidel was about a year ago. I was already a little bit depressed but nothing much. On a friday night I went to a sort of homeparty together with my best friend for over 10 years. We were just chilling, having a good time and then suddenly he was acting strange. But I didn’t gave it much attention at the time. an hour or two went by and he was acting even more stranger than before, so i asked him what was wrong and …

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When your family want you sectioned

January 31st, 2017by Elliot97

I had already planned my suicide for the upcoming weeks. I attempted to let my family aware of this so there’s less grief to have when the times comes. My girlfriend has not only been keeping secrets and lying from but so have my parents. She got angry and told me that they want to section me.

I think this only solidifies my urge to leave sooner. People will never love you and will always find better, believe me… Try being told by your girlfriend who you’ve given everything to that she finds other people more attractive and gives them the attention you give to …

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January 31st, 2017by Parzival

Oh jeez where to start. I actually haven’t logged onto this site for at least a year maybe longer? It’s hard to remember. I was doing a whole lot better and things were looking up. I had setbacks, times where I struggled but nothing unbearable. Well recently my best friend of 6 years (by far the longest friendship I have ever had) left me. This is the person I have gone to with everything and who I probably care about most in the world. We have been drifting for apart for about a month because I attempted suicide over a PTSD trigger and she got …

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Hello. More like hell no

January 29th, 2017by Firewood


I’m new here. But that’s not important.

I don’t know where to start so…


My whole life is fucked up

I was 6 when i tried to kill myself for the first time. Why?

Cause my abusive father was accused of murdering my brother

And they were interrogating me and my siblings.

Cause my father wasted all the money that were supposed to go for his coffin just to get drunk

Cause i was bullied

Cause i was sexually abused

Cause i had to act like my brother when i was with my mom to keep her sane.

It wasn’t the last time that i tried to off myself



I was sexually abused 5 …

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