Family & Friends Effects

The effects of suicide on family and friends.


Not all scars are physical.

Not all scars are physical.

June 18th, 2018by WickedApparition

Not all scars are physical.

How a routine drive to work will change the lives of two men forever.

( @definitelyworried – I hope that this story makes its way to you. )



We’ve probably all been told the famous quote by Poet, Philosopher, and Journalist Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson – “Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well…”, and although that’s a noble wish for most individuals, it, unfortunately, goes against Life’s Principles. You see, Life does whatever it wants, and sometimes that includes choosing to dictate the way you …

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Done. Fucking done

June 17th, 2018by NumbExhaustion

So I want to die. Like honestly. I’m so done with everything. Mom’s banning me from watching Criminal Minds (Because it’s “corrupting my mind”) and my parents took all the locks off my doors and I really just want to cut. I’m tired of living here and I’m already sick of summer break. Goddddd. Just frustrated.

I can’t figure out my gender either. Like I thought I was agender but then what if I’m FTM trans? I dunno. I’m just realizing this now too. It’s not something I ever knew from a young age. Is that even possible? Also, can you be FTM trans without bottom …

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June 17th, 2018by tearsgirl

my dad is dying and i’m sad and happy for that. he always was a asshole with me and my mom and finally i’ll let me in peace but i love him. it’s so sad that he wasn’t a good dad. i wish he wasn’t a chemical dependent and a alcoholic of shit but i cannot change that. he even didn’t apologize for turned my life in a fucking hell. he manipulated me and he assaulted my mom. he deserve all the pain that he’s getting now but it’s not fair with me to see him dies.

xx tearsgirl

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June 17th, 2018by tearsgirl

i’m so disappointed with everyone. my best friend, my mom, my grandma, my dad and myself. literally everyone. people are asshole and this sucks. i’m so fucking tired. i visited my psychology yesterday and it was horrible. i just can’t take this anymore. i failed with myself. it’s clear that i cannot handle the weight of life. i just wanna disappear.



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I cant anymore

June 15th, 2018by ctrz

I’ve sat here, countless days, haven’t left the house, haven’t DONE anything, I have no purpose, nobody is willing to hear my cries, even my best friend, whom I thought was exactly like me cant see anything wrong. Im leaving to go to Japan in 12 days, and after that, when I get back, Im going to go see her and then, then Im done. Im done not having a reason to live, im done being hurt by everyone, im done with my deadbeat family who always bash on me. there is no way that im going to sit here and let this happen. so, …

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No One Cares

June 13th, 2018by GerbzBaby

No one cares about me or how I feel. My emotions and feelings are always pushed back in my family and friends minds. My sister hangs out with someone she knows I’m mad at for hurting me. Yet when she was mad at her ex I respected her wishes of not talking to him. If I’m suffering no one asks if I’m ok, if I need anything, no one talks to me. I’m so sick of this treatment. Everyone hates me when I react to my feelings of hurt or just don’t care. I don’t want to go home..

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******** Hypoxia

June 13th, 2018by kirlin.blair

If you let me fall in love with you like I want to, I’d do anything for you. I mostly want to massage you, eat you out, give you the best food and drink, and remember the smallest things about your personality.

I’d even help you enact a painless and undetectable suicide, if you were completely sure that’s what you wanted. It’s your right and I would never assert otherwise. I would bury your secret and cover it with a nonplussed veneer. I signed up for the whole woman with all her flaws and self-doubt, just so I could find joy in giving. Obviously I’d rather …

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June 3rd, 2018by Ree1222

I don’t like the feeling that I’ve lost. I’m overweight and it’s not easy finding a method for me. Not interested in a failed attempt and excuse me if all I talk about is wanting death because I never thought I’d turn out like this. I look at my few immediate family members, with a small hole in my heart by not wanting to be here. My body aches, my head aches, I have to work, no close friend’s anymore; it hurts to look my mother in the face because I know she wants the best for me, success in all but I know I …

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Why not Vanish?

June 3rd, 2018by BenzQoa

             Can I vanish?
Hello everyone, I believe you all know why I am here posting this. I feel empty, loneliness, hopeless. The will to live longer inside me has vanished, I do not wish to live any longer. I have friends, but none has really understood me. I have a wealthy family, but wealthy does not mean joy. I used to be a genius at school, but due to the current situation, I do not have the will to learn any longer. I cannot feel the joy inside me much longer. I just feel like it is worthless to live …

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June 3rd, 2018by TheBlackSlugInMe

I sometimes drift
Back and forth
Thinking that it’s alright
Then plummeting again

While a glance
Tells of hope

A daily friend
Sees your sorrow
But dismissed it
All the same

On the edge
I found reasons
To jump

But they’re not enough
So I am begging
Bully me
Kill my loved ones

So I can finally die

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All I want

June 3rd, 2018by Lovebug21

  1. Honestly I don’t want to die. I just want this pain that I feel bury me, to go away .I want to truly be happy .That’s all I want .Juat to be happy, and the people around me to be happy. I only want true happiness. Do I have to die to achive that?
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I don’t understand

June 3rd, 2018by ByeRhodey

I’ve tried asking for help. Yesterday I outright said, “I’m getting ready to jump off a bridge.”

There wasn’t a reaction. I was honestly considering doing it. I was wishing and on the ground screaming in my head.

“Why am I forced to live? Why can’t I just die. What’s the damn point? Let me die. Let me die!” I’ve fallen asleep like that and the moment I wake up I feel so much dread at the thought that I had to wake up. That I have to deal with another day and no one understands. Why does she not say anything useful when I tell her …

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Do I Want To Live?

May 31st, 2018by millionth

I made a promise to stop harming myself. I’ve broken that but continually renew it for some reason. I made a promise to not kill myself. Obviously I’ve kept that thus far. Does this mean I want to live?

For a very long time now, I’ve decided I don’t want to “get better.” To me CBT is bull and medication is simply mind control. I know the truth – that this game of life is so utterly moronic and useless. To try and hide that is just wrong to me. I realize they help others, and there’s nothing bad about that, it’s just important to me, …

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At least you tried.

May 24th, 2018by plebs

I have to act like I’m getting better so I don’t get sent back to therapy, but I feel worse than ever. Thank you for being there and trying to help but it’s not working. I’m not sure when I’ll decide to end it all but I would like to let you know that I appreciate everything you have done.

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I am a bad thing

May 20th, 2018by Triste Foi

I am a bad thing, I think I’m going crazy but I’m too afraid to talk about that to anyone. I am afraid I am going to slowly become something truly awful and dark. And I feel like part of my wanting to die is that I owe it to the world to not make them suffer if I do become something of a monster. You know how when someone gets bit by a zombie so they shoot themselves or something for the greater good of the rest of the survivors and so that they don’t become that? That’s how I feel. I have …

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May 16th, 2018by mranony

I know you’re dead for a year now.
I know the word death and what it means
But all this time, I’ve been unconsciously thinking
You’re somewhere far away. Just a country away.

But this night, I finally realized you’re dead.
Dead and never coming back.
It’s not a movie or a game.
No reviving spells,
No Phoenix tears.
Just my tears

And I know that will never bring you back.

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I’m not supposed to be happy.

May 15th, 2018by strawberrycrown

You know what, I seriously don’t think I’m supposed to be happy. Like I think my destiny and fate is just to be unhappy. I wish it wasn’t this way, but it is. Every time that I feel happy and can say to myself “life is going pretty great” (which is not often as it is) my life just suddenly says “oh, she’s happy, better change that”. Like literally things are finally going good like I can actually say I have friends and I’m happy with them and the way things are going but then now they’ve decided that they don’t like me as much …

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been hatin’ life since day 1

May 12th, 2018by hateanon

I hate my life. I’m a minor and that means I obviously have to live with my parents. I’m a girl and have 3 disgusting brothers. The only thing I have for myself is my brains which I got from my mother. She’s mean sometimes but she’s the only one I actually truly love in this nightmare of a household. My dad and I had a fight about 2-3 months ago and he hasn’t talked to me since. He’s a fucking stupid middle aged man and an ego the size of a fucking blue whale. I hate him so much, his standards for me are …

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The last one

May 11th, 2018by mo992

Why has it gotten to this point? I have waited so long but the last one is broken.

The last one has spoken words to me that verify my twisted thoughts.

My presence causes pain and suffering. It has caused this one even more than it has myself.

Why has it gotten to this point?

Is it my fault? I believe it is, but the voice within says it could be my doing and that of my existence as well.

I wish I could bring good news, I truly do, but I hold only sorrow.

Perhaps one day there will be good news.

I have not hoped for this to occur but …

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How Can You Even Say That?

May 7th, 2018by Koda

You are my SISTER. You should be understanding.

Instead, you tell me that nothing is wrong with me?

And I am forced to bring up a professional diagnosis and an attempted suicide to end this argument?

How can you say that?

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