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I’m finally committing

  February 13th, 2019 by Cause of Death: Suicide

Finially, as I am sure that life is more trouble than it was ever worth

I thought I would leave this here
It is nothing too special, at all, but it is all I have.
I was trying to record an album but I could never get the devil off my back,
so all I have is this poetry and a guitar I can’t pick up.
I already sold my keyboard and my record collection.

The Fleshy Bones

An Album For Kids That Live On The Moon (Copyright)


Without further A-doobie
Beyond a shadow of an ounce
And with that I rest my bong
Poking Smot; Binking Dringe
Everybody can do drugs
But not everyone can be drugs
Are You Ready, Freddy?

And then there was light
..And then there was sound
..And then there was color
..And then there was Ocean
..And then there was Mountain
..And then there was The Sun
..And then there was The Moon
..And then there was The Solar System
..And then there was The Father
..And then there was The Son
..And then there was The Holy Ghost
..And then there was Arithmetic
..And then there was Science
..And then there was Love
..And then there was War

Death before Dishonor
A Captain Lost at Sea in Solitude


Every day I wake up feeling like Great Britain
A stranger strolling the villas of Notre Dame Kingdom.
I’ve wandered the plotted grid of your mind
Like I’m trekking the Sierra Nevada
Ascended the Himalayas
Then I approached The Pier
Dived into your Aquatics
Sailed Olympic lengths
Through your Black Seas
And Gibraltar Straights
Climbed your Eiffel Tower
And sky-dived down
Set up camp –
Lived only on your twigs & berries
Slept wrapped in my sleeping bag
Beside your creeks
If only to wake up to your songbird tweet

My life in the grooves and tombs of your hands
A cryptic stare
A bedeviled glare


“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?”

A slow dance. A biblical romance.
Slipping, sliding through the shadows
When you think no one is watching
The spirit is moving you
A silly game. A broken toy.
A starry night you perch on your tower
Connecting the dots – All the stars that shower
Shooting towards each other
Like a game of tag

In graceful haste, I strike a cord
When the world has come to none,
There will only be but one, Juliet.

Bubble-gum lips and cotton-candy eyes
A home cooked meal and her voice a harp strumming goodnight
Light cast all around her on Summer Days
A clear-skied Crepuscular Ray
Melting at her feet, there is me.
First Come, First Serve

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The Suicide by Edna St. Vincent Millay

  February 3rd, 2019 by FairFairAndCold

I was reading some poems by Edna St. Vincent Millay And found one called “The Suicide”. It opens with the lines at the bottom of this post. I connected with the idea of cursing life and giving it up, but I was unnerved by the direction she took it. It ends with her in heaven, in eternal rest, but jealous of the other dead people and angels who get to serve her god. When she asks for a task, the God tells her no because her life was her task and she gave that up. Does the idea of life as an act of devotion …

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Cat Stevens – Trouble

  January 12th, 2019 by Taf Taf


Trouble, oh trouble set me free

I have seen your face and it’s too much, too much for me

Trouble, oh trouble can’t you see

You’re eating my heart away and there’s nothing much left of me

I’ve drunk your wine, you have made your world mine

So won’t you be fair, so won’t you be fair

I don’t want no more of you, so won’t you be kind to me

Just let me go where I’ll have to go there

Trouble, oh trouble move away

I have

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“Parasitic Pregnancy”

  January 9th, 2019 by Mac-10toSchool

Which perception do they shoulder?

“Pus sy”, or unknowing soldier?

Weakness, or internal sickness?

They’re indifferent to the difference.

Still, They’re still expecting stillness,

my distilled and filtered feelings,

for me to be as they are themselves, and

anticipating this unrelenting unrelating,

I hide myself away.

The urge for abortion is a plague, because I have this suprise unwanted pregnancy–
A malicious, mind-screwing sperm which has burrowed into the cerebral egg of my neurotransmitters by means of psychological rape–what really is this weight I carry?
This thing that grows inside of me?
This parasitic infancy?
The mucous walls of this mental placenta;
the membranes of this umbilical prison
is the shield that keeps me in;
Suppressed expression which contains and quarentines …

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This is it

  January 3rd, 2019 by anonymousbuthere

Goodbye, world.

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The Price of Blood

  January 1st, 2019 by CrypticVeins

Softly spoken, harshly put. Drown my lungs beneath the lint.
You don’t know what you ever did, to even writhe the burning flint
To cog the space that missed your place, after you were sold at birth.
You walk around this callous town, 10 times to fetch the worth

Yea, kings and queens, and moderns too, all to try for worth of you
And decades now you curse the act, that ever made you this ones pact
Oh why, that only I should know, what doesn’t rip the ties we sew
But bounding like the calves we were, shielded, before the truth be shown

It’s like a little baby bird, that fell long …

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Poetry and Art

  December 30th, 2018 by SuicidalThoughtsButRefuseToKillMyself

Peace towards those who wish to die,

even towards those who hate to cry,

being a guy and sensitive,

makes wish I wasn’t alive,

guy insecurities,

you have to be strong and not weak,

for I don’t know how to be strong for myself,

or for others,

it goes to show,

that being dead,

may seem better than to be alive,

for it is and for it is not,

we all need to live even if we wish to die.

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Still thinking about dying

  December 30th, 2018 by SuicidalThoughtsButRefuseToKillMyself

And I am not even drinking alcohol anymore,

For how long will I live in this mind and body,

a slave to a genetic structure I am not allowed,

to destroy I tried once with the original intention to die but I panic I took the wrong sleeping pills or I didn’t take enough sleeping pills, damnit there is no one in this world willing to kill me not even myself.

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  December 29th, 2018 by Mac-10toSchool

She’s a drop of water

that doesnt believe in oceans or riversides;

A chameleon wearing a mask to distract

from the self she’s suppressing inside,

So eclipsed, so insistent on hiding the sun behind the shadows

It’s dark because the fire’s died-out.

She’s imprisoned in an invisible cell

forgot that she has the key

been there so damn long it seems normal to her

Doesn’t know how to set herself free

Why not move? Why not take some steps beyond those frightening doors?

It’s dark because the fire’s died-out,

But this light can be rekindled.

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Self Soothing

  December 28th, 2018 by visual eyes

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I’m so tired.

  December 27th, 2018 by strawberrycrown

Im tired. But I’m not just tired because I need sleep and I’m not just tired because I’m exhausted. I’m tired of all of this bullshit. I’m tired of being in pain. I’m tired of trying so hard to not cry that I get a lump in my throat. I’m tired of balling my eyes out at night. I’m tired of the scars I’ll get and the way people will look at me when they see them at the beaches. I’m tired of all the pain. I’m tired living here. I’m tired of being on this earth. I’m tired of trying for people who don’t …

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  December 27th, 2018 by SuicidalThoughtsButRefuseToKillMyself

For suicide

it seems like we want,


for how long shall I live?

Until I die or until I cry?

Cry for what?

A better life?

To have a wife?

A girlfriend?

These questions linger in my mind,

Am I really a good person,

or am I just another hypocrite,

Or am I just a bad person,

for if I may how long will I live,

live for the sake of myself,

or for the sake of others,

and be a slave to a system that sold us all out,

for how shall the pain go away,

in the mind and body,

for a fragile peace,

that was built by war,

and destroyed countless lives,

while imprisoning others,

this world of ours,

it originally wasn’t our own,

as we …

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Charles Baudelaire – The Desire for Annihilation (Le Goût du néant)

  December 22nd, 2018 by Taf Taf

(poème de Baudelaire en Anglais et en Français)


The Desire for Annihilation (translated by William Aggeler)


Dejected soul, once anxious for the strife,

Hope, whose spur fanned your ardor into flame,

No longer wishes to mount you! Lie down shamelessly,

Old horse who stumbles over every rut.

Resign yourself, my heart; sleep your brutish sleep.

Conquered, foundered spirit! For you, old jade,

Love has no more relish, no more than war;

Farewell then, songs of the brass and sighs of the flute!

Pleasure, tempt no more a dark, sullen heart!

Adorable spring has lost

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Gary Clark Jr. – When My Train Pulls In

  December 21st, 2018 by Taf Taf




Everyday nothing seems to change

Everywhere I go I keep seeing the same old things

and I, I can’t take it no more

I would leave this town, but I,

I ain’t got nowhere else to go

Wake up in the morning to more,

more bad news and I

sometimes I feel like I was born to lose and I,

It’s driving me out of my mind

Gonna catch the next train and I

move on down the line

I’ll be ready now

I’ll be

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For the love of life but the desire to die

  December 20th, 2018 by SuicidalThoughtsButRefuseToKillMyself

For the love of life,

but for the desire to die,

how shall we try?

I attempted suicide,

for I didn’t die just went to the psych ward or the looney bin if you prefer,

sure, I got the help I needed,

but even after that I still want to die,

for I am still uncertain about my future,

if I have a future at all, that is,

this life of mine is a living heaven and a living hell,

all on the earth also in the mind, body,

and soul if I even have a soul some of us wish for Annihilation I actually tried only once, now I am still alive this life is …

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People Watching

  December 18th, 2018 by 5201jm

It’s the name of a YouTube series by the channel “Cracked” i randomly found weeks ago. I find myself keep rewatching both seasons on a playlist. It covers topics like dating, depression, death/life, etc. through the eyes of a few random young adults animated. It just makes me feel like i’m not going through some of my issues alone, and i don’t mean that as in theres noone around to help me if I actually asked, but that there are other people with the same mindset as me about certain topics(even pass my depression/suicidal thoughts I’d never actually admit to to anyone I know(including myself)). …

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Rip My Fucking Heart Out

  December 18th, 2018 by NO_REMORSE

And take away these feelings. Make me cold and numb. Let me wash away this life, let it have never existed, for i am not worthy of these opportunities i have. Paint my skies black and rip my existence from ever being here. Life is a fucking travesty. I feel like i am trapped, tied up. Unable to free myself, from myself. I am tied down by strings, toyed with by the puppet master which is life. Given the opportunity to see everything i ever wanted, just out of my own reach. Life you confusing old *****, let me have what my heart longs for, …

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  December 15th, 2018 by CrypticVeins


White through the curtains, white through the walls
White in our shoes, and staining the dolls
White through the eyes, of porcelain cracked
Where bits of the glass, held the pieces intact

Chests made of mirrors that reflect the make
Of the linen worn blouses, and sky colored fake
And the unbound attention we sought of the drones
Forever to lick at the sores of their clones

Drips the tongue,dry like they, effort deemed fail,
And failure brought pupils wide, reversing pride
Changing orders from the stale
Black inside, black inside.

It’s time to go now, brother pack your bags
He’ left the scissors, he left the rags
Branding our skin through the marks of our cuffs
Insidious and Exorcist …

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  December 12th, 2018 by NO_REMORSE


Im counting all the days away

Im cutting all my pain away

Its all the- same shit but a different day



Im wasting all my life to shame

The clock wont change its got me irate

Its all the- same shit but a different day


Uno dos tres quatro cinco

Dey Mayo day of the dead its my life so

Im just waiting for the day that i might go

Until than lets just fly some kites at a lightshow


I cant sleep i think im an insomniac…

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  December 9th, 2018 by NO_REMORSE

I’m comatose I’m comatose i still feel out my soul alive for pain

My mind is so fucked up i killed my hope for real im trapped alone inside my brain

I won’t change i’ll go away i’ve had enough of …

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