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rain and tears

March 27th, 2017by Moon gazer

I always felt, like emotions are like standing in the rain naked. No matter how light, or heavy it rains, you can always feel it, with your entire being. Yet I have always felt, like I am in a glass cage, hearing, seeing, and smelling the rain, but never feeling it touch me. Wondering if i am the same, only missing one part, but such a crucial part. Refusing to break my cage, because maybe its my only shelter, maybe i would dissolve in the rain. Refusing to accept it, maybe it traps my spirit, from the waters that would nurture it. Helpless against myself, …

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That ‘Special Place’…

March 26th, 2017by Forest.of.Lonely.Trees

This is in part for all you forest lovers here at SP (looking at you Waldschläfer!) and also to ask you guys if you have a ‘special place’ and if so, what’s it like and why do you go there specifically?

These are a few photos of one place I spend a lot of time getting away from it all. I took these in the winter and even then it’s a beautiful little spot to go unwind. My novice attempts at photography don’t do it justice, so you’ll just have to trust me, it’s real nice, even in its dankest state……

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Never Safe

March 24th, 2017by SeeSmith

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Suicide Note

March 23rd, 2017by Music Is My Escape

Dear mother,
I know you tried just to hide your secret hatred for me,
But I guess you shouldn’t have bothered ’cause you knew that I was gonna go anyway.

Dear father,
I’m sorry that I was never what you ever wanted,
But I guess you won’t even bother, ’cause at least I’ll never disappoint you again.

Hey there, long lost friend,
Do you finally want to see me again, now that I am long, long, gone?
Don’t you dare apologize for all those things that you didn’t do,
’cause every conflict that we had was for me to take the blame, and it’s always been my fault that I threw it all on …

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My Life. My Masterpiece.

March 18th, 2017by Jen

“A punctuation at the end of a sentence gives meaning to every space, every word that preceded it.”

I have suicidal thoughts but not the unpleasant ones. I mean, suicide has become my goal in life. My motivation to work hard and earn enough money to complete my masterpiece.

I don’t know if this is weird…  i want to commit suicide not because I hate my life or because i feel depressed and sad or wtvr but because i want that event to be like what is said in the title “masterpiece”. An art. My perfected art. The message it should convey must be not too absurd …

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just felt like posting to deal with my emotions sorry if its bad

March 18th, 2017by Moon gazer

Chasing after the moon.

Under a cloudless sky.

The stars suppressing my sense of self.

Forgetting my demons.

Forgetting my scars.

Trying to grasp the moon.

Hoping to steal the secret to its peace.

Content to rise and fall.

To always shine just for itself.

My cries fall into oblivion.

My hands always failing to reach it.

Still chasing after it.

Awaking from my dream.

The moon still in the sky.

Still away from my reach…


by moon gazer

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Day of the thorn, For the rose now despises me…

March 10th, 2017by CARLOSPEJUAN

I worked
countless hours
I ran,
distances many men are incapable of doing
I did things that while moral and proper left me exhausted
i, I never, ever have worked so hard in my life
I ran things, boss like. To no avail for I failed a lot
I did things hoping that one day I could see you again and hoping
that I co uld be there for you and hoping that I could be that person,
That you  looked up to, that person you could look forward to being
the reason why I stayed around
the reason why I worked so hard
the reason why I never gave up (offered myself), the reason why I …

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Poem thing 13 better than 0 I guess -_-

March 3rd, 2017by shatterediris

Welp a bit behind, this one I tried something very different…. not sure I even like it, or if I can even call this one a poem…. Since it wasn’t written down until after it was mostly together in this state…. -_- I can probably hit 100 in this year at least, even with last month sucking…. Technically still possible, maybe I should just count more things…. I hope somebody at least finds this enjoyable…. -_- It felt strange to do :/ But maybe different is good, maybe I can learn more from this than if I was sticking with-in my established style.


Smashing in your …

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Wayfarer (poem)

February 25th, 2017by Waldschläfer

One tempestuous night, driven perforce
the wayfarer, intrepid, sets upon his course

Leaving behind many treasures unseen
from all Earthly lusts, he hath weaned

Sparing thought for neither yester nor morrow
his heart leaveth room for not angst nor sorrow

At one with the unruly sea that grows
with unending patience, the wayfarer rows

When the haze finally rises, revealing a distant shore
the world shall need to know him nevermore

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“Poem 12”

February 24th, 2017by shatterediris

Well I’m counting this…. This was written pre quickly and I had a shitty day today, but my friend came over which was good I kind of asked if he would as I was pre sure I was going to cut myself…. -_- I don’t really like this, but it may be okay I guess if I’m going for 100 per year I have to count everything right? at least it will help…. Guess it’s practice….


I watch life through these misty eyes

I blinked once but I missed it twice

I’m crying I need advice

That is what I realize

Nightly I initialize

Self-inflicted lacerations

Always losing hesitation

More and more until …

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Behind the closed door.

February 22nd, 2017by AmandaBen

A poem written by me during my darkest moments.


Behind the closed door


Behind the closed door

Lies a girl who hides her pain

Buried in so much sorrow

All hope is being drained


Behind the closed door

Lies a girl practicing to smile

To hide the truth from everyone

A mask in which will only stay for a while


Behind the closed door

Lies a girl with cuts that bleed red

From unbearable sadness

She’s only hanging by a thread


Behind the closed door

Lies a girl who could no longer cry

She starts thinking

How will she say goodbye?


Behind the closed door

Lies a girl perfectly still

Who lost all hope

Who lost all will


Behind the closed door

Was where a girl once used …

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Useless Poem 11 (way behind this month, thanks sickness)

February 21st, 2017by shatterediris

Kind of loosely related to my 8th one  I was reading things I wrote because I wanted to write something but had no idea how to start, and sometimes looking at old things helps me do that…. So yeah I just kind of built off of the general feel of it because I liked it…. It’s a bit different than normal…. I’ve been sick for over a month now and this has pushed me way behind, I need 9 more this month so like one per day now…. no sleep either so yay will be tired for school and pathfinder today ^_^ -_- 🙁 :/


So …

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sleep without rest

February 21st, 2017by Orion

Free me from my washboard prison; trapped within the rungs of steel and fabric. Tossed about. Useless stained cloth.

Use me like you should please. Tell me you would still forgive me; bleach me white again.  Tear me to shreds and make me feel pain.  Devour my resistance, show me pleasure.

Watch the words spill from my lips like droplets of crimson blood on stinging cuts.  Let the warmth ooze down porcelain skin in dead silence.

Allow the skies to part wide, just to show us the true face of oblivion.  Fall into the gaping jaws and tell me stories of what you find out there.

Ill …

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February 20th, 2017by SumGuy

And the lightning did crash

The road it split asunder

Two paths made available

The walk of familiarity, down faded streets of internal torment and outward farcities

The path that stopped abrupt a chasm with no end in sight

Equal unwelcoming feelings pervaded the decision

No backpeddling available, bridges burned bodies left to rot

Choice is the only freedom of the individual

The embrace of the unknown or the amity of misery

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February 16th, 2017by Dead Flowers

I don’t wanna hear.

I don’t wanna see.

I don’t wanna feel.

I wanna disappear.

Into the void…

I can call home.

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February 11th, 2017by EyeOfHorus

I thoroughly believe the position I find myself in is due to one thing; apathy. My own apathy. I suppose when you stop caring about your own life, it’s easy to stop caring about a lot of other things. I suppose the facade is pretty easy to pull by now. May as well continue. At least for a little bit more.

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February 9th, 2017by _lost._.one_

I feel so alone, as if I am not good enough.

Today I almost suffocated from my own self-hate. Sigh, not literally, metaphorically. There were so many people in the bathroom all of a sudden and I could not cry, I had to hold it in for approximately ten minutes while they fussed over their picture.

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Poems As Requested (Einsamkeit)

February 7th, 2017by Foxglove7

Many of these have no names/titles


And that’s the difference between one day and the next
the Sun rises and the Sun sets
and I am small
a leaf carried,
rocked back and forth on an autumn breeze
every day fading, fading to gray
in the cooling distant sunlight
Ice and rain and cold nights
leech away ’til I am rice paper thin
translucent and ephemeral
as moth-eaten lace

And from this perspective decay is natural
the gradual fading from life a process
of absolution
heavy binding minerals drawn down first
salt and metal, run through by cold
that cracks stone and cement faded gray
while autumn breezes blow dust
in leafy spiraling gusts
off these fleshy, talking bones that bear my name

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A Greeting, and a Proposal

February 6th, 2017by Forest.of.Lonely.Trees

Hey! I hope everyone’s doing good (as good as it gets here at SP)…

This is my first post but I’ve been lurking for a couple of weeks now, commenting here and there more recently. This site and all of you on it have been a massive help to me recently in many different ways and I wanted to thank you all for that.

I used to spend a lot of time drawing but haven’t been as much lately, this is the last thing I finished and it seemed pretty relevant to SP… (sorry for the poor photo Q)….

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I Swear

February 6th, 2017by acidrain

You are not alone, you are worth it.

Together we can make it through.

I swear, I will be here for you.


You are loved, you are beautiful.

Inside and outside, every part of you is lovable.

And if you don’t think I am being truthful,

I swear, I will prove it to you.

Because my love for you is irrefutable.


You are amazing and kind.

Don’t let others redefine you.

My dear, please let me remind you,

That I use you all the time as an example,

When someone asks me to describe what perfection was.

If you knew how loud they would applause.

I swear, you would drop your jaw.


You are sweet and honest.

I appreciate that the …

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