I Will Survive

I did this, you can too.


My Dad Died a Year Ago

My Dad Died a Year Ago

January 17th, 2017by SeeSmith

I miss him, but it’s OK.

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My Story

January 14th, 2017by 90Grayson

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel, and I think I’m going to commit suicide very shortly, I want to anyways, not sure if I will though, since things in life change so much, but I hope that moment arrives in a week or two. I don’t know where to start, I’m done trying to figure out why I’m like this, why I have suicidal thoughts, why I cut myself, why I feel so much pain all the time. It sucks, it really sucks to be this way, I don’t believe in destiny, but I cannot avoid feeling like I am trapped, and have absolutely no …

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Even if i didnt want to, i stay here, incapable to tell them anything about me. Im sad, im depressed, im suicidal. Speaking of suicide… It is the most beaultiful blessing we have in life, dont you think? If everything turns out impossible, we can be mercifull with ourselves and end it. Imagine the world […]


stopping the stigma on mental illness or suicide prevention?

January 7th, 2017by beautifulsinner

every person on this planet has problems. issues of their own that they wish werent existent in their lives. some have bigger problems than others, but we shouldnt be allowed to dismiss other peoples problems just because they dont seem “big enough”. big or small, problems are problems, and my question is; why do we have to feel guilty about feeling emotion over issues that seem irrelevant.

we should be allowed to feel however we want to feel. a major problem to someone, might be considered a minor one to another. but we shouldnt be allowed to judge people based on that. emotions are something …


Suicidal And Thinking

January 7th, 2017by kellinandrew

My mom just found my stash and now I’m pretty scared as to what she’s going to do. I am trying to stay calm but it is  very hard.


Hope in Better Days

January 3rd, 2017by amarie75

I came across this site actually looking for ways to easily kill myself without having, yet another, hospital visit. Which isn’t something I would normally do, but I had and have been desperate. I have quite a few issues of my own, just as many do on this site, but I have always been one to succeed and overcome because I put it to myself to do just that.

Here’s a little back story; my mother was pregnant with me over suppos-ed rape. She had me and chose to give me up because she supposedly had a sickness that made her very ill at the time. …


Good shit and bad shit

January 2nd, 2017by mranony

maaann, holidays are so draining. Welp thats done and all. And now school. Welp.

But eyy 2017, I’m finally going to live in a dorm… It’s a dream come true.. getting away from that house. I know my family is getting there but eh childhood dreams will remain.


Just one step at a time
I have my support system… I will be okay.

I hope you too 🙂



January 1st, 2017by kellinandrew

I try to be happy but it’s hard. I know i probably sound very whiny but just because people have it worse than me doesn’t mean I can’t be upset over my life. I have gone though a lot and I am tired of people treating me like my problems mean nothing. I matter too and so do my problems. You can’t go around assuming people don’t have it bad because you have no idea what they’ve gone though.


Alone New Years

January 1st, 2017by Edmond Dantes

I made plans to take proper precautions not to be alone tonight. But both were disrupted. I ended up alone. My child means the world to me but when my ex refuses to let her visit I feel lost and powerless. I’m falling into big debt just to get by.i feel nothing I’ve done all year matters. Why do I have to live like this?
So I made muffins and watched a movie about four people who meet trying to jump off a building and become fast friends. It’s absurd but the characters get interesting and the music is good, and it’s emotional for me to …


Please Help.

December 26th, 2016by alex71

I have hit a dead end. I don’t have the strength. I have been crying recently so much, my eyes look like as if I am having an allergic reaction. In a nutshell I have authoritarian racist judgmental parents that abuse me verbally, even at the age of 19; I finally found my soulmate but instead of being happy I have doubts in my head and he can be mean sometimes; I hate myself, I have zero confidence, I believe I am worthless and that no one cares about me. For the first time ever I cut my leg twice within the past months.  I …


Note to Self

December 24th, 2016by mranony

I will survive this Christmas.
I will survive this Christmas.
I will survive this Christmas.

I will survive after Christmas.
For the people who continued to support me.

I will survive for now.

So, I’ll just sleep to avoid making impulsive bullshit.

Have a calm evening to all of you.

((Freeroma, how have you been?))


A Truthful Look at Suicidal Impulses (Reality, Documentary)

  It is difficult for people to understand the mind and behavior of those affected by true Bipolar Depression Disorder. Identifying, accepting and treating it in a child, that must be extremely challenging. If life isn’t worth living, it definitely isn’t worth dying for either. With all due respect, if you believe there is no […]


Why We Are Warriors

December 14th, 2016by elissacarolynne

Some people don’t believe in mental illness or think that it’s not a big deal. Those of us who struggle with them understand how untrue this is. Until you’ve gone through an illness with no cure, you can’t possibly understand how taxing it is. Some people take offense to this argument, but they are the lucky ones. Every person has their weights to bear, but some weights have a time limit. Mental illness does not.

Until my first hospitalization in a mental ward, I didn’t realize how real mental illness is. I thought I cut myself and starved myself because I was lonely. Now I look …


In Tears Out of Nowhere

December 9th, 2016by SumTimesIWonder

I’m a grown man. I have a wife and children in their mid and late teens. I have a career
and I like what I do. I won’t become a millionaire but quite frankly not looking to either.
Without unmanageable debt, in good health, not religious but spiritually at peace with
my own convictions and family values. In general terms, I’m okay.

But I’m not.

I don’t know why. It just happens and it’s been like this for me for a few
years now. I’ll be driving and suddenly a knot clogs my throat and I can’t help bursting
out crying uncontrollably for about a minute or so.

I have tried to understand …


I Feel Like Dreaming While I’m Awake, But Awake and Comfortable While Asleep… What is This?

I re-read this comment I made while replying to The Last Snorlax on another post, and suddenly realized how much sense it made. And just like that, Sala Samobójców (aka. Suicide Room, 2011) came to mind, not sure why. Can you help me reason this? I mean the lyrics and theme don’t really match my […]


Hello! New-ish here… Do You Ever Wonder?

Actually, I’ve been a lurker for the longest time. On and off. Never posted before though. I don’t think I’ve ever been actually the text book definition of suicidal, but I wonder about death (and life) a lot. The last time I had been on here was about 2 years ago. So today when I […]


Last Hope Vanished – I was Born, Shaped, and MOLDED by the DARK!!!

December 1st, 2016by silverComplex

I was doing Carbon Monoxide in a sealed tent underground… I was just passing out and I crawled out and realized looking at the sunset… I want to live as much as I want to die… In other words, when life gets fucking hard I want to die as much I want to fucking live!! I fucking screamed and broke down. Every muscle in me was aching was saying what’s the point? Every muscle in my fucking body was telling me to stop. Every in me was telling me to stop and give up. And I said I can fucking do it… I know there is …


For those that need someone to talk to….

December 1st, 2016by HDs

Hello to all,

I don’t pretend to know anyone’s situation or desire to end their life. What I do know is that I have lost many close friends to suicide and that during several low points in my life I have tried to kill myself at least a half a dozen times.  These were not cries for help on my end, and I totally went for it with the most purpose driven determination possible.  One such attempt put me in a coma for several weeks.

So I can definitely offer advice, empathy, and even sympathy to anyone who may need someone to talk to.  I don’t and …


i wish harry potter was real , i wish fantastic beasts were real , i wish magic was real , i wish magic really exist , i wish wizards were real really exist

November 23rd, 2016by niki

i wish harry potter was real really exist , i wish fantastic beasts were real really exist , i wish magic was real really exist , i wish magic really exist , i wish wizards were real really exist

because reality is boring , mundane , and limiting limited
because real world is boring , mundane , and limited limiting
because real life is boring , mundane , & limited limiting !

reality is all about MONEY !
real-life is all about Money !
real-world is all about Money !

Life is boring , mundane ,
movies is better than reality real life real world !
novels is better than reality …


how do I get through this?

November 21st, 2016by daydreambeliever

im 21 years old and I don’t know what I feel anymore. When I was 12 I used to cut myself I was going through a tough time at home but I managed to sort out my head. Lately the past few months me and my boyfriend of two years haven’t been seeing eye to eye and me and my dad are constantly arguing. My job pays nothing and my family are always on my back to find something else but they don’t know how hard it is! I have five brothers and sisters so you can imagine the pressure of growing up and having …