Stories of Hope


Stray Kids

  April 15th, 2019 by peachuniverse

I’ve been a fan of so many idols and never, have I ever, encountered one who communicates to fans like his fans are his closest friends. Especially last night, he said something like “When you’re feeling depressed or anything, just come to us anytime. Stray Kids would listen. We’ll fix you.” and those tears that I never knew existed for so long just kept on gushing down on my face. The way he said “We’ll fix you.” ignited some hope in me that I could become a better person, but can I really do that? Can I really be fixed when no one else can? [...]
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Truth is..

  April 9th, 2019 by wearehannahbaker

..two months into antidepressants and I am feeling so much better. I having a really good and fun time meeting new people and readjusting things I wasn’t comfortable with before. I am planning a trip overseas and I am genuinely EXCITED but….when is the other shoe going to drop?

I still have all of you at the back of my mind. I think of each person who is going through a struggle and posts here hoping someone will notice. I wish you all find the right combination of therapy and medication and get better.

I miss my friend Unknownsoldier. I haven’t heard from him in a while. [...]
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Self Motivation…

  April 9th, 2019 by SuicideOverAgony

I told my psychologist how I get suicidal thoughts every night. She told me to keep busy but it’s a little more complicated than that. I can’t concentrate on anything I do even playing video games. I’m almost 18, I’m broke and lonely. But I do want to change. I want to start either flipping phones or an e-commerce business in a couple of months. I just need enough capital that’s why I’m waiting. I want to be a strong entrepreneur but my mental health is taking over. I have so many goals that I need to work on ASAP.

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It shouldn’t take tragedy to make change

  March 28th, 2019 by Artemis Lemieux

I’ve been lurking on this blog for some time but felt compelled to post today for several reasons. I hope that writing it out will clear up some of my thoughts.

Two days ago, someone at school died. I hesitate to call it a suicide, as the information has not been published yet, but regardless of the fact it was a loss to our community. I was in class when I heard the announcement and can remember vaguely stumbling through the first two periods numb to the fact. I had not known him well, but we had interacted somewhat and I would play board games with [...]
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March 15, 2019—The Day I’m Supposed To Die

  March 16th, 2019 by TheSadAngel

The night before March 15, I was so down to the point that negative thoughts have devoured me. It was painful, to be torn by two sides of which to choose. A part of me—the wounded one—have whispered me to go to the kitchen, took out a knife, and just end it all! The other one was crying, begging for me to stop. In the middle of the night, a potpourri of emotions swirled within me that I was left in a deep turmoil. Maybe that’s why I went to the kitchen and stood in front of the counter where the knives were hidden. I [...]
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Showing up for a night

  February 20th, 2019 by Urm8451n

I just wanted to write something.

Let off my thoughts.   I grew up without  a father and had to learn my place as a male in society.  It took me a lot of failures to get anywhere beyond my starting point.

I guess it was easier for me to say I don’t belong, or to let go whenever I didn’t solve my problems

with the time passing, I’ve learned to accept more and more responsibility for my actions and, much more, for my dealing with struggles.

I had few traumatic events along my life, that left me to feel alone, and perhaps alienated from other social beings.

I had [...]
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A single moment knows no limits

  February 3rd, 2019 by WickedApparition

Once upon a time…
I had lived experiences.
I had a story in which I wanted to tell.
I had a message that I wished to share.
I had created a posting about that experience here, on this very site, some time ago.

… then, one day… 
I had chosen to remove myself (via the form of time/energy) and my postings from this service.
I had stated In my ‘final’ message post (which still lives somewhere within the dust-laden stacks of this site): “I came to share a story and ended up staying a few days longer than expected. I am proud to have encountered each [...]
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I’m doing okay.

  January 23rd, 2019 by Justme12

According to this website, it’s been 2 years since I had last written here. Reading my old posts here make me feel some strange type of way. I’m no longer living in the conditions I was, and I’m 19 turning 20 this year and a full-time university student at the university I almost killed myself over. I’m still alive.

I’m not better, but things improve slowly  I made friends at university, my social anxiety improved a lot, but it’s not gone and it still cripples me occasionally. But I got help. For a while. I need to get it back again. I [...]
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2019… we are

  January 12th, 2019 by mo992

I’ve tried to avoid posting for a while now. I’ve been dealing with quite a lot, mentally and physically. I felt that posting would make me feel even worse and paranoid. But here I am again.

2018 was quite slow. There were good things and a lot of painful experiences but I must admit that I wouldn’t have made it without my friends and community. The support they have given me is immense and I can in no way give back enough love to them. For a while I felt guilty, I still do. This feeling comes from the fact that even with all this love, [...]
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People Watching

  December 18th, 2018 by 5201jm

It’s the name of a YouTube series by the channel “Cracked” i randomly found weeks ago. I find myself keep rewatching both seasons on a playlist. It covers topics like dating, depression, death/life, etc. through the eyes of a few random young adults animated. It just makes me feel like i’m not going through some of my issues alone, and i don’t mean that as in theres noone around to help me if I actually asked, but that there are other people with the same mindset as me about certain topics(even pass my depression/suicidal thoughts I’d never actually admit to to anyone I know(including myself)). [...]
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  November 18th, 2018 by undoubtedly

not every person in your life is meant to stay.

when the newness fades and everything turns gray

and it seems as if everything is going astray,

sometimes you just have to let it go, let it fray.

sometimes you just have to part ways.


it may feel as if this departure is a delay

of your life- like you have wasted your days.

do not think of it that way.

do not think you are nothing, that is a downplay.

new, better people are coming, so make way.

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I think my heart is giving me mixed signals

  November 3rd, 2018 by sansfranzdeput

I feel so lost right now: one of my few close friends- a girl- made me feel…………..special. We had just gone to see a marvel movie, and we were in the car, just chatting. I had previously mentioned to her passingly in the last week or so that I thought that I was going to being moving away soon, and she had reacted in a semi-sad, but mostly just bummed out way. But I brought the subject up again in the car, because I wanted to get her opinion on the whole thing. She started tearing up and sad that she’d really miss me. I [...]
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make out with

  October 18th, 2018 by Yikrens

dislocated self-awareness. declination of the past. dispersion from freedom. unpleasant emersive thoughts. respective immersive social relational trust fond. disability of detachment.

this just keeps me awake what I read. who makes funerals, I would be death inside but I want to express it privately and have trust in coping skills, and issues.

I wished it in a bad prediction for the future to die, and I relapsed from hate to love which is something strong to me. I am unable to remember this, but the development of the relapse took my commiseration which used to consume me out in view of my desire and which had me [...]
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Against the grain

  September 28th, 2018 by lonewolf23

It’s tough when your going through changes. It seems everyone wants to hold you back. As somebody with social anxiety it can get exhausting when others hate on you for breaking your shell. Many of these people are not even the social ones but rather the other quiet ones. They give me dirty looks that seem to be saying “You’re a loner, don’t even try!”. They may have given up hope but I still haven’t. I know i can overcome i Social anxiety. These days i just embrace all the weird feelings that come along with getting out of my comfort zone. And although I’ve [...]
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The Cycle

  September 23rd, 2018 by arachnophilia

I think I’m starting to cope a little better. It used to be that I’d get sucked completely under and nearly destroy myself in times like this. Then I got to the point where I could just wearily plod on with life, slow and difficult as the terrain is. The tide’s come in again, and I feel like garbage swirling in the sea, but I think this is the first time I haven’t been afraid of it. I can take a step back and think “This is just a sign I need to adjust some things; I only need to stay calm and find out [...]
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I need to move somewhere after the next 3 Months

  September 17th, 2018 by Yikrens

or maybe in march. I don’t feel save around here. People mix up my Medicine, Parents are stealing my Medicine and I am very in my Pension at age 23. As if People are living to now or then to hear what I do. It was once even worse but that means nothing.

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Life is boring , Reality is boring , real life is boring , real world is boring

  September 14th, 2018 by niki

Especially when you’ve realized that nothing we do here in reality will ever compare to our imaginations. And no, I’m not talking about petty, shallow, superficial, & stupid imaginations like most people only have with their simple-minded brains. I’m talking about all those best fantasy movies, games, novels, comic books, anime/manga, etc, with all their magic, superpowers, & magical, fantasy, adventurous world/universe with its limitless, unlimited possibilities.

Fuck this reality.
Reality is boring, stupid, & depressing.

reality is boring , life is boring ,
it’s all about money
i hate money
i hate business
i wish i live in the movie game anime manga novel comics books

I [...]
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It’s been a year

  September 13th, 2018 by Danthedead

Hi! So, I’ve been thinking about suicide a lot lately, and I realised it’s been a little bit over a year since I first tried to commit suicide. I’ve experienced so many things, tried so many means of relief and just like I’d imagined nothing worked. Now, I’m more depressed and helpless than ever before.

They say it gets better, and so I used to think. I’ve been depressed as far as I can remember — I had my first major mental breakdown when I was 12, now I’m 19 soon to be 20. I used to think as I grew older, things would magically get [...]
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No one would Listen

  September 3rd, 2018 by LostGirl1981

I needed someone to hear me. No one would listen. My mother ignored me when I told her I had been sexually abused by her stepfather. Then KNEW it was happening and turned a blind eye yet again as I was being Sexually assaulted by a “family friend”.
I started to break. As more adults discovered I was being molested and raped by this family friend and no one helped me. Adults who now wouldn’t let their daughters spend the night anymore but yet still didn’t, or wouldn’t, help me. The didn’t Stop it. Did not report it  or talk to my parents. My Dad [...]
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I’m going to try

  August 26th, 2018 by annon111

I’m going to try to fix me. I know it will be hard. I know it will take a long time. But I have someone here to help me now.

I know it just seems like a band aid, a temporary fix. But maybe with enough time of the wound being covered it will heal.

I hope it does.

I probably won’t come on here again, at least not for a long time. Coming here and getting support and feeling less alone helps ease pain, but it does not remove it. I want to completely rid myself of this mindset. I want to change. To all of you [...]
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