Coping Skills


Job interviews

January 17th, 2017by mysteriousvisitor

What do you do when your mental problems have beaten down everything else inside of you and are making it really difficult to try for a new job. I’m getting interviews but I’m blowing them. I have the skills and the ability, but I am so broken inside that I can’t get past it. And now I’ve been given very short notice to write a presentation. I used to enjoy getting up in front of people and now I’m actually considering turning down the interview because of this request.

I don’t understand why I keep trying, especially when I have such a surefire way out. Most …

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Suicide or not?

January 17th, 2017by Randomaccess10

The doctors fucked me up on meds. Forced me to take antidepressants after id already had serotinin syndrome…then i smoked a load with the stress, and had oxygen after to try and fix things…causing more damage, a day in the life of me is like imagine wearing earmuffs, with a car alarm sound 24/7, while your vision is like a home video recording shaking, with the brightness on zero and color turned down, with a bad aerial connection, and you have lead weights strapped to your arms and legs and a jug of water on your head….my little fingers hurt and dont move properly, and …

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My Dad Died a Year Ago

My Dad Died a Year Ago

January 17th, 2017by SeeSmith

I miss him, but it’s OK.

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Such a Lonely Day… Should be Banned.

“Such a lonely day. And it’s mine.” For crying out loud. Literally. It’s barely past noon and I’m sinking within me again. Hadn’t felt like this in a couple of weeks and here it goes again. It’s come to the point where I guess I must accept the fact that I struggling with depressive episodes… […]


My Story

January 14th, 2017by 90Grayson

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel, and I think I’m going to commit suicide very shortly, I want to anyways, not sure if I will though, since things in life change so much, but I hope that moment arrives in a week or two. I don’t know where to start, I’m done trying to figure out why I’m like this, why I have suicidal thoughts, why I cut myself, why I feel so much pain all the time. It sucks, it really sucks to be this way, I don’t believe in destiny, but I cannot avoid feeling like I am trapped, and have absolutely no …


Even if i didnt want to, i stay here, incapable to tell them anything about me. Im sad, im depressed, im suicidal. Speaking of suicide… It is the most beaultiful blessing we have in life, dont you think? If everything turns out impossible, we can be mercifull with ourselves and end it. Imagine the world […]


How do you guys deal with loneliness?

January 9th, 2017by Black Holez

Just how do you guys deal with loneliness? It’s come to a point in my life where I just sulk around in the house all day and don’t even have the energy to go outside. My life seems to have turned for the worse and I’ve lost everything. I’ve lost my job, my friends and my family thinks I’m a total loser.

I’ve had a troubled childhood where I was bullied but that stopped when I smashed the shit out of them. The turn of events was made worse when I was bullied at work and got ganged up on every day. There isn’t a day …


Got to thinking

January 5th, 2017by mysteriousvisitor

Sometimes various posts, comments, and conversations on here really get me to thinking about something. Today this came to mind:

We tend to dislike ourselves, often because we either have something diagnosed wrong with us or we just believe there’s something wrong with us. But aren’t people who have problems (physical and mental), as well as the problems themselves, necessary for survival?

Note: I’m using the term selfish here in the broadest sense of the word, and not to mean those who care only about themselves at the cost of others.

Here’s why I say that:

1. When we decide what is undesirable and weak, it is a selfish …


Whadya’ll think ’bout this?

January 3rd, 2017by mysteriousvisitor

I don’t mind humor on subjects like procrastination, depression, or memory problems. In fact, I find a lot of those jokes to be quite funny.

But when I try to seriously express how difficult memory and procrastination problems actually are, I don’t think a lot of people really understand. These issues cause genuine troubles. I suppose procrastination should be easier to deal with than memory problems. Memory problems do have more serious consequences, I’ll agree with that.

I have a great memory for numbers and conversations and a very good memory for things I’ve read. But where I put my keys, showing up for appointments, making important …



January 1st, 2017by beautifulsinner

anyone here on antidepressants? anyone here know the numb feeling you get when your on the drug that isnt right for you? im on prozac right now and all i feel is the intense urge to die. i feel incredibly more suicidal on prozac now, more than i ever was before. but for some reason, my doctor doesnt think its the drug. i dont feel like myself though. i feel so out of touch with my feelings and i just feel so numb about everything. theres nothing coming in between myself and my suicidal plans, because i have no feelings. has anyone else felt this …


2016 the eye-opening year

2016 the eye-opening year

December 29th, 2016by Ariayanna1994


The beginning of 2016 was when I got myself together and had my three beautiful children full time I was working as well. I shelters many people family or not and fed the mouth of people who talked bad upon me. I’ve never been the perfect mom sister daughter but I always made sure everyone was good and taking care. October of 2016 was when I experimented with a certain drug. No the drug did not ruin my life but it changed me as a person. The same month landlord told me I could not renew my …


Please Help.

December 26th, 2016by alex71

I have hit a dead end. I don’t have the strength. I have been crying recently so much, my eyes look like as if I am having an allergic reaction. In a nutshell I have authoritarian racist judgmental parents that abuse me verbally, even at the age of 19; I finally found my soulmate but instead of being happy I have doubts in my head and he can be mean sometimes; I hate myself, I have zero confidence, I believe I am worthless and that no one cares about me. For the first time ever I cut my leg twice within the past months.  I …



December 24th, 2016by mysteriousvisitor

According to this FDA report, when some patients switched from brand name Wellbutrin to generic Bupropion manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals they reported a worsening of both their depression symptoms and side effects. This report concludes that the normal reoccurrence of depression in treated patients accounts for these experiences.

Recently my doctor took my Bupropion dosage from 150 milligrams to 300 milligrams (which is a very common thing to do because the higher dosage is a typical maintenance dose) and I noticed that it stopped working. I was most of the way through the bottle when I realized the manufacturer (Actavis Pharma which was purchased …


A Truthful Look at Suicidal Impulses (Reality, Documentary)

  It is difficult for people to understand the mind and behavior of those affected by true Bipolar Depression Disorder. Identifying, accepting and treating it in a child, that must be extremely challenging. If life isn’t worth living, it definitely isn’t worth dying for either. With all due respect, if you believe there is no […]


Release me from here

December 20th, 2016by Jess765

What if death were beautiful?


What if we knew what was on the other side of the wall that blocks us from seeing what reality is like after we die?

Or if there is a reality at all.

I wish I had the courage to part ways with this physical realm, and venture into what comes after this. I have had enough of this place, this hardship and this torture.

And sometimes I think differently. Sometimes I want to see what happens next while I’m still here, rather than what happens after I die. Life can be beautiful as well, but my own mind is the villain in a …



December 19th, 2016by mysteriousvisitor

Does anyone else here get extremely frustrated because different parts of their mind or body are in conflict with each other?

I’m in excellent physical health, but my mind is a shambles. I’m of high intelligence and academic performance, but my job history is mediocre and I don’t qualify for very high level jobs (I have a certificate in a particular field but no degree).

Whenever I try to accomplish something it’s like I always “missed by this much”, and close enough just doesn’t count. The lower parts of me are desperately trying to reach the higher parts but can’t find the ladder, and all the rewards …


Kinda Weird

December 16th, 2016by thewolf56

It’s weird


There is absolutely no reason for me to be sad. I live a blessed live. I was born into a great family. I have a great girlfriend. I’m a very talented individual and excel in most categories. I don’t have any friends other than her but that’s okay because I work all hours of the week instead and I enjoy the work I do. Just anytime I get home, anytime any negative thing happens to me, I put a barrel in my mouth. I started doing it when I was about 8 years old. I would have a bad day at school and I …


The Lake

December 12th, 2016by Jess765

One hour till midnight

The surrounding air is cold

Two unmoving eyes peer from beneath

Frozen ripples crash and fold

Late in the frigid night

The sun will never break

My heart beats no longer

Underneath the lake

You were as morning fog

In time you disappeared

When I woke to embrace you

You were nowhere near

Blackened is the night

The sun will never break

I draw no more air

Underneath the lake

I keep calling your name out loud

Running through the snowy wood

I grow evermore fearful

I did not do all that I could

Damned be the fleeting night

The sun will never break

I shed no more tears

Underneath the lake

The end shown its wicked face

A scream was never heard

In a few hopeless …


In Tears Out of Nowhere

December 9th, 2016by SumTimesIWonder

I’m a grown man. I have a wife and children in their mid and late teens. I have a career
and I like what I do. I won’t become a millionaire but quite frankly not looking to either.
Without unmanageable debt, in good health, not religious but spiritually at peace with
my own convictions and family values. In general terms, I’m okay.

But I’m not.

I don’t know why. It just happens and it’s been like this for me for a few
years now. I’ll be driving and suddenly a knot clogs my throat and I can’t help bursting
out crying uncontrollably for about a minute or so.

I have tried to understand …


Secrets I’ve always wanted to tell. (1st timer here…)

December 8th, 2016by Asystole

I had no idea a website like this existed, but I’m grateful to have found it.  I lurked and read many things here before deciding to sign up to post. I wonder if anyone out there can relate to my story?  I wonder if anyone out there is my age, or older?  I wonder if anyone shares my burdens? I wonder, I wonder…. I guess we all wonder those things… Anyway, here I am at 38 years old (I feel like the oldest on here) writing to no one or everyone about my desire to die via suicide.  It’s not something new.  There are moments …